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  • And here is another one from the beginning. Ginger bastard, why are you everywhere??? It just can't be coincedence.

    Alt text

  • Bigby didn't notice he was the cab driver either , that's why he said nothing. Right now , Bigby actually has no idea the ginger guy is following him.

  • Hmm this picture is very interesting ! So maybe he is indeed a taxi driver ... however , that doesn't change the fact that he's following Bigby everywhere

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    Not so fast, Detective Stalkinghead! I found condradiction!
    If the game is an prequel to a game, and you think boy crying wolf is a murderer... How do you explain that in comic series which is AFTER the game that character was mentioned living in the Woodland? If he's murderer, he surely wouldn't be living there peacefully at that place, would he?

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    Lol at first i thought he was some sort of placeholder npc model to fill the background of every scene, but you guys've brought up some interesting theories and now i definetly believe he has something with the beheadings.

    Question is, wich side is he on.

  • I made another discussion in which I made a complete summary of the "clues and theories" about this redhead guy. You can find it here if you want :

  • well, he isn't a murderer, that's the point, nobody was actually murdered

  • Still, there are some wrong deeds around here, and I doubt if boy crying wolf would be a bad character here.

  • done, this is it. 100% with the evidence everyone's posted here, especially DomeWing's. Can't be much else.

  • this is a really solid point. he's hurting bigby by taking away women that bigby protects.

  • That's kind of my point though. Why wouldn't he notice the person driving his cab? I simply can't buy that Bigby wouldn't notice this guy following him around. I mean this is someone who more or less solved Rose Red's disappearance within a matter of minutes just by catching all of the minor details that were wrong with the crime scene. There's absolutely no way he wouldn't notice someone trailing him like that, especially if he's being so obvious about it.

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    Nice catch, Szczery I totally forgot about the Boy Who Cried Wolf being mentioned in the comics, but you're right. Snow and Jack mention him in "March of the Wooden Soldiers." That would seem to imply that if he does appear in TWAU, that his ultimate fate isn't too terrible. It could still be that he's involved in the story somehow, but he's just not the murderer. Though at this point, there are enough holes in this theory that I'm starting to lean toward, "he's just an extra."

    On the other hand, the reference to the Boy Who Cried Wolf in the comics mentions that he lives on the second floor of the Woodlands. And that's where Bigby and Snow run into the redheaded guy at the beginning of the game. So could still be him...

    EDIT: Never mind, I was wrong. They actually said the seventh floor, not the second. So no help there.

  • Oh, thanks for reminding me in which story was he mentioned. I don't know why, but I was thinking it was in very first issue (when Jack comes to Bigby).

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    A very interesting post by @Piast

    Guys, I dont know if someone has already mentioned it , but something really weird happens when Bigby and Snow arrive at the Bar to search for the Woodsman. That ginger dude can be seen near the man with the purple clothing, by some trash cans along with the guy Bigby fights with in the bar. But we know that the same guy is driving the taxi! See for yourself here, in 16:06
    What the hell is going on?

    Could the redhead really be an Extra-Model that Telltale is using over and over again ? However , as @DomeWing333 said :

    Did you see how many cop models there were at the end? If they went through the trouble of making all of those, why would they half-ass it on this guy?

    What do you guys think ? For me , this situation is getting really intense and weird at the same time lol

  • Doesn't Flycatcher have a lot in freckles as well? I remember seeing that in the later arcs of the comics.

  • I think he is, because he was the cab driver as well.

  • I think he might be reused character for the story, but somehow I still think there's a little more to it than meets the eye. At the scene where he's close to the fire you can't really tell 100% sure it's him so, maybe they thought that players wouldn't notice that. And why aren't they using other guys as background dudes, like that other nameless guy waiting his turn to the Cranes office? I'm not sure but to me it seems a little suspicious that telltale shows him to us so clearly at the Bigby/Snow corridor scene where they almost bump in to him. Also that silence is kind of awkward... why are they so scared looking?

    My theory is that the real culprit is someone else, probably a character we haven't even met yet, and this ginger dude is just being used by him. He might be even blackmailed by the mastermind behind everything. That would explain his scared/surprised face while seeing Bigby and Snow. He's probably just scared and wants to have nothing to do with it. That would also explain why he's waiting his turn to see Crane (if he's involved somehow). Or if we think about shepherd story his character wasn't really... brave enough to do anything on his own. He would need someone else to help him (or force him) for his personal revenge. And why kill Faith if it would be just plain revenge?

  • After reading something in a theory about Red Riding Hood being the villain.
    The guy who came up with the Red theory said his reasoning was that he thinks that each of the characters whom show up in the book are going to play some important part in the story.
    That made me think of one of the theories against this guy, people say that he is just an extra and there reasoning is that at one or two points he can be seen on the street while also driving the cab.
    Then in my head I counted the number of run ins you have with him. It's about 7 times.
    As in the 7 dwarfs.
    All Glamored to look like the same guy, spying on Bigby and waiting for their chance to take Snow back

    Well that last part is kinda a stretch but its a fun thought

  • @DomeWing333 pointed out something very interesting in "The Killer [Investigation]" topic, about the Red Head Guy being actually two twin brothers , due to some evidence he found at the end of episode 1 (when the credits are rolling). Can't be sure about it , but it seems interesting. (the post is somewhere around Page 5)

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    I actually lean more towards one of them being an impostor of the other. I think the one who ran into Snow was important because I'm pretty sure he's voiced by the same guy who voices Doug in the Walking Dead. I think he's the impostor, but for what reason I don't know.

    The other guy seems to be voiced by the sound designer (he voices a lot of the ancillary voices) and I'm pretty sure all he did was groan a little when the couch fell on him. Bigby running into him when chasing Dee might just be a coincidence, which makes sense because he couldn't have planned on being there beforehand.

  • I knew he looked familiar! He really does look like Herge.

  • The ginger guy has had my suspicion ever since he was first introduced bumping into Bigby and Snow on the corridor right after Snow had discovered the severed head. This thread has raised my suspicions even more, but will I be disappointed if he's just a re-used character model.

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    Dwarfs... That could explain why the bullet hole at lawrence apartment is in a weird position, as in shot from a low height.

  • Actually his glamour would probably be based on the pumpkin, be done from scratch or be based on a mannequin head or something. He's about the right size for the horseman just based on the book. If you were up to no good and could make yourself a face from scratch (only option) then it would be inconspicuous. The others had to work off of their forms.

  • This is before he passed him in the hall right? That would explain why he lingered on him for a bit.

  • wow man i never even noticed that. Well spotted haha!

  • He was also walking away from Toad's apartment when you go to it the first time. In the right side of the screen

  • He probably is the boy who cried wolf because in the comics they say that he lives on the second floor, the only ones living on the second floor besides Bigby is F. cather witch is flycatcher and G.Rimble who probably is Grimble but why would he be called G.Rimble on the name tag? And i recognise all the named tags exept one on the fifth floor, someone named J.Homer and that could be our red-headed suspect.

  • This guy is kind of suspicious but i think that the culprit would be someone you meet in the first episode and not see him until he reveals himself.

    on the other hand, you do meet him but you don't really talk to him. so that could mean that Telltale would've wanted you to notice him.

    Thanks HeartLocker. I didn't really notice him. The questions for this guy will probably not be answered in the third episode.(just sayin').

  • well spotted, that is very interesting. I don't know what is up with that guy.

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    Or maybe he's just a red herring.

    (Get it? Red hair... red herring!)

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    According to the comics,the boy who cried wolf is living in the seventh floor of the luxury appartments.If you add the crook symbol on his tie it's almost 100% sure that it's the ginger guy.But that doesn't prove that he's guilty or involved in the murders.But what would be the point of showing him so often if he wasn't going to be important at one point in the story ?

  • **In the picture of the gingerman in line for cranes office look at the man in front of him, look at his left leg... **

  • This makes sense!!! Do you remember in the episode the Mirror? If you asked the mirror to show you Faith, it would say " My lips are sealed." And you couldn't see her. The "Boy who cried wolf" is definitely hiding her or has her kidnapped. And same with snow most likely, plus, the names of episode 4 and 5 are suspicious, along with the symbol on his tie and him being at every crime scene, i think we have the answer. But i think there is something else going on here, he cant be alone.

  • I think the ginger is the one who delivers the victims to Geppetto (the adversary) and make doppelgangers out of them killing the doppelgangers.

  • Your right about the shirts

    As I pointed out in another thread it's a "hook" or "rook" on his shirts

  • I believe that snow saw ginger man kill faith so he threatened her , she said ok and then went to tell bigby that faith was dead ginger man followed her to make sure she didnt tell this is why she was so uneasy when he appeared, he was in the queue later on to see snow to make sure she hadnt talked, he told her to keep her lips sealed and may have said this to faith because she had spotted him commiting a crime, he was scared faith would tell so killed her yet made it look like a message to bigby however it was only a way to stop faith talking, then later when he is in the cab he kills snow once he drops her off outside fabletown to stop her from talking

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