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    1. Mr. Toad. The way he talks just awesome. "...You know, mAte..."
    2. Colin. "...but uh, they don't hate you, but fear of you". And drinking scene of course XD
    3. Bufkin. His laugh during "Ass skin" made my day)
    4. Snow White. "...just be careful, pleeease". Molly`s new role is cool too. Also she looks like Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.
    5. Woodsman. "Bigby, I didn't do it, you know that..."

    Well, this characters were the best in my humble opinion. Just great work by actors voicing them. Man, I LOVE this game and Telltale!!!

    P.S. Sorry for my English :)

  • Colin and Bufkin. Will have to get to know them better, but I really liked them so far...

  • Faith.
    It's a pity we saw so little of her, she and Bigby had a great chemistry.

    ....oh and Bigby is an excellent protagonist. :D

  • Bigby and Snow!

  • Woody became a really likeable character.
    And Mr.Toad with his "me and me son" "dropped on me foot" lines. :P

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    Being a large fan of snark, I instantly took a liking to Bigby.

    Some snarky-traited characters can be fun, but others grate on me to no end depending on the rest of their characterization. Bigby's likable though, and Harrington's delivery helps.

    "Lotta stools in this place."
    -"But there's only one right next to you..."

    Loved that bit.

    When I had to choose whoever I want to catch I chose Woody, because the twins were after him, I wanted him off the suspect list and he seemed to be pretty cooperative. (expect he tried to run away)

    I don't know what move he'll make with his innocence on the line, but I let Woody go. He has assault charges lining up, but as far as I can tell, he didn't even know the girl's name. Now the twins definitely know more than what they're letting on.

  • I never read the comics, but I can tell you right now, a pig doesn't need hands to commit m u r d e r.
    all he needs is to stand behind someone, wait till they trip and then he goes to town. Pigs are known for eating people. So a magical pig is certainly capable of beheading someone. I'm just tossing a laugh.

  • "Fuck off", unsightly monkey !

  • I truly enjoyed every one of them:)
    Every character here have something to offer and I would like to meet and get to know better with (well, almost) everyone of them.

  • I'm afraid to name anyone under the pretense that their head might end up on the Woodland's front steps next. I'm starting to see a pattern here and I don't like it.

  • Seems as good a thread as any to post this, but who is Holly meant to be? All the others I get, even having never read the comics, and even though I was slow on the uptake with "Gren", it clicked that it was Grendel. But Holly just transforms in to this troll looking thing and I'm not sure what Fable she is or what?

  • I have to pick Bigby as my favorite so far. I kinda liked Snow too but she was a little bit too "perfect".

  • gotta go with Bigby

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    I liked most of the characters. Their childhood stories seem to of scarred them in one way or another.

    Of Course everyone likes Bigby. You can make him be a joker or extremely serious and he always comes off as cool.

    If Woody changes his ways he will be one of my more likeable characters. He did make me feel sorry for him at the Trip Trap.

    Although Toad has some good dialogue I see him as a bit of a coward. Then passing blame to people.

    So outside Bigby probably woody since the has been some interesting conversations between the two.

  • I don't know if he's my favorite character, but Woody wound up being way more interesting than I thought he was going to be, especially when you meet him again at the bar and he starts opening up to. Adds a whole new layer to not just the character, but of the fable itself.

    Although I still really like Bigby, but how can you not? ;)

  • Bigby is my favorite character in The Wolf Among Us due to his sincere desire to reform from his dark past and his wry sense of humor. Snow would come in a close second due to her affection towards Toad's son after his run-in with Tweedledee and/or Tweedledum and her sadness at the state of the "lesser off" Fables. An honorable mention has to be given to Faith, who I felt had a real connection to Bigby and visa versa; were it not for her tragic demise, I was really looking forward to her visit to Bigby's apartment at some point in the next few chapters.

    As a final thought, the best part of the episode for me was the conversation between Bigby and Snow in the taxi on the way to The Trip Trap Bar. I got a sense of tenderness and care from the both of them that warmed my heart. If their relationship in the graphic novels is anything like in that small scene in the taxi, I have a feeling that I am in for quite a ride.

  • I still dont know if I can like Woody after what he did to Faith. Even drunk it was uncalled for.

  • Hey, I like Bufkin too. I dont want him to die.

  • Maybe a troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. Her bar is called the Trip Trap as in, "Who is that trip trapping under my bridge."

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    Then sir, you are in for quite a ride :P

  • Definitely. The taxi ride was one of my favorite moments in video games.

    It's right up there with the beginning of Majora's Mask, the END of Majora's Mask, and the ending of Skyward Sword.

    What can I say? I love me some Zelda.

  • This. Plus if you look at the sign for the Trip Trap Bar there are 3 goats on it. :) In the comics Grimble was always understood to be the troll from that story, but no reason why there couldn't have been more than one troll, I suppose.

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    So far in the game, besides Bigby and Snow I like Bufkin. I know some people don't like him, but I think he's cute. He's a nice bit of comic relief. My absolute favorite characters from the books haven't turned up yet, but I'm hoping they will. ;)

  • Yeah i like Bufkin too,he's kinda funny

  • I'm not sure I really have a favourite at this stage - still too early BUT there's a few I like.
    Bigby is an obvious one but I also liked both Snow & Faith. Shame it's unlikely we'll be seeing more of the girls.
    Woody completely surprised me though. In the beginning I had absolutely no problem letting Faith stamp that axe into his head... but then I felt he almost redeemed himself at the trip trap bar. Not only did he say he didn't want to fight any more, he acknowledged what he had done and that it was wrong and seemed genuinely shocked to learn Faith was dead. The only thing that would have made me warm to him more is if he stepped up to Gren more instead of standing and watching and ofcourse didn't run. xD

    I also like Bufkin just for his personality.

  • I like Snow White, she's cute. Too bad she died in the end of the 1st episode.

  • I like Snow as well. I must admit I have a soft spot for TJ, and Mr. Toad. Maybe because I grew with The wind in the willows.

  • I like Bigby he reminds me of Sawyer from lost With that bad ass attitude and the hair lol

  • Love all the characters, but if I had to choose, it would be TJ (Toad's son) he's just awesome.

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    Faith and Bigby, because they are both characters with flaws.
    They fit perfectly in this dark, mature world and its easier to empathize with them due to them not being perfect.

    Toad's son also gets a thumb up, because the voice actress did a good job making him sound adorable. :D

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    Bigsby and Snow White.

  • Toad and Bigsby are my favorite

  • I also like Bigby and Toad best. I also like Snow.

  • Outside of the main characters, I like Bufkin and Colin. Also the Magic Mirror.

  • Snow so far. I really like her Kindness and good Nature.

    But then they killed her of already. Not cool Telltale. Makes me wonder why she is alive in the Comics...

  • Yeah, there could be more than one. Maybe she's Grimble's wife, lol

  • Sad to say, but my favorite character is deceased. Mourn with my friends, it is a terrible day.

  • I love Bufkin, Colin and Snow! Bufkin loving alcohol is hilarious, Colin is awesome and I really was shipping Bigby and Snow together so I was a lityle upset with the ending. I think TJ is adorable aswell.

  • Sheesh, Grendel sure is a cutie (human and monster) but Bigby is also a good character. He's the "hard shell, soft core" type of guy. Perhaps even Grendel can help in the next episodes (for those who didn't rip off his arm :P). That'd be great.
    But seriously, they made almost every character likeable in one way or the other.

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