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Ginger Guy Dilema [Pictures]

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Excuse me , but .... Wuuuut is going on , why is he there ? (In the Chasing-Dee scene)

Alt text

In case you don't recognize him , I'm talking about this guy : (Meeting him down the hallway with Snow)
Alt text

I managed to find our Ginger Buddy in another shot. Seems he's following Bigby everywhere. Do we need more evidence ?
As you can see he has the exact same Hairstyle , so our buddy was the Taxi Driver too.
Alt text

If you visited the forum lately , you'll know a lot of people have suspicions about this guy , and I agree. Now I'm not saying he's the killer , but he definitely has something to do with this whole thing , I'm telling you !

  • Was he also in line with Grendel and one other random guy when Bixby went to meet Snow and Crane?

    • Good thing you mentioned. I just checked and Yes he was. Right after Bigby investigates the head , Him and Snow go to the Business Office (2nd floor) and Ginger's also there waiting in line (though it's kind of odd that he's not the first in the line ... he's the second).
      Well I guess we know where he was going when we first met him.

  • I think he's definitely involved, there's no reason for him to be in that many scenes otherwise. Maybe he overheard something because the walls in that building were paper thin like Snow said, and is trying to figure out what's going on?

    Someone posted yesterday that his name was Flycatcher, he was the Frog Prince and would never hurt anyone or something along those lines. If there's any truth to that then isn't gonna be a bad guy.

    • Fly Catcher - F. Catcher , that's the same name of the person whose apartment is near Bigby's (2nd floor)
      You could be right.

    • That's definitely not Flycatcher.

      Hard to say exactly what's going on with this guy. I was suspicious when Bigby and Snow passed him in the hallway. The way they paused on him just seemed a little off. But after seeing him show up throughout the game, I don't know if they're implying that he's following Bigby around everywhere or if TellTale is just reusing the same character model every time they need an extra. I mean, if he really is some kind of bad guy, why is he hanging out in some random hallway that Bigby just happened to be chasing Dee through?

      I kind of liked the suggestion in the suspect thread that this could be a glamour used by the Headless Horseman. He's got orange hair like a pumpkin, get it? Yeah, it's a bit of a stretch, but I thought it was clever.

      • Headless Horseman ... hmm that could work , decapitating people seems like his M.O.
        And I doubt Telltale is using the same character model when they need an extra , I mean ... really it's not that hard to make a 3D model.

        • Hmm... How intimidating does Ginger-Whoever-He-Is look? Not very. It seems rougher looking characters seem fairly rough, even with their Glamours (i.e. Grendel & Holly). Plus Toad was talking about the results being lesser and lesser, while going up in price. So if The Horseman was being cloaked...he'd probably look like a pretty mean dude. Pure speculation...and it might make an interesting swerve for the harmless looking redhead to be vicious and sadistic.

          • You played The Walking Dead right ? Didn't the cannibals from Episode 2 seem harmless at the beginning as well ? They did .... and look how things turned up. This is Telltale , where nothing is certain , so don't let it loose on the Ginger Guy. He's a devil inside i tell you haha

            • That I did. (Loved it!) a degree..The rifle-obsessed brother seemed suspicious from the get go to me. And I do think that's one of the high/low points of the series, because it was so well done. You're very right! All the logic can't apply for all the characters by any means, or it'd be boring and predictable.

              • Actually his glamour would probably be based on the pumpkin, be done from scratch or be based on a mannequin head or something. He's about the right size for the horseman just based on the book. If you were up to no good and could make yourself a face from scratch (only option) then it would be inconspicuous. The others had to work off of their forms.

    • For reference, this is what Flycatcher looks like:

      Alt text

  • He was also the cab driver when you last see Snow. Something's very suspicious....

  • Well the list of people is quite large, this is already heating up after just one episode.

  • Grimble was the sleeping security in the hall when Bigby first returned to Woodlands, had a name plate and Snow used his jacket to cover the head later.
    F Catcher was mentioned if you examined the Armor in the hall, he was also mentioned when Snow talked to Toad's son. The two incidents implied that Catcher was familiar with both Bigby and Snow. But there's no sign suggesting that Snow or Bigby knew the ginger guy.

    • Yeah, this guy isn't Flycatcher or Grimble. As you pointed out, Grimble is the security guard. See my earlier post for a comparison to Flycatcher. This guy looks nothing like him.

      Now, if you want to analyze what he had been doing on the second floor, it could be that he was going to one of their apartments (with or without their knowledge). Or, more likely, he was going to one of the offices. We do see him outside the business office later that day. Although I suspect that perhaps we're just reading too much into it and there wasn't any particular reason for him to be on the second floor at all other than to run into Bigby and Snow.

  • He definitely does not look like Flycatcher to me. Fly never dresses like that, he's generally in his janitor's uniform or in something extremely casual. Also, Fly is very well-known to both Bigby and Snow, and they would not have passed him so many times without acknowledging him. I have no idea who this guy is, he doesn't seem to be in line with anyone from the comics. I did notice kind of an unusual pattern on his tie, but I have no pic. In the Fables universe, little clues as to who the characters are are often given in the details of their clothing, tattoos, or things like that. (For example, Snow's snowflake patterned shirt in the game, Flycatcher's frog hat in the comics, and so on). Maybe it's nothing, but like I said, I did notice it.

  • Telltale has a way of fooling the entire community, or atleast a majority of it. Some of us may say "I KNEW IT ALL ALONG" but chances are they fooled you too. I woudn't think too much into this. chances are. we'll all be wrong by episode 5

  • That dude is really mysterious. I've made a list of scenes where we can spot him
    -In the beggining of the game when we first see Tenement building. He's walking across the street.
    -In the Hallway with snow.
    -In line near Crane's Office
    -In the Dee's chase scene.
    -Bigby's and Snow's Taxi driver.
    In my opinion he can't be the killer. He doesnt look like he could kill someone. He is into something but he didnt do it. Also remember that the fabric that we found after seeing Faith's head was jeans. He doesnt wear those.

  • here is a good picture of him that @fenrod posted
    Alt text

    you can see on his tie he has a cane or a crook this could be related to whatever fable he is without his glamor

    • That's the pic! Thanks for posting it. :)

      I've been racking my brain trying to think of male characters from folklore that would have anything to do with a crook or a cane, and I can't come up with any.

      • what if he was a shepherd and he has a vendetta against Bigby because he ate all his sheep :0

        edit: just did a little research and he could be the shepherd who cried wolf

        the heads/murders could be fake so that when an actual real head/murder turns up nobody will believe it is real

        • LOL!

          But, come to think of it. The Boy Who Cried Wolf was a shepherd boy, right? And the wolf came and ate his sheep? You could be on to something, hehe. :D

          • bigby could be "the sheriff who cried serial killer"

            • This actually sounds like a really promising theory. The Shepard's goal might be to stir Bigby into a frenzy and cause him to be alienated from the community and at odds with some of the more powerful figures of Fabletown (Bluebeard, Ichabod Crane, etc). Then, just when Bigby thinks he's apprehended the killer, the "murders" will be revealed to be faked and Bigby will be discredited, causing everyone to turn against him. Ultimately, he'll frame Bigby for something and try to get him thrown into the Witching Well, discredited and alone just like he was.

              EDIT: Also, maybe the more you scare the people around you throughout the episodes, the less people will vouch for you in the end.

        • Hmm... Interesting theory. Works with the revealed episode titles too. Episode 3 is "A Crooked Mile." Episode 4 is "In Sheep's Clothing." And Episode 5 is "Cry Wolf." All of which could be references to a shepherd or to the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" story.

          • This really is beginning to sound plausible if the tie is indeed some sort of clue as to his identity. Especially given the titles of the episodes (good catch!) I think there is a reason why the first episode includes a lot of conversation about how the fables still hate and fear Bigby for the things he did in the past. So, maybe this is about someone who has some old grudge with him.

            • looks like we solved it, arrest this man for having a tie with a shepherds crook on it and for being near cimes quite often

          • Good job. I also have a good feeling about the connection between the ginger guy and the boy who cried wolf. Maybe it's time for TellTale to panic.

    • This is before he passed him in the hall right? That would explain why he lingered on him for a bit.

  • He's like the G-Man from Half-Life.....

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