We need romance/sex in games



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    So here is what I'm thinking a romance option for season two of TWD will be like


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    Jesus, what has this discussion become? Listen, if you hate that moderators (who are not much else than regular community members) reply to your topics, I'm sure we can arrange that they don't.

  • Let me think, is there any game that did romance the right way? Nothing comes to mind off that bat but is there any?

  • If I had to pick one, I'd probably pick Silent Hill 2.

  • God it has been way to long since I play SH 2, I forgot how that even worked.

  • I think Mass Effect and Dragon Age handled it just fine. You had many option and you had the option to not have a relationship.

  • There you have it, options are subjective, translation: no single answer.

  • Just asking a question, not meant to be offensive.

  • I don't hate mods at all. Simply pointing out why he may have trouble understanding me. Not against entire mod team. It's a single person. I will let it drop. He's one who said "all new fourm users are stupid" he fired that gun. Not me. If you want me stop bringing these type things up.

    Don't have them exist to start.

  • Then I'll answer the question: No.

    And if you ever wondered why I love replying from 2 to 6 AM forum/Californian/Telltale time, but don't seem to be around much when Telltale staff is most active, it's probably because I'm sitting halfway around the globe, thousands of miles away from the Telltale office, with a completely different native language than English to boot.

  • A simple no, would been effective.

  • I made a single statement, something he said. This the BRO CONNECTION, a threat shut it down iff the off topic makes them look bad. You don't have freak out over that one off topic. I mean seriously.

    He's one called people stupid with and quote no regrets.

  • Spoilered for obvious reasons. Don't read if you don't want to know what happens with Bigby and Snow White.

    In the comics, Bigby and Snow White DO get together. I won't say more than that though, because their relationship is a major plotline that you really should check out.

  • It didn't, really. I'm not sure what Profanity's referring to; maybe they can clarify. There's James marriage to Mary, which you get glimpses of, but...it's after Mary's diagnosed as terminally ill. It's not "romance," it's them struggling with the idea that Mary's going to die. (And they don't struggle together, as a couple. Which is sort of half the point of the game right there.)

    Then there's Maria, but she's sooooo not meant as a romance option. Silent Hill created her as part of James' desire to punish himself, and also as part of his issues with sex/women in general. There is an ending to the game where James goes headlong off the deep end and decides to leave the town with Maria, but again--it's not really romantic. That ending makes it pretty clear that Maria's just a Replacement Goldfish for Mary, and that she's going to get sick and die just like Mary did because James clearly didn't learn his lesson the first time through. Those who don't learn from history, etc.

    SH2 is a wonderful, wonderful game (and one of my personal favorites), but I wouldn't consider any of the relationships in it "romantic" in the traditional sense of the term.

  • It seems that Telltale hates that, they'll kill the woman you like before you are near to start a romance with her haha.

  • Geralt's manwhoring ways are art.

  • I know they do but they don't start off as a couple, that comes later and as far as I know they haven't been ripped apart but are still together. Granted, I'm a few volumes behind but the way he worded it is not exactly how it happens in the comic up to where Ive read.

  • I see what you mean, sounds pretty unique, I really should get SH2 soon.

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    Granted, it's not a conventional romance, but conventional romances in games tend to be stereotypical which is why no one can remember a proper one. It's not like I have a problem with traditional stuff, but it would get called out quicker than Silent Hill 2 romance being wonky.

    And you pretty much got it in your first paragraph. I didn't mean romance as in romancing people like Bigby would do with Snow or the other way around, I meant it in a more established form exactly like a relationship going through a veeery rough patch. I may have completely misused the word 'romance' there.

  • I'm sure there is a bar somewhere near you that should be able to fill that need and more bro

  • I disagree. True, Bioware is the company that has most often had romance in the games, and the quality has been of should we say, different quality. Some have been really good, like Baldurs Gate 2, while others, like Mass Effect 1 were frankly quite awful.

    What games in general lack when it comes to building romances is time. True, most of these games can last for many hours, but most of the time is spent doing other stuff leaving little time for the romancing, which makes them feel forced. The exceptions I can think of are already mentioned Baldurs Gate 2 and Dragon Age Origins, which handled this stuff incredibly well. When it comes to the sex, well, sex is fun, and is kind of its own reward. I don't see that as a problem really, except when it comes down to the aforementioned forced romancing.

    I think that TWD handled it very well by not having a romance - sure, it was a M game, but I think it showed that a good story can be told without having to resort to this kind of stuff.

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    Yeah, romances in Dragon Age and Mass Effect sagas were really, REALLY tacky and childish.
    They did a terrible work.

    The witcher is different... it's got no real romances, just normal, casual sex.

  • You know as well as I.

    You didn't have the spoiler tag on there. If I need to return to screen shot things for proof. Then I will do so. You did not have spoiler tag up or less it would be illogical for me to complain. I dislike those who may mislead others. Just a bit of honesty.

  • According to many members and some mods. Doing a storyline that has a romantic encounter even though it would be emotionally compelling. It simply is too much. I feel like this is 1900's, when women were not allowed to vote. It's either we deem them not engaging enough for a storyline or lacking the creative forumla to add this.

    Even though every major gaming choice company has done this.

    They deem it impossible because...pretty much ..it would be impossible to write.

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    My need isn't for self wanking. It's for that thing that nearly no word can capture. The burning passion you would go to the end of the world for someone. That is love. A strong emotion that drives one who do amazing feats. Perhaps you see romances as equal to an escort.

    I don't. I think, they are emotionally intense, thought provoking. And actually quite interesting. If you make a game cutting off a man's head, blood blowing from his neck. Then remove any romances.

    That is not logical. If other gaming company's have done it and I'm sure not purpose for their customers to wank off to. Then I'm confident, tell tale can do it too. It's about romance, not sex, passion, not lust.

  • Please point me in the direction of the post you have a problem with. I can't look into it or do anything about it unless I know which post you're referring to.


    A romantic relationship in this game is out of the question, because it is canonically a prequel to the comic books. If you haven't read them, I'd recommend you stop reading here.

    Anyway, in the comic books, Bigby and Snow do get in a relationship, they have children and they even get married. Since that all happens on-screen, it can't happen in this game, because that would mean they got in a relationship before getting in a relationship, or that they fell in love but then they forgot, which makes no sense.

    And Bigby can't start dating a different person because I'm quite sure it was mentioned that Snow was his only love.

    So that's that.

  • Next time on The Wolf Among Us:

    Alt text

  • I'm saying no to you.

  • I'm not sure, we're on the same page. What about romances, boobs are nice. I was thinking more storyline..invested, less stripper like.

  • The witcher 1 & 2 were definitely in a different division than any Bioware game in that the sex became kind of a goal in itself since the chase was kind of a minigame in the first game at least. In the second Geralt had more of a steady relationship, but still very sexual. Neither example was bad; on the contrary. I thought of it as a kind of fresh breeze after the tacky romancing we've had to endure before.

    I wouldn't say any of Bioware's attempts at romancing was bad except for the ones in ME1 which were quite horrible. The others that we have got to know were not bad, but forced, as in they had to cram in as much 'feeling' so to speak as possible in quite a little time. This in turn boiled down to that there weren't much possibility for romantic interaction that could occur naturally since so much time had to be spent doing other things.

    One very different example comes from Baldurs Gate 2. Here they managed to stuff the romancing plot into the game and keep it going and well-paced up to the end, and for some of the interaction to occur, you would have to be at the right spot at the right time with the right person.

    The really BIG difference between BG2 and other CRPGs like Mass Effect or Dragon Age is however something completely different: The first is a 2D game, the others 3D. That means that a lot more resources must be placed on polished surroundings in 3D, whilst more effort can be placed on story in 2D - And BG2 came out during the 90's where 3D was more of a problem than it is today, which means the developers steered away from that. Meaning they could put more resources into story, interaction and so on.

    That is not to say more resource-demanding games can't have good interactions - or as what we speak of here, romances. Mass Effect 3 quite effectively finalized what had been started in ME2 or even 1 depending on your choices. Sure, Each episode's romancing ended with sex, but at the same time, each game became better and better at everything - the technical bits, voice acting, interaction and so on. Taken one by one, the Mass Effect romances could feel both tacky and forced - unless you pursue only one romantic option throughout the triology.

  • Lol I'm not talking bout that either but really, adding what you want would ruin the game. I have bo idea how many times I watch a good movie and think to myself why did they have to involve this chick!! Oh becuase its hollywood and it appeals more having a little girlfriend or whatever. Now that being said and the gane started with you just building a relationship with someone and then she gets off'd and you go on revenge totally fine.

  • I...actually kind of agree with you there.

    The Witcher 2 certainly allowed you to play as 'romantic Geralt', chosing to ignore all of the political stuff in favour of seeking out your long-lost love, or protecting your current love interest. Or both, in my case. Hopefully that'll get a bit awkward in The Witcher 3.

    Having said that, I probably preferred The Witcher 1's romance options, which seemed to be less about the sex and more about the companionship/sense of family.

    So...yes, decent (and very rare) example there!

    Another example might be Catherine - although I haven't played very much of that, so I couldn't say whether it does it well!

  • I'm not sure if sex scenes are a good match for the story of The Wolf Among Us.

    If there is a sex scene, then do we have to pound on Q key to... pound? Perhaps A and D keys to move your....

    Anyway, I believe it's quite unnecessary.

  • I'm still kind of stunned to see tits in a telltale game so I guess anything is possible.

  • Huh, I actually think Bioware does romance pretty well--especially if you choose some of the more unconventional romance choices--but the part I think they are terrible at is the sex scenes. They're not romantic, sweet, tender, or touching--they're just awkward and giggle-worthy. If you really must include a sex scene in a game, at least try to have it be hot and sexy instead of goofy. But that's my opinion, your mileage may vary. I enjoy the romances in those games, even if they are a touch cliched, I just don't care for the kissing scenes (even with modern graphics, SO awkward looking) and the sex scenes.

    In this game, though, I definitely didn't see any need or place for romance (except for arguably the budding almost-romance between Snow/Bigby, and as a reader of the comics...well, I won't say anymore there, because no matter what I say it could be taken as a spoiler). And there was at least some charisma/sexual interest/etc. between Bigby and Faith, which was nice and contributed to the Noir feel, but I don't see any reason that it needed to go any further than that.

  • I don't think that Telltale is ready to try anything like that, and I don't think the way they release their games would allow for it. Besides, they're less focused on providing romantic fantasy fulfillment and more focused on providing moral dilemmas in games that respond to the choices you make among the options given.

    And as far as "intimacy" goes, I'd say dropping hints at deeds already done is plenty enough, instead of providing the option to say "let's go back to my place".

  • ogre sex...ewwwwwww

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