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    I would've gone to Lawrence's first if he had looked more... 'lively'. The moment the prince opened his mouth, I felt somewhat 'tricked'. And I'm not sure if it was intentionally designed that way or just bad graphics... or my short-sightedness. Either way, that was the most disappointing part of the game for me, I have to say.

    It was intentional to make him appear dead. If you go to meet him first, even Snow and Bigby will think he's dead. As was shown when the Woodsman walked away after getting an axe shoved through his head, Fables are notoriously hard to kill. Or more accurately, the more well-known they are to the mundane world the more damage they can take without dying.

  • Dee is fat, his brother punched bigby, ran when you tried to question him at lawrence's place and also his shirt was covered in blood so it was kind of a logical choice for me. I kind of regret it because on my second playthrough i went after woody and in the episode 2 preview he mentioned that the "donkey girl" was involved while in the dee playthrough i don't recall that anything important was said.

  • I also chose Woody for the exact same reason. At the moment I figured he'd know much more than Dee(or Dum) ... but now I kinda feel the contrary ! Dee was investigating Faith's apartment , Knew that Faith had died and went to tell Lawrence ... while Woody might've been there by accident ...
    We'll see what they know in episode 2.

    Oh and yes ... I also went to Toad first because I thought the Killer might be there. And Lawrence also looked dead in the mirror , so no need to hurry. Seems like clever minds think the same hehe

  • For me, Dee and Dum are very suspicious, from the very fact they're looking in to the Faith character, and somehow are aware of her death, and just their general demeanour really. I want information from them about what they're up to.

    Woody on the other hand I feel is more of a danger to himself than anyone else. In the bar he seemed genuinely worn down, self-loathing and remorseful, he just starts basically reflecting on his life and himself. Sure he runs, but I see it as more out of self-preservation and fear knowing how bad it looks for him, as both he and Bigby point out.

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