• I don't think Crane is responsible. He's a jerk, but it's not him.

    And it's not Colin, he wouldn't be able to pick up an ax and he and Bigby are friends, sorta.

  • So in that "Final Theory" part I put something down.
    That section was originally meant as a sort of joke (I don't really think that Colin did it) but there is one thing I put in there that actually makes sense.
    That is that the Tweedles where hired by Crane. And the more I think about it the more my theory that Crane is afraid the HH is after him again makes sense.
    Crane is obviously very flustered by the whole happening, I'd say more than he needs to be. He's afraid of something and he really wants this case solved quickly.
    The Tweedles where hired by someone who knew what happened, and as far as we know the only ones who know what happened are Crane, Snow, Bigby, and the culprit.
    We know neither Snow or Bigby hired them and it would make no sense for the person who did it to hire someone to solve the case. The only one left is Crane, if you need more prood he even says to Bigby and Snow: "If you can't menage [this case], I'll find someone who can."

    • I totally agree with it. I mean dee even said it was confidential on who hired him and as you pointed out Crane said he might someone find someone who can find what happend. Also, this confirms my first theory I had on the headless horseman ''pact''. Basically, I think a deal was made in the past by Crane with either a witch or someone similar and it's possible that he got warned he would have to pay the price later, but he was not told in which way. Now it's possible that the horseman kidnapped snow-white and faith and is keeping them prisoners in a magic prison and used glamour to change other heads in order to cause fear. Why is he doing this? Maybe he has no choice , maybe he's just following orders from someone behind the curtain

      • I'm still not sold on the HH be directly involved, I like thinking that they [the producers] want us to think this and I think that Ichabod believes ot too but I don't think that he is

  • Ok I'm going to first start off with the titles of the episodes and work from there.

    The Wolf Among Us - Could suggest that there is killer on the loose ( which we know now) or could mean a literal wolf ( either Bigby or a werewolf)
    Faith - As we now that is the name of the woman that were murdered
    Smoke and Mirrors - I agree with your theory that there is some deception being used, possibly eluding to a person versed in the magical arts or someone pretending to be something they're not ( also could elude to the werewolf theory)
    Crooked Mile - Crooked being the key word suggests something criminal maybe someone with Criminal Connections knows who the killer is possibly eluding to Bluebeard and having to deal with him.
    In Sheep's Clothing - Could suggest that the person behind the murders is someone the people in fabletown trust and hold in high regard or could suggest that there is someone who appears to be a humanoid but turns out to be a werewolf ( at the end of the first episode you see something that resembles bigby but with more hair and Toad says " Bigby is that you"? )
    Cry Wolf Like the old fable the townsfolk don't believe there is a werewolf amongst them and they don't trust bigby because of his past transgressions

    What I've seen so far

    The first victim has been identified as the princess of the fable "Donkey skin girl" who goes by the name Faith. When asked who she works for she can't answer the question due to a magical spell, but she does give us a clue, her purple ribbon and if you notice at the end of the ribbon you see lip prints. When I saw that I thought about a prince kissing the princess to wake her from her slumber. Could that suggest that a prince was her pimp?

    Her Family
    Father - deceased ( don't know the reason for death could have been in a battle or someone was trying to kill off the rest of Faith's family)
    Mother - deceased ( was ill)
    Husband - depending on your choice either dies or is alive

    Faith escaped to Fabletown with her husband, Prince Lawerence. If you decide to visit the apartment first you can question Lawerence. He says that he is a burden to Faith and if he killed himself she would be free of that. Could it suggest that he owed money to someone? Possibly Bluebeard?

    In the apartment, it seems that someone tampered with the crime scene. When questioning Lawerence he tells you he shot himself, the bullet hole behind the chair backs up his story, but it's the things around the chair that have wondering. Why is there a dagger on the floor with a blood of blood around it? Why is Lawerence's hand cut open? Why are there sleeping pills on the night stand? Did someone try to speed up the process of Lawerence's death by draining all his blood?

    Now let's look at the apartment itself. if you chose to visit the apartment first you see that it's locked and the only way in is through a window behind Lawerence's chair. There are three possibilities in which the tamperer gained access to the apartment.
    1- They already had access to the place
    2- Lawerence says that Faith would check in on him from time to time so there was a chance that the killer could have followed faith back to the apartment and while she was opening the door forced their way into the room.
    3- If you go to the apartment first you will have to get inside by sneaking through a window. That may have been the tamperer's route of access as well.

    Now let's look at the suicide note and it's placement. It's placed on the bed instead of on the nightstand or close to Lawerence. So that suggests a few things
    1- Someone saw the letter and placed it on the bed
    2- Lawerence was on the bed when he attempted suicide

    While we're talking about the pull down bed, why is there a pool of blood on the corner of the bed and underneath the bed? Is that lawerence's blood? Faith's murder sight or maybe the tamperer's blood?

    I think it might have been the tamperer's blood. There are no signs of a struggle in the apartment, but maybe after the murderer killed faith they paid a visit to her old apartment, dressed the wound there and made sure that lawerence would die quickly by cutting his hand to bleed him out.

    Now to let's focus on the Woodland Apartment crime scenes.

    The victims were both women and came from royal backgrounds either were born into royalty or married into it.
    The victims heads were both placed on the steps of the apartment building suggesting that the person behind the murders was sending someone a message.
    Bigby notes that the weapon in question was either something very sharp or had magic attached to it.
    Both victims were killed at night or early morning
    Both victims were connected to Bigby although Bigby can't place where he knows Faith from.

    The Suspects

    I. Crane - Deputy Mayor of Fabletown, as Snow puts it he doesn't want to be bothered with the problems of the people this is backed up by Gren when he explains that when Holly's sister went missing it was all red tape and they did nothing to find her sister.
    In the first episode comes off as an A-hole, if he's not belittling the people under him ( Snow and Bigby) he's off to get a massage.

    You only see him once and that is in the early morning. He would have the time to commit the murders, but there appears to be no injuries or ripped clothing .

    Woody- The nemesis of Bigby was last seen with Faith. Woody and Faith were in Woody's room, he was beating on her before Bigby intervened. His weapon of choice is an ax. He was last seen at the Trip Trap Bar, Gren says Woody has been at the bar the whole day, but that's not entirely true because Gren was waiting to speak with Crane or Snow during the morning. Woody may know who Faith's pimp is, but I don't think he murdered her.

    The Tweedles- Seem to be the muscle for their employer. The Tweedles have some interest in the case Bigby is working on and they know something about it, but they're not giving up what they know. The only thing Dee says is that he needs to ask Woody some questions and that Bigby needs to do more research and look through the books. Dee and Dumb are after something though when questioned they won't specify what that something is. Could it be money, some sort of magical tome, or a location to something?

    Toad- He knows something and is trying to hide it. Yes the Tweedles did come to the apartment where Woody was staying, but I think the person who threatened to kill TJ was someone else. Case and Point the Tweedles aren't graceful instead of trying to finesse their way into a building they just barge in. I.E. when Dee kicks in the door at the Lawerence residents also they can't easily climb through windows, their stocky bodies hinder that. Also when you go to visit Toad first, Dumb doesn't come back down the stairs to run back to Toads room to escape through the window because he would run into Bigby also if you visit Toad last there wouldn't be a need for him to escape out the window he could just walk out the door, it's not the greatest area so it's not like the police would come promptly to stop the Tweedles. I think whoever climbed out the window was stabbed by toad with the poker ( notice that the blood covers a good portion of the poker and not just one side of it as if someone was struck by it). Toad probably is still lying to protect TJ.

    Beauty - Something is odd about her relationship with Beast. She is out at strange hours of the night and she says she's not cheating on Beast and will explain everything in time.

    Beast- Seems like there are some issues between him and Beauty. He's trying to find her.

    The Red Haired Stranger - We see him often throughout the episode though he only greets Snow before she shows Bigby the remains of Faith. As show in some other threads his tie seems to hint who his identity is. If you look on his tie there are shepherds crooks on it so the character might be a shepherd from one of the fables. Snow also has designs on her blouse to indicate who she is without her having to say her name. This character must play some role in all of this though I won't say he did this because there are not wounds from hopping over a fence or ripped jeans.

    The Unknown fable outside Crane's office- Has ripped jeans and there seems to be a tourniquet around his left leg. Could possibly be the killer.

    Bluebeard- A villain with lots of money and has ties in the criminal underworld he probably knows something, though didn't commit the murder.

    My theory

    I don't think the killer is from one of the fables Bigby is in, though I do believe that before the fables escaped their homeworld Bigby knew someone that is the killer. Bigby is a werewolf and how do you get more werewolves? By biting them. So Bigby could have bitten a fable and now they're a werewolf though no one knows that they are... which would lead itself to the title The Wolf Among Us ,In Sheep's Clothing, and Cry Wolf

    or it could just be someone from their past that everyone thinks is an upstanding person who really is a cold blooded killer

  • Now I'd just like to say that since I created the "RHG theory" there's been many modifications made to the actual investigation(1st post) , due to the high amount of people which contributed with very good arguments. Right at this moment , I kind of doubt he is the actual killer , but I am close to 100% sure that he takes a significant role in the murders. (such as a spy/informer)

    Now , one thing I'd like you to consider is that there's powerful magic involved in the mystery , so it's most likely that there's not just one , but a whole "gang" that brings the chaos to Fabletown.

    About the "Hatted man" , I also noticed that he reacts nervously when you pass near him in the hallway. I noticed that one of his legs look injured , but the jeans he was wearing don't match the color of the fabric (at least for what I've seen). Even so , the injured leg and the nervous reaction are big clues , so I agree with this theory.

    Right now , I encourage people to understand that there's much more to see from the upcoming episodes , and what we draw right now from Episode 1 are just ... theories. Hopefully , the more episodes come out , the more evidence/clues we'll find. Telltale is very good at creating unpredictable events , but I'd be very happy to see if we can actually work as a community and dig the mystery out before the last episode gets released :D

    • Colin points out that most of the people in Fabletown fear Bigby so not everyone will react in the same way when they see Bigby. So the dark hair dude could be uneasy because he's the big bad wolf.

    • I agree that there is a bigger force behind this and I do not think that there is only one behind this.
      When it comes to your RHG theory verses my Hatted man theory it comes down to this: RHG is literally EVERYWHERE in this episode. He is so everywhere that he is actually in two places at once a few times which makes me feel as though there is a good chance that he is only a background filler in. The Hatted man however only shows up the one time, in line at the Office where he is the only one to react negatively to Bigby. And I understand people argue that this is only because many Fables are afraid of him but if that is the reason then does it seem like he is the only character in the whole episode to react this way.
      I really love how you've connected RHG to the boy who cried wolf and was able to connect that to the titles of the episodes but the problem there is that you say he is only a minor part, if he is only a minor part then why would the episodes be named after him.

      • One explanation for RHG that I've come up with is loosely based off a theory I read that Red Ridding Hood is the villain.
        I don't remember who it was who proposed the Red villain theory but basically he theorized that Red was the villain based from how Colin says that Fabletown is a place to new beginnings. So just as Bigby was evil and has now become good the villain is likely someone who was once good and will now turn evil. Saying that, Red is one of the only "good" characters shown in the book whom we don't know where they are. Also Bigby says "I don't think she made it out" meaning her whereabouts are not 100% known.
        So that theory follows the idea that everyone on the illustrated book page is involved.
        That brings me to the final stretch of my RHG theory. Through-out the first episode you run into him 7 times. In the book there is one group of 7... The 7 dwarfs.

  • I think Bigby's father the North Wind is going to play a part in the series, they mention him in the Bigby's Vengence Book of fable card so there must be a reason behind that.

  • I can't wait for cry wolf it looks like a sick episode.

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