PS3 Audio out of sync, repeating, dropping and other performance issues

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Downloaded ep. 1 of Wolf last night for PS3 and had a lot of performance issues. Particularly with the audio being out of sync and dropping lines and lines doing a "Max Headroom" stuttering sort of repeat of itself. Failed a QTE in the first fight when the thing just bogged down/froze (without locking up entirely. Getting stuttering/buffering/loading in areas where you're just moving about the room looking at stuff. I guess you'd call it a caching problem.

Is anyone else having these issues or should I be looking for a performance issue with my system (like a hard drive failing?)


  • I'm not talking just frame rate drops sort of stuff. The game played like it was broken.

  • Yes,performance is very VERY bad on PS3,its unbearable... and i thought walking dead had issues... Worst part is,with all the hype i made for this game while waiting for the release, I bought season pass on day one from psn before even trying it,but i kinda regret it now cuz game works like im trying to play it on gameboy color.....

    Please,PLEASE fix the issues on ps3 version,i dont wanna play the next episodes with 15 fps,audio sync problems,huge load times and god knows what other technical issues that i cant even name.

  • A mod responded that I should "defrag" (such as that is on a PS3) system. This did not correct my issue.

    I'm "glad" (for my resolving the issue sake not that the game doesn't work) I'm not the only one. I have another hard drive I could install if I am in fact having a failure but since other games I have installed on the system (Like Battlefield 3 for example) run properly and you are corroborating my issue I'm not convinced it isn't the game software. I've heard about issues with Walking Dead but didn't at the time of playing consider them issues so much as the way a game like this had to work.

    What I'm talking about here bears no resemblance to any problem with Walking Dead (which was always a sort of make choice-character finishes what they were saying-game "pauses" slightly while it looks for what it needs based on my choice and stores the choice for future reference-- game proceeds.) QTEs never didn't go smoothly and the game didn't obviously just hang or hitch or except in parts where you had to make a choice.

    I think what I might try tonight is deleting the game. Running both of the file and database recovery utilities and re-downloading and re-installing the game. Unless of course others chime in with similar complaints. In that case I'll just be glad I didn't find the season pass and I'm only out five bucks and I'll be just as sad that I'm missing something I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed.

  • I also think that since the season pass isn't available in the US till Saturday. It will be a couple of days yet before we start seeing if this is in fact a local problem related to a system issue or a problem with the software. A guy I know had downloaded the game but not made time to play yet as well.

  • Im sure it has nothing to do with harddisk because i've also just replaced my old 160 gig with a new 500 gig this week. The only reason i can think of is that the game is ported poorly to PS3. I think all we can do is hope that TellTale is aware of these issues and working on a patch that fixes them :/

  • New hard drive. I guess I won't waste my time with any re-installing.

  • A friend of mine played the game on his PS3 today and he confirmed that he had the same exact issues. We are now definitely sure its about the software.

  • I would say so. It seems unlikely we are all experiencing a hardware failure. Thanks for the update.

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