How do I keep [spoiler] alive?

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I tried to keep the title as spoiler-free as possible whilst still alerting people who might know the answer.

Played through for the first time yesterday - absolutely loved it - but since Toad seemed in more pressing need I went to him first (and since not doing so apparently results in Dee/Dum hurting TJ I feel better that I did ha), but this led to Lawrence dying shortly after I arrived to check him.

So I started a replay today (mainly to get the one achievement/book of fables item I'd not yet got, before discovering here that I could get it just by replaying chapter 6), but even when I go to Lawrence first, he's already dead with a bullet hole in his chest and the blood's dry.

Everywhere I look here, people say that when they go to Lawrence first he's still alive, but often dies if they're not quick enough to stop him shooting himself.

Where did I go wrong? I'm not too worried, and think I'll stick with my original playthrough (even though Lawrence died), but just wondering what I did or didn't do that led to him still being dead even when I went to him first.


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    Go to him first and just keep investigating when you get there. Also, you may want to change your title. "How Do I [spoiler]?" Maybe?

  • go to him first. and don't let him shoot himself. I simply investigated, told him the truth and then followed Dee. Lawrence was alive.

  • This. But to keep Lawrence alive, do not, I repeat, do not, let Dee search around too long. Lawrence takes the opportunity to kill himself because of it. To recap:

    Go to Lawrence's place first. Make sure you go after Dee before Dee finishes searching the apartment.

  • Huh... I came here to find out how he dies. He lived on my first play through.

  • I don't understand. In my second play through I went to Lawrence first to see what he says when he lives. I went immediately after talking to Toad on the phone, but he was already dead when I got there. What should I do that I didn't?

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    Don't just give up based on the fact that he looks.... errrrr... like death. Poke around the scene, investigate, click on everything. That's all I had to do. I can't remember what I did that triggered it, I think it was clicking on him, actually... but anyway at some point he should gasp and start blinking his eyes and you find out that he's just badly hurt and had passed out.

    Oh, and like eblocksonian said, make sure not to let the searching scene with the Tweedle go on too long.

  • Gotcha, thanks. :)

    1. Go to lawrence first.

    2. after investigating the scene, dee will break in and you will hide in the closet. this is the important part, you just need to jump out of the closet as soon as possible, he only shoots himself if you wait too long. You can just jump out as soon as he walks in the room.

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    Thanks all; I only just remember that I posted this.

    Thanks for updating the title too, sorry should've thought to do that.

    I think I was in the same situation as pdlbean, and probably just gave up when all indications were that he was dead (dry blood, he's all blue etc). Not too worried about replaying now as I'm happy with the other outcomes of my first playthrough so will just leave it at that... hopefully his death does't become an issue later on ha.

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