A dare to all the detectives

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Since we cannot find the right theory on the killer, we should play the game again and analyze every single part of the game, including the conversations .It's a short episode, so it should not take long. If you find something , add it up in this thread. I shall do the same when I finish the episode again.



  • Alright so while playing atm, I noticed that faith said '' everyone knows that'' refering to everyone knowing where wolf lives. The placement of faith's head in front of the luxury apartments means that it might be a warning for one of the residents or for Bigby

  • Also in theory beauty becomes a suspect because refusing to lie for her results to this quote: I'll explain you later '' and ''it's not what you might be thinking'' in other words she is not cheating on Beast.

  • Play the part where you find beauty hiding in the bushes. Remember the specific area she hid. I talked to her and realized she avoids all the questions no answers for why she was hiding or where she was going. Then go to the crime scene you will find the bloody gate pick up the denim you find on the floor; I think it matches her jeans I see what I mean? also say to Snow White did you see any one else then you realize so I think she is the killer I don't understand her motive, I could be very wrong but evidence points to her.

  • I actually think something is wrong too, I mean first theory was that someone might target wolf, but Collin said ''everyone fears you'' so I am guessing they would not dare to cross Bigby, literally speaking. Also working on that beauty thing. Will give updates in a dozen minutes or so

  • hm, actually it looks weird, but Beauty is wearing black pants . It's possible the piece of fabric to be a red herring and belonging to Faith instead.

  • It was pretty heavily implied that she's stripping at the joint shown in the next episode teaser.
    Comic readers will also know that Beauty and Beast didn't escape the Homelands with their fortune and have fallen on hard times since.

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    I think that Faiths head was a warning **about ** The "New Mayor" (Ichabod Crane) I think maybe he killed the original mayor so he could maintain in power because that would explain motive. but the murderer was just trying to warn us about something so we would investigate. just a theory no real hard evidence except a motive.

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    also their was a big thing in the story books in the game talking about a "Fallen King". this Is most likely to be be a glaring red herring.

  • There's not much evidence to gather from episode 1 really. Except some theories such as : Headless Horseman , The Red Head Guy , Dum&Dee ...
    I believe we shall wait until the next episode , see what we can find there.

  • I find it weird that if you grab Dee he tells you nothing in the teaser, but Woody says the girl with the coat, which could meann a couple of things about a couple characters, I find that interesting...

  • Maybe it means Woody is involved more than people give him credit for. Personally I am surprised he said faith was involved in w/e was happening. He is the one that everyone finds innocent. I am not saying he killed people, but I would not put him in the innocent category.

  • Yeah that is one of the issues. There isn't much to based our theories on but it's still worth trying to find who did it :D

  • you mean faith's father?

  • Possibly but it's not only comic readers that know that. If you read the history given for the characters, it says that they are not exactly rich.

  • That is what I am thinking, perhaps he as you said knows quite a lot more then people think, maybe more then Dee, but just because he said woman with the coat does not mean without question that it was Faith, all the woman in that episode had a coat, so its not really pointed at anyone but if I had to guess I would say he is talking about Faith.

  • I think the headless horse man is cutting off the heads as a lackey for the mayor and the girls are not actually dead as the mirror clearly told us that FAITH was not dead and snow is the love interest later on so she obviously needs to come back but needed to be silenced and being headless will do that to you lol as its a noire story the twist or red herring or macguffin will be that faith never died and so eventually there was no murder to start with though ultimately the baddy will die and that is what the genre is about.

  • I think the headless horse man is cutting off the heads as a lackey for the mayor and the girls are not actually dead as the mirror clearly told us that FAITH was not dead and snow is the love interest later on so she obviously needs to come back but needed to be silenced and being headless will do that to you lol as its a noire story the twist or red herring or macguffin will be that faith never died and so eventually there was no murder to start with though ultimately the baddy will die and that is what the genre is about.

  • I'm still not sold on the Horseman's involvement

  • and the guy that's running the place while the mayor is "Gone"

  • that red headed guy cant just be their for no reason unless they are trying to throw us off track or he really is involved.

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    I think that due to the fact that a lot of fables didn't escape with their money,someone might have heard about the donkeyskin story and the coat that she has and that would allow animals to produce gold.So this person or more likely a whole group of fables decided to find the girl and steal the coat to become rich.I think that they also hate Bigby and they are also trying to get rid of him anyway they can.They can use his violence, his past and his reputation against him.I think it's a conspiration that doesn't only involve one person.Maybe Snow was killed due to her relationship with Bigby but also because she might have discovered something important about the case while we were at the trip trap bar.And Faith saying that her lips are sealed everytime we ask her about something important is definitely caused by a spell.Maybe Prince Lawrence knew that his wife was in trouble because of the coat and maybe she was trying to hide it when Woody found her and he probably heard about the coat too so he wanted her to tell him where it was.Later Mr.Toad finds it and hides it in his appartment until Bigby comes and discovers it too.Maybe Faith's pimp is the one who hired the dee and dum brothers to find the coat.Maybe Georgie (the name that Prince Lawrence gives) is the name of Faith's pimp.
    By the way,I just did a second playthrough for fun (I did my best to be mean with everyone! :D)and I noticed that when Faith asks if we like her ribbon, if we tell her that it's beautiful the game says "she'll remember that".I wonder what it could mean because it's the last time we see her.Any ideas ?

  • When did they say that the coat makes animals produce gold?

  • It's when you go to Crane's office when you look over the book where you find information about the ring.If you turn the pages you will see the coat and what it does.

  • Why didn't Dee and Dum want it then, if Toad offered it to them?

  • yeah her coat had nothing to do with turning animal shit gold. It was the "magic word" whatever it was. the only info in that book on faith and her family crest is located on the last page. everything else is for something different. theres info on toad in there too, so i think that its unrelated to faith. the coat was created to make her seem ugly, ie "not the most beautiful girl in the kingdom" so she wouldnt have to marry dear ol' dad.
    Seriously? if her coat made animals shit gold, why is she a prostitute living in that god forsaken apartment?

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    Nah , there's no way he's not involved. When did Snow get killed ? After she was left alone in the cab - who was the driver ? The red head guy.

    Also , I doubt the reason for which he follows Bigby everywhere is to invite him to dinner.

  • Because they were hired by Crane to solve the murder and didn't think it was impoortant

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    I also thought that in the beginning but if you choose to go after Woody in the trip trap bar,in the preview of episode 2 when Bigby questions him about who else is involved he answers "the girl with the coat".How does he know about her coat? She wasn't wearing it when he met her and how could he know who she was since even Snow and Bigby had to make some research to find out her identity ? Maybe she can't use it because of a spell or something like that.Are fables allowed to use magic in this world ?

  • Are fables allowed to use magic in this world ?

    Yes, the Fables can use any magic spells or magical objects in our world that they are able to wield. Being in the mundane world doesn't dampen their powers. If they were a powerful witch in their world, they will be a powerful witch in ours. If an object is enchanted in their world, it's enchanted in ours too. That's actually key to several storylines in the comic book series.

  • "This lips are sealed"---every time you ask Faith or Mirror about something important you get this answer o.O dont you think its strange? who sealed them? why they were sealed? and dont you think that cutting people's head is kinda a trick to make all of us to think its headless horseman, woody or bluebeard, while it should be definitely somebody who is playing with us, to confuse us, to make us think about other suspects, false ones and meanwhile this tricky clever murderer is absolutely different person, person who we even havent met yet, who didnt showed up yet... or maybe its even bigby?! as crane tells us "it makes you a suspect too bigby"... i dont know but i am sure that the killer is NOT Woody, horseman or bluebeard...it would be too easy...

  • Bigby is a Killer !!!!!!! just think about it,the red head guy is following him, the guy who has a Crooks on his tie...If you look at his Tie , we can see it has Crooks on it. What kind of crooks ? A Shepherd's Crooks. The Boy Who Cried Wolf - a fable about a young shepherd who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his sheep. When the wolf actually does appear and he calls for help, the villagers do not trust the boy and the sheep are eaten by the wolf. this red head guy cries "the wolf is coming!!!" and nobody believed him and he cried again and again...and what we find out in the end??? that the Wolf really came, that he really was a threat... and maybe its the same now??? this guy is trying to warn everybody that wolf is coming, that he is dangerous, that he is monster who everybody is afraid of... the titles of next episodes, the pictures on them, and the name of the game... THE WOLF AMONG US... thats what this red head guy si trying to say, to warn us, we have a wolf among us, a true natural killer... a person who have last seen Faith and Snow and as in every single murder case, the killers in 90% are people who have seen the victim last... Bigby knew both girls, Bigby had a relationship with them... and Bigby is a Big Bad Wolf guys, and the key word is "BAD"... not good... BAD... think about it... "The Wolf Among Us"...

  • I don't think it's Bigby. For one thing, he's reformed. And for another thing, going off of what we know of his character, if he attacked anyone there probably wouldn't be anything left of them.

    Plus, they made a point to let the player know that the head had been severed by a "very sharp" or "magical" instrument. Even if there were any remains after a Big Bad Wolf attack, there wouldn't be any clean cuts. It would be like a savage animal attack. He wouldn't carry a knife when he can just rip someone's head off without a weapon while he's in wolf form.

  • The mayor is King Cole. He's alive.

  • There's also the handy fact that we know exactly where Bigby is and what he's doing during Snow's murder.

  • If the point of this thread is to get to the bottom of the mystery, then we should be taking into account that we know a great deal of what happens AFTER this story, from reading the books. If we assume that the game is going to end with a killer being found out, it's hard to imagine that killer would still be a functioning part of the Fables community in the book series so that allows us to eliminate some suspects like Beauty, Beast, Ichabod (who, to be fair, DID leave Fabletown in disgrace before the books began, but for scandals and sexual harassment charges, not for decapitations), Bluebeard and Colin.

  • "These lips are sealed" gives away a bit much, don't you think? The one we're looking for is someone who can cast powerful spells, although the one who casts the spells may not be the one who actually kills the victims. We also know that the one Faith worked for was the one who most likely cast the spell or had it cast because she couldn't say who she worked for.

  • Something I found strange is near the beginning after you help Faith out of the Woodsman's apartment and talking to her there's an angle that the camera moves to just for a few seconds while Bigby is talking and you can see some of the background behind him, it appears to look like a shadow of a person, I wonder who/what it really is.
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