The Killer [Investigation] - Hard Evidence Found



  • I did compare the piece of fabric and his jeans but the color is different. His jeans are light-brownish while the fabric is white.

  • I'm not talking about the ginger guy, but the guy with the hat. He's also waiting in line, right next to him.

  • I know, that is the guy I compared the piece of fabric with. His pants are light-brown while the fabric is pure white.

  • Playing the game I noticed that both his jeans and the fabric were light grey. Plus there's a patch over his jeans covering a stain that looks a lot like blood. .-.

  • strange, I analyzed a video on youtube since bigby goes too fast near him to compare the colors. I'll give you the links actually.

    The piece of fabric :

    Look at 20:40

    The jeans:

    look at 00:14. If you look closely and compare the colors of the jeans and the fabric in different tabs you'll see what I mean.

  • But in scene mentioned by Piast, he's OUT of the bar, sitting in the side alley. And when you one moment later come to the bar - he is sitting INSIDE the bar, and probably have been there for a while, cause he seems to know that Woody is taking leak at the back. So, another person being in two places at the same time. Hello awfull 'recycling'.

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    I compared the two colors and they seem quite different ... the fabric is blue-ish , while the jeans are light-grey. Though I does look like he has a leg injury , and also something interesting : When Bigby passes the hallway , this guy makes a very nervous gesture , like he almost got scared (you can look it up on youtube)

  • Just like in Sherlock. No one ever suspects the Taxi driver.
    Good work Dr. Watson, you've cracked the case XD

  • I has been stated that in the Fable universe that Bigby is in fact every wolf from every fairy tale with a wolf in it.

  • I just noticed that he's the only one to react to Bigby in a frightened manner.
    Grendel and RHG (or whatever his nickname is) both just look up as Bigby passes, while the third guy jumps a little bit.

  • I just commented that right before reading this XD nice.

  • Oh! Now I see what you mean.

  • Also there is evidence that Fables don't always recognize each other.
    When Bigby tells Faith that she looks familiar she says that Fables have a tendency to forget about each other, who they are, if they've met.

  • Also if he is just an extra, they why isn't the other guy outside of the office used too.
    The only character who seems to pop up all over the place is the Ginger.
    But then that would lead into the other theory where the guy with the hat is involved. The ginger's model being reused several times while the hatted man is not reused again is suspect. Combine that with his jeans matching the color of the fabric found outside, that there is a patch on one of the legs of his pants with what apears to be blood around it and that he is the only one of the three inline who seems startled by Bigby's approach and he looks more and more like a more likely candidate for the killer

  • You're on to something... I did notice it too but only the first two. But I don't think he could be the killer, he could be a spy and yes I think he might be the boy who cried wolf. We all don't know but this is the strongest lead we have. Expect the unexpected.

  • He might be frightened from the past. We all know that Bigby was the big bad wolf in the past and Collins even tells him that some of the characters might not like him, to which he's replying: ''you keep order by being big and scary'' or something similar.

  • Actually I'm guessing the memories are getting wiped somehow. The comment by Colin about memories lasting, and Snow's repeated concerns about how she should be able to remember Lawrence and Faith seemed a little heavy handed to me. Faith also makes the comment about how Fables are hard to kill after she places an axe in the Woodsman's head. My guess is somebody is magically erasing the memories about certain fables - if their stories are forgotten - then they are weak enough to kill.

  • Faith had a coat to ... the donkey costume thing

  • Perhaps he enters the bar during the moments when Snow calls Bigby back to the cab and tells him to be careful.

    Seems like he woulda warned the woodsman then though.

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    That was covered in Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland

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    I considered the idea of memory erasure too. Bigby thought that he and Faith had met before and Lawrence described his memory of shooting himself as "fuzzy." When looking at the Chinese food at his place and when looking over the Woodman's apartment, Bigby also remarked that he doesn't remember ordering the food or doing half of the damage that he did to the apartment. Granted the latter two might just be throwaway lines but the first two have to mean something.

    Maybe Bigby and Faith have met before but his memory of her was erased. Maybe that's why she showed him the ribbon: she was hoping that it would jog his memory since she was under some kind of spell that prevented her from talking about it. I have no idea how this fits into the grand scheme of things but it seems important.

  • It would be funny if it turns out to be badger

  • I'm starting too read so many great theories that I honestly don't kno what to beileve anymore XD

  • Good point, though I don't think it's him it is interesting how he has been glazed over

  • Alt text
    Anybody noticed that the red shirted Man has a wound in his left leg? Also, the jean's color matches the one of the fabric cloth found at the crime scene. And as a Bonus, I noticed in the game that when Bigby passes by this guy, he starts to look nervous. I think he might know something about the murder...
    P.S: English is not my native language, and I wrote this at late night, so there might be some grammar mistakes.

  • Just posted this in another thread but I think it works better here:

    After reading something in a theory about Red Riding Hood being the villain. The guy who came up with the Red theory said his reasoning was that he thinks that each of the characters whom show up in the book are going to play some important part in the story. That made me think of one of the theories against this guy, people say that he is just an extra and there reasoning is that at one or two points he can be seen on the street while also driving the cab. Then in my head I counted the number of run ins you have with him. It's about 7 times. As in the 7 dwarfs. All Glamored to look like the same guy, spying on Bigby and waiting for their chance to take Snow back

    Well that last part is kinda a stretch but its a fun thought

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    Here's something interesting: in the end credits of Episode 1, all of the characters and their voice actors are listed. One of listings was "Cabbies," which has two names under it. If these "Cabbies" were just throwaway extras, why hire two different voice actors for them? And speaking of that, when did they actually speak in the episode?

    I don't think they did. But "the red-haired" guy did speak up on two different occasions: once when running into Snow White and once when the couch fell against him in the chase scene with Dee. This could mean a lot of things but it seems to suggest that the red-haired guy who was talking to Snow White and the red haired guy we saw while chasing Dee were each one of the cabbies. Furthermore, while they looked identical, they were in fact two different people. Are they twins? Is one of them disguising himself as the other? An impostor, perhaps?

    If I had to guess, I would say that the one who drove Bigby to Woody's apartment was the same one that the couch fell on. He probably has nothing to do with anything. The one we're interested in is the one Snow White ran into, which is the same one who we saw walking in front of Woody's apartment at the beginning of the game and possibly also the cabbie who Snow White was last seen with.

  • I found it odd, they did not list the voice actor for Lawrence but they did for the Cabbies?

  • Twins ... this would explain why in some shots you can see them being in two places at the same time (I believe it's when Bigby arrives at the Bar. You can see the RHG is driving the cab , and he's also somewhere in a background alley)

  • The occurence during the chase with Dee is odd though, because why's he just there? In some corridor of a building he couldn't have known Bigby (and Dee) would soon come steaming through.

  • Only thing missing from this is the clear significance to the phrase "These lips are sealed", Perhaps an organisation uses it as a code phrase or something, but i think more likely it will be magic based. Im also not 100% convinced that these characters are being completely killed off. I dont really have so much evidence to back this, more just assumptions really but i cant help but wonder why it is only the heads that turn up. My personal belief is that the boy who cried wolf is purely the messenger in this situation, the acting hand is it were that perhaps abducts the victims, then places the head on the stairs. This would back my theory that the boy who cried wolf's character is actually playing his role and causing a disruption amongst the fables though they are all a pack of lies. I believe that snow and faith are simply being held elsewhere at this point in time out of the way of the other fables potentially concealed by magic hence "these lips are sealed". Why else would the mirror not be able to show the location of faith? if shes just a head what harm is there in showing the location of it?

  • As in the 7 dwarfs. All Glamored to look like the same guy, spying on Bigby and waiting for their chance to take Snow back

    I rather like this theory, just as much as the main "boy who cried wolf" theory. But I just can't seem to remember.... don't the seven dwarfs get killed by Prince Charming or someone? I could be very off, considering their father was very clearly killed and all but I just can't remember.

  • I respectfully disagree with this theory, I believe he is associated with the incidents though, he could be working for someone, I doubt Telltale would reveal anything about the killer in the first episode.

  • As many people who played this game are I am new to this universe so if that is a reference to the comics then I don't know.

  • On top of the fact, Faith mentioned the very same words ("..Lips are sealed") that the Mirror repeated and you can see the skeletal remains of her dead father as well. So the mirror is certainly not hendered from seeing people who are dead.

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    I've actually notice the guy at the hall, the line, and lying down in the hallway, but I didn't see him the other places.

    This is the best theory I have seen so far. It could also be "The Stranger" all over again. If it turns out to be right, I might just scream.

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    If this is prequel story that truely follows the comic book series then we can automaticly rule a few ideas out.

    Contains many Comic book spoilers!

    First off we know Snow White is alive in the comic. Very alive and married to bigby with kids. She also had suffered a gun shot wound to the head and lived.

    Second, mentioned earlier, was the Boy Who Cried Wolf, who again is alive and living on the 7th floor, apparently also alive and free from an known murder charges.

    Third is Bluebeard. I noticed that some people have pointed the blame in his direction, but he too is still alive and well and not currently standing for any recent murder charges. His current dirty deed is extorting as much money as he can from Fables to help them escape the Homelands. But of course he has a history of preforming these similar kind of murders (but useally to women he marries) but who knows how many he has killed, if any,since his entrance into the Fable community, He also grants huge donations to community's bank account that naturally gets King Cole to turn away any suspisions.

    Fourth is the Woodsman. His current whereabouts are unknown and minor images are only every shown about him.

    And finally fifth (from what i can think about without pulling out my enitre collections of Fables) is the witches from the 13th floor appear to have not been involved with anything such as this, since magical spells are expensive and and freely done for charity or personal amusment.

  • And the woodsman hit Faith 'cause she didn't recognize him. Hmm...

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