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A dare to all the detectives

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Since we cannot find the right theory on the killer, we should play the game again and analyze every single part of the game, including the conversations .It's a short episode, so it should not take long. If you find something , add it up in this thread. I shall do the same when I finish the episode again.

  • "This lips are sealed"---every time you ask Faith or Mirror about something important you get this answer o.O dont you think its strange? who sealed them? why they were sealed? and dont you think that cutting people's head is kinda a trick to make all of us to think its headless horseman, woody or bluebeard, while it should be definitely somebody who is playing with us, to confuse us, to make us think about other suspects, false ones and meanwhile this tricky clever murderer is absolutely different person, person who we even havent met yet, who didnt showed up yet... or maybe its even bigby?! as crane tells us "it makes you a suspect too bigby"... i dont know but i am sure that the killer is NOT Woody, horseman or would be too easy...

  • Bigby is a Killer !!!!!!! just think about it,the red head guy is following him, the guy who has a Crooks on his tie...If you look at his Tie , we can see it has Crooks on it. What kind of crooks ? A Shepherd's Crooks. The Boy Who Cried Wolf - a fable about a young shepherd who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his sheep. When the wolf actually does appear and he calls for help, the villagers do not trust the boy and the sheep are eaten by the wolf. this red head guy cries "the wolf is coming!!!" and nobody believed him and he cried again and again...and what we find out in the end??? that the Wolf really came, that he really was a threat... and maybe its the same now??? this guy is trying to warn everybody that wolf is coming, that he is dangerous, that he is monster who everybody is afraid of... the titles of next episodes, the pictures on them, and the name of the game... THE WOLF AMONG US... thats what this red head guy si trying to say, to warn us, we have a wolf among us, a true natural killer... a person who have last seen Faith and Snow and as in every single murder case, the killers in 90% are people who have seen the victim last... Bigby knew both girls, Bigby had a relationship with them... and Bigby is a Big Bad Wolf guys, and the key word is "BAD"... not good... BAD... think about it... "The Wolf Among Us"...

    • On the right track my friend, but it seems like your trying to read scrabble letters from the bag. Piece them together first.

  • "These lips are sealed" gives away a bit much, don't you think? The one we're looking for is someone who can cast powerful spells, although the one who casts the spells may not be the one who actually kills the victims. We also know that the one Faith worked for was the one who most likely cast the spell or had it cast because she couldn't say who she worked for.

  • Something I found strange is near the beginning after you help Faith out of the Woodsman's apartment and talking to her there's an angle that the camera moves to just for a few seconds while Bigby is talking and you can see some of the background behind him, it appears to look like a shadow of a person, I wonder who/what it really is.
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  • This is terrible, but I already think I know who the killer is. not one of the main characters mind you, TTG is more discrete than that, but it is the worst feeling to know what I think I know.

  • Well if you notice faith's ribbon has some lips in itand she always says "this lips are sealed" so I guess this ribbon was being hexed from preventing the wearer to take it off or talk about it , this theory proves that there is a magic behind it so she was being used but .. the point is why or who did hex it and I can't really answer this question with the few informations we got from the first episode , or atleast it might have been her pimp but I don't think hes behind the murder

  • When I played I noticed him almost at every turn... That's too often to be coincidence so he has to have something to do with it. Even if it's slight... Unless they're just placing him in there to throw us off of course lol.

  • What if tha magic mirror is a genie U saw tha lamp next to tha mirror...

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