My girlfriend's mundy theory

So I recently got this game and have played through Episode 1. I can't pick out who I think is the true killer or what's going on but I do believe the Tweedle's are involved somehow. Anyways, not what this is about. Me and my girlfriend have never read the comics or even heard about this whole thing until we found The Wolf Among Us.

Now this is my girlfriend's own opinion after watching the first episode of the game.
She believes Faith's pimp had something to do in it all. She brings up the theory that it was a mundy that's killing them because some beef with the Fables. I told her that as far the story tells us, the Fables keep the fact that they are Fables hidden from mundies. Still she says, that maybe someone was snooping around, and found a way to kill them. Like a hate crime or something against them I disregarded her theory as it doesn't make sense to me and has a lot of holes in the theory.

Some issues I find are;
1. how would the mundy know they're fables?
2. Fables are very tough and would be very hard for a mundy to kill it seems.
3. How could a mundy have blocked the magic mirror from showing Faith?
4. Why would a mundy have beef with them if they've been hidden?

I don't follow this theory but in all honesty it makes an interesting theory. What does everyone else here think? Could you patch up the holes in this theory to make seem plausible or do you think it's far too unlikely a theory?


  • from what little i know about the lore of Fables mundies actually have their minds magically dulled so they wouldn't notice fables, however it could be similar to something that happened in Once Upon A Time where a "fable" had helped some "mundies" to infiltrate and avoid the magic

  • It's an interesting theory, but it seems unlikely. Seeing as even the Mirror says "My Lips are sealed" when Bigby asks him about Faith(Which is the same thing Faith says), it tells me it's probably someone big. How could a Mundie mask themselves?

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    Someone could have told her pimp or another mundy about the Fables, but I'm not sure why they would do that, or even if the mundy would believe them if they did.

    thestalking head is right though, if it is a mundy behind this, they would need help from a powerful Fable, since if you ask the mirror about Faith, he implies that powerful magic is preventing him from revealing her location, and it's also stated that magic was most likely used to cut off Faith's head.

  • i don't think her Pimp is a mundi though.

  • Going by with what the Mirror said it looks like there's a strong magic behind all of this. I searched fairy tale villains on google to see who can be the main villain in this.. The witch ( hansel & gretel) can be prime suspect?? here's a link with more possible villains that can be used!

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    It probably wouldn't be that witch. In the Fables universe that witch is named Frau Totenkinder. She generally acts in the best interest of the other Fables, despite her rather checkered past. A witch may be involved, though. The other thing about magic in the Fables universe is that it comes in many forms. It may come from a witch, but it may also be just as likely to come from an object or talisman.

    As far as the mundy theory. I think it's interesting, but Fabletown is very well protected by slews of spells. I only remember one storyline where a mundy started to suspect something about the Fables, but he was actually off base and thought they were a very specific type of immortal/supernatural, which they are not (won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it). And Bigby and the other protectors of Fabletown nipped that in the bud really quick. Plus, I believe that her pimp is a Fable as well. So far we know that his name is "Georgie" and in the teaser for episode two he is shown to have a tattoo that reads "Kiss the Girls." Ring any bells? ;)

  • The mundies have very little involvement in the entire story.
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