• from what little i know about the lore of Fables mundies actually have their minds magically dulled so they wouldn't notice fables, however it could be similar to something that happened in Once Upon A Time where a "fable" had helped some "mundies" to infiltrate and avoid the magic

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      Jennifer Moderator

      Someone could have told her pimp or another mundy about the Fables, but I'm not sure why they would do that, or even if the mundy would believe them if they did.

      thestalking head is right though, if it is a mundy behind this, they would need help from a powerful Fable, since if you ask the mirror about Faith, he implies that powerful magic is preventing him from revealing her location, and it's also stated that magic was most likely used to cut off Faith's head.

  • It's an interesting theory, but it seems unlikely. Seeing as even the Mirror says "My Lips are sealed" when Bigby asks him about Faith(Which is the same thing Faith says), it tells me it's probably someone big. How could a Mundie mask themselves?

  • Going by with what the Mirror said it looks like there's a strong magic behind all of this. I searched fairy tale villains on google to see who can be the main villain in this.. The witch ( hansel & gretel) can be prime suspect?? here's a link with more possible villains that can be used!


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