These lips are sealed

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Surely I'm not the only one whos noticed that this is a repeated phrase in the game? I've heard plenty of times now and I'm sure we'll be hearing it plenty more. It must be some sort of extremely powerful magic placed first on Faith and probaly others so that they can't reveal harmful secrets to Bigby.



  • More like two times by Faith and the Mirror, but it does imply some sort of magic if it prevent the Mirror from telling Bigby.

  • Yes , there is definitely powerful magic involved. I start thinking there's more than just one man involved in the murders.

  • I'm wondering about the ribbon Faith was wearing. She was trying to get Wolf to notice it and when asked she says she's trying to tell you the best she can. Was the ribbon enchanted? it also had a pair of lips on it, probably keeps her from taking it off and telling anyone about whatever they wanted to hide.

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    When investigating her severed head he says it was chopped off either by something really sharp or by powerful magic. Perhaps the ribbon was a security device of sorts that was meant to keep her in line and it would give her the chop if she asked for help?

  • I've looked and I can't for the life of me see the "pair of lips" you're talking about. Am I just blind or is there a particular scene in which they're visible?

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    Yeah, that was definitely very important. Also, think about the fact that the ribbon was found in her mouth along with the ring. Maybe she said too much, even though on the surface it seems like she didn't say much at all? As Daedalos said, she seemed to want to point out the ribbon to Bigby for a reason. To me it seems to hint toward the ribbon being involved with whatever spell or enchantment could have been placed on her to keep her quiet.

    (EDIT: I also do not see the "pair of lips" on the ribbon.)

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    Whatever spell this is seems to force the person affected to utter the phrase "These lips are sealed" when someone asks them something that they can't answer. So far, 3 lines of inquiry have been seen to invoke that phrase, all of them about Faith: what was she doing at the Woodsman's apartment, who does she work for, and what is her location.

    Now why would it be important to keep Faith from saying what she was doing at Woody's place? If she was there for the reason I think most of us (including Bigby) assumed she was there for, would it really be necessary to use magic to keep her from admitting that? Maybe she was there for another reason. Maybe she wasn't just a simple "working girl" after all.

    Another interesting thing is that I don't think the spell kept her from saying her name since she doesn't say the line when Bigby asks her (she does avoid the question, remarking how she wouldn't want to add any "difficulty" to his night). So it seems like she might be hiding her identity from him for her own reasons.

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    I must say I have read only a few theories and they all are good. Somebody said something about memory wipes and the ribbion jogging those memories, this and HeartLockers theory. It's quite interesting!

  • I see the lips! If you go to the scene where she says 'Do you like my ribbon' there are little purple lips on the outer most bow.

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    Oh! I finally saw them! Had to hit pause on someone's playthrough at the part where she was going through the Woodsman's pockets. The part where she looks up and questions Bigby about his eyes and teeth and all. Subtle. Yeah, between that and the phrase I'm definitely thinking the ribbon was enchanted. There has to be some reason why they put it there.

  • Ah, thanks, I see them now. I thought that was just a shadow or texture on the bow. Yeah, that's a pair of lips alright.

  • The mirror says that there is 'Strong' magic preventing the viewing of Faith.

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    Oh I need need to say this! Please somebody send me a video of what happens if you talk about her ribbion. The two play throughs I've seen both say the top right hand selection.

  • Is very fishy... Magic bows, the crook-tie, Woody, Tweedledee and Tweedledum... Where'o'where does Blackbeard come into play here..... Can't wait for the last 4 episodes....

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    Whoever did this, I will make sure he/she gets slaughtered to death (Worse than St Johns from TWD)

  • Just as an little info to everyone, there is actually a fairytale of a girl with a ribbon around her neck, and when the ribbon was removed her head would automatically fall off.

  • i have a feeling that the sealed part of "my lips are sealed" refers to her ring and her family seal (which she probably uses on her letters) so maybe her family is involved, her father may simply be missing a hand and not actually be dead

  • OH crap wait!
    Is it the Vorpal Blade that is beheading the girls!? Bigby said a magick blade or something would do that, and in the book you look through while searching for Faith's family crest you do in fact see the page in Latin "Gladium Vorpal" now my theory so far, it has to be someone familiar with magick to create a powerful spell so no one could tell anyone about what or who was involved. My guess is that Telltale is setting up like the comics... I think maybe Baba Yaga might be involved disguised as Red Riding Hood (one of the achievements in steam is "What Big Eyes You Have" said by none other than Red Riding Hood)

  • All the better to find the murderer my dear.

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    I think that she came in the appartment to hide something or to look for something.Remember the coat that Mr.Toad found in the same appartment.And we later discover that she was Donkeyskin and that the coat belonged to her.
    I also noticed something strange,when you tell her that her ribbon is beautiful or any other answer,the game says "she'll remember it".

  • True dat, true dat. I read somewhere that faith was going to rob Woody. I'm not too sure but it's always a possibility. I quite like your idea better though.

  • I don't think he's just missing a hand because Bigby wanted the mirror to show him the old king, not just his hand. And I don't reckon he was a wizard either since the mirror was affected as well.

  • it's just a possible theory and we don't really know how the mirror works, but if the king is using the same magic to hide him as he was faith the mirror may have only been able to find his unhidden hand, that had the ring with the family seal on it

  • Here's my thought on the "lips are sealed" thing. Everyone's been tossing out the idea of powerful magic sealing away Faith's whereabouts and everyone else's ability to share what they know about them (including the mirror). It was seeing Georgie in the Episode 2 trailer with his "Kiss the Girl" tattoo that gave me the idea of the concept. Anyone wondering if the redhead with Georgie at the beginning is (based on the anemone-like flower in her hair) supposed to be The Little Mermaid? Someone whose fairytale is based on the idea of giving up one's ability to speak (or possibly, in this case, speak selectively) to a powerful witch? Maybe that's what we're looking at with Faith: a silencing spell cast by a witch (Baba Yaga?). If so, the spell in the fairytale was the result of an exchange. Hmm...

  • The witching cloak can conceal anything. Through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed. The ribbon is also magical and if it were made of the same fabric it would conceal specific words through a spell. And her ribbon was created in the mundy world.

  • Yeah, but Faith is Donkeyskin Girl. Unless the fable in question relates to Donkeyskin Girl, I can only assume it's a coincidence. But that's a useful thing to know, seeing as the symbol was in the Book of Fables, meaning it has some further significance.

  • Wait, sorry, I haven't been on these forums much, has the murderer been confirmed to be a man?!

  • while looking through the book when trying to find more about Faith, one of them mentions the vorpal blade, it's all in Latin of course but who wants to bet that that might be the powerful magic they mention that can take people's heads off.

  • What's weird. I noticed at the start of the game. You ask that woman, Faith what's she doing with the woodsman. She says "These lips are sealed" its likely nothing. Perhaps the person knew that Wolf would meet Faith there,

    Then later on she repeats it, if you ask her about her job. Even the mirror repeats it. Has to be a magic spell. It's just difficult to know which one, because we only played first ep.

  • a lot of people think that but they forget one thing...Snow ended up in the same way at the end of the episode! I didn't find any connections between that ribbon and Snow, but it is a good theory though

  • But people, didn't Snow end up in the same way as faith. She also didn't have any ribbon or anything.

  • Powerful magics leads me to believe that we will in some way see Frau Totenkinder in here somewhere. I mean what good is a Fable story without a wicked witch right?

  • Why you think so? Because this was written in books? Maybe photo is fake...

  • I vaguely remember a story I read as a child bout a girl who's head was attached to her neck by a ribbon and at the end of the story her husband or someone (it was a long time ago) her head came off.

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    Might be the same ribbon on a different person.
    One of the versions of the tale(there are other versions with black or red ribbons):
    Jane wore a yellow ribbon around her neck everyday. And I mean everyday, rain or shine, whether it matched her outfit or not. It annoyed her best friend Johnny after a while. He was her next door neighbor and had known Jane since she was three. When he was young, he had barely noticed the yellow ribbon, but now they were in high school together, it bothered him.

    “Why do you wear that yellow ribbon around your neck, Jane?” he’d ask her every day. But she wouldn’t tell him.

    Still, in spite of this aggravation, Johnny thought she was cute. He asked her to the soda shoppe for an ice cream sundae. Then he asked her to watch him play in the football game. Then he started seeing her home. And come the spring, he asked her to the dance. Jane always said yes when he asked her out. And she always wore a yellow dress to match the ribbon around her neck.

    It finally occurred to Johnny that he and Jane were going steady, and he still didn’t know why she wore the yellow ribbon around her neck. So he asked her about it yet again, and yet again she did not tell him. “Maybe someday I’ll tell you about it,” she’d reply. Someday! That answer annoyed Johnny, but he shrugged it off, because Jane was so cute and fun to be with.

    Well, time flew past, as it has a habit of doing, and one day Johnny proposed to Jane and was accepted. They planned a big wedding, and Jane hinted that she might tell him about the yellow ribbon around her neck on their wedding day. But somehow, what with the preparations and his beautiful bride, and the lovely reception, Johnny never got around to asking Jane about it. And when he did remember, she got a bit teary-eyed, and said: “We are so happy together, what difference does it make?” And Johnny decided she was right.

    Johnny and Jane raised a family of four, with the usual ups and downs, laughter and tears. When their golden anniversary rolled around, Johnny once again asked Jane about the yellow ribbon around her neck. It was the first time he’d brought it up since the week after their wedding. Whenever their children asked him about it, he’d always hushed them, and somehow none of the kids had dared ask their mother. Jane gave Johnny as sad look and said: “Johnny, you’ve waited this long. You can wait awhile longer.”

    And Johnny agreed. It was not until Jane was on her death bed a year later that Johnny, seeing his last chance slip away, asked Jane one final time about the yellow ribbon she wore around her neck. She shook her head a bit at his persistence, and then said with a sad smile: “Okay Johnny, you can go ahead and untie it.”

    With shaking hands, Johnny fumbled for the knot and untied the yellow ribbon around his wife’s neck.

    And Jane’s head fell off.

  • but the whole "remember that" thing doesn't always guarantee that they will live. I won't go into specifics but in the Walking Dead it said that phrase yet the character in question still died moments later.

  • I don't think the ribbon had so much to do with her death but who she was working for.

    When you ask her who it is she's working for, she avoids the question and then points out her ribbon, which is really odd. No matter what you reply she gets a look like she's distressed or disappointed. If you reply with "quit changing the subject" she says she's trying to answer the questions as best as she can. That's just my take on it, anyway.

  • thats from a childrens horror book "tales to tell in the dark" its not a fable

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