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So I decided to create this thread so we can discuss more of the Fables comic and it's connection to the game. Also for those who haven't read the comic, they can ask continuity questions. For readers of the comics, since there are supposed to references to later arcs, I started a spreadsheet on Google Drive to keep track!


First, for readers of the comic, do you agree with the use of the definition of Glamour. The game seems to make it as both an illusion and some form of mind trick to have mundies to avoid the Woodland. I always have imagined Glamous as a pure illusion trick.

Secondly, for gamers, Snow is not permanently dead. Remember the popularity of the Fables helps with the healing and revival. Popular Fables who are killed will reappear days or weeks after their "death." That's why Bigby healed fairly quickly. We will see a certain fable trying to revive his popularity by going to Hollywood. A killed Fable had recently reappeared in one of the spin-offs.

I am trying to see if King Midas was ever mentioned in the comic.


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    Post contains either 'Fables' comic and TWAU game spoilers.

    Glad you mentioned about relation between Fable's popularity and he's immunity to death, cause that's the subject which is irritating me in this game. TWAU just made this power.... well, overpower. Why do I think that?
    Remember one of the first issues of Fables, when Snow got deadly shot just right in her brain? She did well at the and, but: 1) It was so serious wound, it took quite a time until she was fully back in her health. 2) Everyone was confirming, that she managed to live that only because she's so hot.... Urm, I mean, popular. Her sister said: 'If it was me in your place, I would be dead by now' (or something like that). Yeah, it's so serious wound, that you have to be known by a quite big bunch of mundies, to manage that and recover.

    And now, be honest. How many of you did ever heard about Prince Lawrence? Not many, I guess. So he's not well known Fable at all. So why the heck is he so immune? Taking pills mixed with alcohol, some dagger stabbing... Well, having HUGE SHOT HOLE IN HIS HEAD... And he's still able to talk? Man, in war against Wooden Soldiers brave, quite well known Fables were taking less damage and they ended in Witch Well. Why some third-class Fable is harder to kill then them?

    And I didn't even mentioned Woodie, who managed to walk away just moment after he got his skull split by axe which damaged his brain. He's muuuuch way less popular then Snow, and he just went like that... Well, making that immunity such overpower ability is for me first and so far only problem I got with the game as a Fables fan.

  • First, for readers of the comic, do you agree with the use of the definition of Glamour. The game seems to make it as both an illusion and some form of mind trick to have mundies to avoid the Woodland. I always have imagined Glamous as a pure illusion trick.

    As I recall, the magic that protects the Woodland is different and does work by making mundies avoid it. I don't know if that's ever considered the same as a glamour, which is an illusion.

    Remember the popularity of the Fables helps with the healing and revival.

    I know that that helps fables to heal faster, but I don't recall a fable who was dead ever coming back to life. Snow didn't actually die when she was shot. And even with her popularity as a fable, it still took her a long time to fully heal. Considering that at the end of "Faith," her head--if it actually is her head--is completely severed from her body, I just don't see any way they can have her come back from that while still respecting the Fables universe.

    I kind of think that she's not really dead, and the head we see at the end of the episode is some kind of magical illusion. But I guess we'll see.

  • Yeah, the fable healing power did strike me as way more exaggerated than it is in the comics. I don't know. Maybe they'll have an explanation later in the series. Or, more likely, it's just like Superman's strength, and its power varies wildly depending on who's writing.

  • I didn't want to say this but in Fairest Arc #3 (latest series after 15), we see PC revived in a slightly different manner. Don't forget he died in the War.

  • Hmm... I haven't read the latest Fairest comics yet. If that's the case, then I'm kind of disappointed. I always liked that death in Fables was permanent. They even had a whole thing about how the people who thought Blue was going to come back were just deluding themselves. And you'd think if they were going to bring back anybody, it would be him. Oh well. I guess I'll hold off judgment until I read the issue and see how they do it. But still, Charming's death was so perfect...

  • Its probably for newbies to the series to really drive home how tough to kill the fables are. Ive seen playthroughs were people were like "WTF! Why is he still alive?"

    • Lawrence had the hole in one of his lungs, IIRC, not in his head. And... there is something off about his attempted suicide, I think.
    • Concerning Fables' strength, we had seen some really strong ones, like Goldilocks and Jack. The Woodsman from Red Riding Hood should be pretty resistant, if you suscribe to that theory even when the Frau doesn't.
  • I did only read the original Fables, not the later spin-offs.
    You are right, Charming's death was perfect. But I seem to remember that in the original comics it was also said that dead fables will return. Look at Frau Totenkinder, the witch. Hansel & Gretel BBQed her and she came back from Death.

  • Remember the popularity of the Fables helps with the healing and revival.

    what about Grendel?
    depending how you ended the bar fight towards the end.

    is it normal/expected for his arm to just grow back or to simply reattach it?

  • Well, it's not the first time it's happened to the guy. If you notice, there's a huge gash running all around his arm near the shoulder, showing that it was torn off once and then subsequently reattached.

    In the story he comes from, his arm was torn off by Beowulf in a fight (he also died, I'm pretty sure). So I imagine that it can be reattached again. At least that's what I assumed. I'd kinda feel like a dick otherwise...

  • Yeah, I've played second time today and I noticed my mistake. What I thought was hole in his head was... Well... I actually was right. It WAS hole in his head, but more often we call it 'an ear' :D

  • Even the least known Fables are still hard to kill though.

  • It wouldn't be too hard, all Bigby has to do is find Snow's body.

  • Sorry if I'm going a bit OT of what you folks have been discussing so far but I'd like to bring a little "fun fact" from the Fables comic that is quite interesting. I chose to tag this as spoiler for Episode 5 because I don't think that it will be relevant until the very end of the game/is a spoiler for the entire TWAU (even though it ain't a major one).

    Ichabod Crane, who is right now sitting as King Cole's deputy mayor and bossing around everyone in the game, will eventually get fired. It will be because he'll try to get a little too familiar with his assistant Snow White, which will make her plant false evidence that he'd been stealing community funds and make him resign. The funny part is that Snow White will take his job after the resign and make Boy Blue her assistant, which is the state when the Fables comic starts at #1.
    This proves that (assuming that TT is making this as a prequel and not a spinoff) mr. Crane will not die during the game's turn of events, which to some might be a disappointment. Although he kinda gets what he deserves in the end. ;)

    Source: Fables Comic #22, page 14-15

  • TT has said this a prequel. So i guess we can expect Mayor White at some point.

    It also probably means Toad is likely doomed.

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    "which will make her plant false evidence that he'd been stealing community funds and make him resign".

    That is what he claims, and I am not inclined to believe him... in particular if you listen to Snow White talking on the phone in the game, mentioning discrepancies.

    "It also probably means Toad is likely doomed".

    If you mean death, no. If you mean going to the Farm, he appears there in the beginning of Animal Farm.

  • There is a grave wit his name on it.

    Either way, he's not staying in Fable town.

  • Well, heheh, Frau Totenkinder was almost a deity by the end of that alias. I think she is a bit of a wild card there.

  • Yep, the grave appears in Fables 75, he dies during the war against the Empire. He is seen in March of the Wooden Soldiers throwing grenades while rinding the cow that jumped over the moon, iirc.

  • Yeah, but axe in his brain should be enough for Woody. Little Bear from tale about three bears and Goldilocks, was killed by bullet, ya know, and stayed dead.

  • Reading that I just recalled why I love Fables.

  • Thanks for the input Eduardo, it's true that what I wrote originates from what he says to Cinderella, so it might very well be something he made up (about Snow making him resign). Also I haven't read past #43 so I didn't know the fact that he dies, but oh well, it's the risk to take when discussing series others have finished but not you. ^^

  • I was re-reading War and Pieces today. Noticed the very moment of Toad's death. He was fighting against Empire in the same way, riding a cow and tossing grenades. Got two arrows in his chest, poor fella :(

  • Oh, very sorry, didn't mean to :(

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