How did you enjoy TWAU ep1?

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I have to admit I was very excited for TWAU. With all the positive reviews I was stoked to get it and play.

Work got in the way and I had to idle on it until today. I thought TWAU would be better. The investigative walk around and figure stuff out game play was too small and I felt limited. I kept finding myself walking in to invisible walls looking for more that was just not there. I was waiting to get to a part like Hershel's farm on TWD EP 1 where you could roam around and explore but TTG went in a different direction choosing to make the explore areas much smaller.

I am intrigued by the storyline but for me there was something missing that I just can't pin point exactly.

I'm looking forward to ep2 to see how the story progresses.


  • I agree, I loved the game but felt the areas were a little limited.

  • With so long of a development I'm shocked the search and explore environments are so limited.

    Everything just seemed so close and clustered together.

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    You have to consider the vastly different scenarios. Much of The Walking Dead takes place in wide-open, suburban or rural areas. The Wolf Among Us takes place in New York City. Everything seems so close and clustered together because they would be.

    Keep in mind that you're also investigating crimes scenes, which is a much more detail-oriented, goal-driven task than say wandering aimlessly around a farm and talking to people. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to trivialize the exploration in The Walking Dead. Wandering around and talking to people was a very important thing in The Walking Dead, because the main crux of the game was trying to build relationships with the strangers around you.

    But that's not what The Wolf Among Us is about. You're not trying to make friends, you're trying to investigate a murder. For this kind of setting and story, you don't need to have multiple characters scattered around a huge open space to interact with. You need a bunch of things hidden throughout a small environment that you can examine carefully.

  • Okay. I was expecting apartments to be bigger like when your exploring doc browns lab in BTTF ep1.

  • I see that you've never been to a New York apartment. ;)

    They tend to be rather...spartan.

  • My first impression after finishing that first episode was Wooow ! Incredible experience, extraordinary graphics, and excellent plot. Demanding interactions are difficult because of jumping from mouse to keyboard is not so usual in these games. The dialogues are sometimes a pain for non-native english speakers (the time to read and understand all proposals, the choice is gone). There should be an option to give more time, even though this would reduce the feeling of real time interaction, that would allow us to make, at least, a choice.

    It's also very difficult to understand how one's acts changes the story (apart from either catch this one or this one), so I have a taste to start the story over and try !

    As stated here, my only complaint is about the level of exploration and possible choices required which is sometimes (very) frustrating. Most of the time we are more driven through the story rather than making the story.

    Again a big woowww !! to this episode and looking forward to start the next one asap.


  • Yea I guess your right NYC apartments are small. I was hoping for larger game play environments like the clock tower court yard in BTTF. It would have been nice to be able to work around the entire apartment building instead just the paths in front.

  • There was a lack of puzzles, but I thought the story was top notch.

  • Without a doubt the story is top notch. I just felt letdown thinking this is it?

    Without spoiling some of the situations it would be nice to do thinks like walk off paths cross streets maybe check out the ally behind the apartment buildings. It just felt to me kike everything was in a tiny box instead of a larger enviroment. Every time I turned around and walked i hit a invisible wall.

  • I think I prefer it more than The Walking Dead. Only by a little. I like the Characters more.

    Specially since it is to do with real childhood stories. Like Little Red Riding Hood and Alice In Wonder Land. It adds a very unique twist in how these character be if they were in the real world. I suppose the harsh realities of how the world is would take a toll on their innocent personality making them use profanity in passing conversation.

    Let alone the secrets that lay in these stories like the Woodsman.

    But on the gameplay side I don't mind it at all investigating interactive objects and seeing how Bigby reacts to them.

    Although I am looking forward to the next Walking Dead.

  • I was skeptical at first whether to buy the game or not but I'm very glad I did, only 1 episode is out and it's already my personal Game of The Year.

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