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Glass Him

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Jesus, am I the only one who thought this clearly meant "toast him" and gasped when Bigby slammed his glass into Woody's head?

  • I thought we would weakly hit our glasses with each others and say cheers but apparently it gave him a head-butt with the glass lol

  • HAHAHA SUCK. I mean, I knew he would hit him. He's Bigsby, it's his nature.

  • you don't seem to be the only one who made that mistake, but to "glass" someone is a common (to common) phrase where i come from

  • You are not alone on that! Honest to god I thought I was buying the wretch a drink before hauling him away. It was truly shocking when the animation played. I remember him saying "What was that for?!" and I screamed back at my computer: "I don't know!"

  • I knew straight away that it's probably something violent, just the phrasing 'Glass Him' is suspicious.

  • I thought it might mean one of two things...but I wasn't going to click on it and find out. I was more distracted by the option to interrogate him.

  • I can understand people's confusion here. Glassing someone is a British term which literally means to hit or slash someone with a bottle/glass. Its use outside of the British Isles is... well, I don't think it's quite as widespread as Telltale assumed it was. :)

    That said, why would you assume the phrase to be something nice? It doesn't SOUND particularly pleasant if you say it out loud, and if the game was going to give you the option of clinking glasses with him, I'm pretty sure it would have said 'clink glasses with him'. But that said, yeah, it probably could have been worded a little better.

    Actually, does Bigby even HAVE a drink by this point? Can anyone remember? I know he'd ordered one, but did he actually get it?

    • He...did not. He ordered a drink, but didn't get it. Good point. That also crossed my mind when I saw that option.

      EDIT: Which is really too bad. I mean, if you really wanna be a badass, you gotta use your own glass. :P

      • I thought he smashed him with Woody's Drink, but there were several glasses sitting there on the bar... Anyone remember the fight later with Grindle, when you reach for the Stein and Holly grabs it from you? Totally thought she was going to "Glass" Bigby right there, but didn't. Wonder why?

        • You are right, there is a couple of drinks, a matchbook also a stool next to Woody as if someone else was with him. The only smokers-drinker that I can associate with at least in the first episode are Faith, Bufkin, Crane and Colin. I'm not sure about Lawrence, Dum or Beauty-Beast. Holy's sister came to mind too and her disappearance could be a matter of investigation.

  • I also thought it meant toast with Woody, but I chose to interrogate him because I wanted to find out what he knew, and puring him a drink didn't seem to help me achieve that goal.

    On my second playthrough, where I was nicer, I chose to glass him and... well, I wasn't roleplating as nice Bigby anymore, apparently xD.

  • Really? I better try that option with ichabod crane next time, when i steal his whine

  • Damn, same here, really thought that I was cutting Woody some slack. However......

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