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These lips are sealed

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Surely I'm not the only one whos noticed that this is a repeated phrase in the game? I've heard plenty of times now and I'm sure we'll be hearing it plenty more. It must be some sort of extremely powerful magic placed first on Faith and probaly others so that they can't reveal harmful secrets to Bigby.

  • Here's my thought on the "lips are sealed" thing. Everyone's been tossing out the idea of powerful magic sealing away Faith's whereabouts and everyone else's ability to share what they know about them (including the mirror). It was seeing Georgie in the Episode 2 trailer with his "Kiss the Girl" tattoo that gave me the idea of the concept. Anyone wondering if the redhead with Georgie at the beginning is (based on the anemone-like flower in her hair) supposed to be The Little Mermaid? Someone whose fairytale is based on the idea of giving up one's ability to speak (or possibly, in this case, speak selectively) to a powerful witch? Maybe that's what we're looking at with Faith: a silencing spell cast by a witch (Baba Yaga?). If so, the spell in the fairytale was the result of an exchange. Hmm...

  • The witching cloak can conceal anything. Through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed. The ribbon is also magical and if it were made of the same fabric it would conceal specific words through a spell. And her ribbon was created in the mundy world.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    What's weird. I noticed at the start of the game. You ask that woman, Faith what's she doing with the woodsman. She says "These lips are sealed" its likely nothing. Perhaps the person knew that Wolf would meet Faith there,

    Then later on she repeats it, if you ask her about her job. Even the mirror repeats it. Has to be a magic spell. It's just difficult to know which one, because we only played first ep.

  • But people, didn't Snow end up in the same way as faith. She also didn't have any ribbon or anything.

    • I don't think the ribbon had so much to do with her death but who she was working for.

      When you ask her who it is she's working for, she avoids the question and then points out her ribbon, which is really odd. No matter what you reply she gets a look like she's distressed or disappointed. If you reply with "quit changing the subject" she says she's trying to answer the questions as best as she can. That's just my take on it, anyway.

  • Powerful magics leads me to believe that we will in some way see Frau Totenkinder in here somewhere. I mean what good is a Fable story without a wicked witch right?

  • Some working girls they turned out to be.

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