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Playing silently

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I know there's allot of you who have played through episode 1 multiple times, I was wondering if anyone has picked the silence option each time it came to dialogue? I know it sounds boring but I wouldn't be surprised if there was someone dedicated to the cause.

  • I've been thinking about doing that, I've chosen a few of the silent options and somtimes they are pretty funny, like when you are talking to beast, if you choose silent you just smirk and slam the elevator door in is face and you can hear beast say "MOTHERF-" lol.

    Also the very first dialog with toad, if you choose the first silent option he's like "...come on, say something mate, you're scaring me" lol.

  • I was silent two times in the first episode. Once with Faith when she tells me to not go after the Woodsman. "... I'm fine, really. Don't worry about me."
    And twice when Grendel placed his hand on Bigby when going to talk to Woodsman. (Intense glaring)

  • I definitely did this. Second Playthrough. Many people make comments about you not being engaging in conversation. Other than that, absolutely NOTHING special happens.

  • The only thing worth it was Beast's reaction

  • I did that in this game and the walking dead series...
    its ok here but they need to step up to compare to Lee's silence
    or the 5 in 400 Days.

  • I was silent two more times in episode 2. Once when Snow showed Holly her sister's cross and twice after the door got smashed down because of Beast.

  • I did a silent run of Episode 1, and haven't continued into Episode 2 yet. It's pretty fun seeing how much of a beating you can take in the fight scenes. I wonder if it's possible to die in the fight with Beast.

    It's worth noting that a few major decisions in The Walking Dead sort of..."broke" if you did absolutely nothing, in the sense that the game kept changing its mind which choice you made. I haven't noticed anything like that so far in TWAU.

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