• i guess an autopsy will show how he died, but maybe it was heartbreak that finally finished him off

  • I wondered about the gun thing as well. Dee must be lying about seeing Lawrence shoot himself. As far as I understand it, lawrence has indeed tried to kill himself for quite some time - there are sleeping pills, the bullet in the wall fits a suicide attempt as well - but he did not die because of either. Fables are hard to kill, as we see in the case of woody surviving an axe to the brain. The strangely sharp dagger seems to have been the way lawrence - or someone else - finally succeeded at killing him. Why Dee is lying is open to speculation.

  • Dee or Dum blew his brains out with their gun.

  • Lawrence was shot - but I think the knife was used to make the pool of blood that spilled over from the corner of the Murphy Bed. Since the blood on Lawrence's hand was completely dried, but the blood pool wasn't, I'm thinking it was done by someone else after he was shot - perhaps it was even used to sever a head - perhaps it was staged to make Lawrence look like he'd killed Faith there and then killed himself.

  • If you go to The prince's house first he isn't dead. He shot his own lung and you go hide. Dee comes in and if you wait till Dee walks around the house Lawrence head-shots him-self.

    • he only head-shots himself if you tell him his wife is dead, if you just imply shes missing, he tries to shoot dee, and is in fact, still alive in episode 2 according to the preview
      AND if you go to toads first, when you get to lawrences he has the hole in his chest from the time he shot himself, which bigby notes was around a week ago if you inspect the gun, but he also has the hole in his head, which could not have come from his gun as it was just the one shot fired a week ago, meaning he had to have been shot by someone else during the time you were at toads

  • I've actually tried to think about why that knife is there , and why is it full of blood ... but managed to get nowhere :(
    Tho I like what you guys pointed out above : How if you go to Toad's first , when investigating Lawrence's - Bigby tells you that the gun has been fired 1 week ago. However Dee says Lawrence just shot himself recently.
    And that's funny , cause if you choose to go to Lawrence first , he will indeed try to shoot himself - but if you go the other way around , things don't match anymore. So Dee probably killed Lawrence ... It kinda makes sense , you should consider this more.

  • I must say that I think the knife is used to boar a hole in the side of his own head...

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