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A dare to all the detectives

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Since we cannot find the right theory on the killer, we should play the game again and analyze every single part of the game, including the conversations .It's a short episode, so it should not take long. If you find something , add it up in this thread. I shall do the same when I finish the episode again.

  • Alright so while playing atm, I noticed that faith said '' everyone knows that'' refering to everyone knowing where wolf lives. The placement of faith's head in front of the luxury apartments means that it might be a warning for one of the residents or for Bigby

  • Also in theory beauty becomes a suspect because refusing to lie for her results to this quote: I'll explain you later '' and ''it's not what you might be thinking'' in other words she is not cheating on Beast.

  • There's not much evidence to gather from episode 1 really. Except some theories such as : Headless Horseman , The Red Head Guy , Dum&Dee ...
    I believe we shall wait until the next episode , see what we can find there.

    • Yeah that is one of the issues. There isn't much to based our theories on but it's still worth trying to find who did it :D

      • that red headed guy cant just be their for no reason unless they are trying to throw us off track or he really is involved.

  • I find it weird that if you grab Dee he tells you nothing in the teaser, but Woody says the girl with the coat, which could meann a couple of things about a couple characters, I find that interesting...

    • Maybe it means Woody is involved more than people give him credit for. Personally I am surprised he said faith was involved in w/e was happening. He is the one that everyone finds innocent. I am not saying he killed people, but I would not put him in the innocent category.

      • That is what I am thinking, perhaps he as you said knows quite a lot more then people think, maybe more then Dee, but just because he said woman with the coat does not mean without question that it was Faith, all the woman in that episode had a coat, so its not really pointed at anyone but if I had to guess I would say he is talking about Faith.

      • I just think it means that Woody is more willing to say anything he knows, whether it's relevant or not. The Tweedle's are working for someone, and they are paid for their silence. I think the Woodsman is just a poor innocent bystander who is being used as a hapless scapegoat.

    • Woody just spilled his info because Bigby already placed an axe in his brain and fought Gren in front of him. I would be scared shitless if I was him and I would just say all he wanted to know. Dee, on the other, is stubborn. He still hasn't tasted Bigby's Wrath. Don't worry, some threats of ripping of his leg and he'll cough up some information.

  • I think the headless horse man is cutting off the heads as a lackey for the mayor and the girls are not actually dead as the mirror clearly told us that FAITH was not dead and snow is the love interest later on so she obviously needs to come back but needed to be silenced and being headless will do that to you lol as its a noire story the twist or red herring or macguffin will be that faith never died and so eventually there was no murder to start with though ultimately the baddy will die and that is what the genre is about.

    • I'm still not sold on the Horseman's involvement

    • The mirror hinted that Faith might not be dead, but it's definitely not conclusive. It could just be a powerful warding spell on her body to stop anyone like Bigby and co. finding her. It could just be because her body is technically in two places at once since her head is not with the rest of her. It could be any number of things. It doesn't have to mean she's alive.

      Personally, however, I do believe she is, or at least I hope so. I definitely believe Snow is alive since she's alive in the Fables book series later on, and this is a prequel and it is canon.

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