Do you wish Snow next to you until the end of the Series?



  • Because she can come back. Like it has been said she is one of the most popular Fables, so she can't stay dead. She's also alive and well in Fables, which is after this game.

  • I think it invokes "that side of you" where you don't want to think rational you just want to kill. But will you?.... dun dun duuuuunnn

    Oh yes, when I find out who's responsible in the next episodes there will be bloodshed. I don't even care if that makes me a terrible person. They beheaded her and left her head on Bigby's front step. Someone will pay for that later.

  • That makes it kinda lame to me.

    If Fables can come back, then what's the big deal ?
    Let that person murder everyone, they'll come back.

    Knowing which characters live in the Fable graphic novel takes the wind out of the sail of this game. :/

  • You misunderstand, not all Fables can come back. Only a few can pull that off, Snow being one of them.

    Also, not all of the characters we have seen have shown up in the Graphic Novel, leaving their fate uncertain.

  • I don't believe either Faith or Snow White is dead, mainly due to what you see in the Magic Mirror concerning Faith and Faith's Father. However, even if Faith and Snow White are still alive, there is still a huge problem for Fable Town. When Faith's head was found, it was by the Fable community, so they can keep it hush hush. However, Snow White's head is found by the actual NYPD, meaning that even if she isn't really dead, you're going to have detectives investigating Fable Town, for a death that may or may not have occurred, and has the potential of revealing the Fables to the mundie world, which could be way more catastrophic than the death or a Fable or two. Either way, it's going to be a shit storm, and I love that :D

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    This is the Fables version of Snow White, she is far from perfect. She is also not staying dead.

  • I found it a bit sudden, i like that telltale is unpredictable, but i couldnt build a relationship if you will with the character, it litterally got cut off too quickly if you ask me. Now Snow is just a character that could have been, didnt affect me nearly as much as it did Carley for instance.

  • She's a big part of the Fables comic, so she isn't a character that "could have been". Seeing as this is a prequel to Fables, her death might just be a red herring.

    We have not seen the last of Snow.

  • I hope you are right sir.

  • I hope Snow doesn't stay gone for too long. Given that next episode is "Smoke and Mirrors" it could very well mean she'll be back by next episode. As a HUGE fan of the comics, I loved seeing the early interactions of Snow and Bigby. They're married with kids now and both have changed so much. Bigby is not a loner, he's one of the big heroes of Fabletown(along with Snow), and he isn't afraid of his "wolf" self. Snow, who while feisty and strong in this, is unsure of herself and her own government, is one Fabletown's most important figures, warriors and government employees.

    So I really enjoy seeing them both here.

    Of course, Snow isn't dead. She's the most famous of all the fairy tale characters. The question is 1) How does she reattach her head? 2) How long will she be gone 3) IN all these years, how has Snow never talked about LOSING HER HEAD!

    It was quite the shocker of an ending though, because I was thinking it would be Crane or Laurence or even the Woodsman, I specifically said, "Nope, not going to be Snow", so great job Tell Tale! I just hope she isn't gone for too long. Along with Bigby, she's my favorite Fables character(them and their kids)

  • Her body and Faith's body are still missing, so i think bringing her back will require Bigby looking for her body. It is odd that whomever is doing this is keeping the bodies.

  • Sorry but that is a load of crap. My biggest problem with telltale is the illusion of choice. Nothing you do really changes the story at all, it only makes minor cosmetic changes at most. For example, nothing you do can save snow's life. I like their writing, but the choice to kill snow before you really got a chance to develop the character was stupid to me. It demonstrates what I was saying about illusion of choice by always being snow instead of say being snow, beauty, or someone else depending on earlier choices.

    It's the downside of trying to create episodic content informed by statistical feedback instead of put out one large choose-your-own-adventure style story that lets you play through every possible permutation of every choice with a different result. It was my big complaint about the walking dead, and I'd hoped they would have taken the feedback from all the people like me who said so for this series.

  • Snow White is the main character in Fables, she gets plenty of character development. It also means she probably is not really dead.

  • Gosh, I liked Snow, like really. She was so kind and cute, and BAM! and we find her dead. I was gonna cry in the end of "Faith"
    Yeah, Imma cry-baby

  • This is what I think If she is in the first Comic before the prequel they are bound to bring her back that's what i think

  • i was mortfield when they showed her head at the end of episode 1 she was one of the best charaters in the game

  • She was prime waifu material.

  • I almost killed myself when i found out snow white is dead.. So it'll be nice if telltale brings her back to the game... Just please

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    As I said elsewhere, I don't like when in comics, games or movies they resurrect characters. It cheapens the meaning of death and makes it just a minor annoyance and not something serious at all. It get stripped of all its emotional power and become meaningless.
    I hope that Telltale didn't go that way.
    I liked her character in the game, and I was stunned when I saw her head. That scene really had a powerful effect on me, and I think it's fantastic when a game/comic/whatever can hit you so deeply. Resurrecting her will just cheapen the experience.

    Now, I know that in the comics she's alive and well and this is supposed to be a prequel... but if it's a prequel there are other things that don't really add up, like how the relationship between Bigby and Snow is in the game and how much, much colder and dethached she is in the first stories in the comics.

    At this point, I guess we have two possibile outcomes:
    1) The decapitations were fakes (like in Red Rose homicide, but better orchestrated)
    2) It's sort of a parallel universe and will not be canon

    Or maybe it's number 3, we will see.

  • Yes it comes down to those two. Either they have permission to break continuity in a major way or the deaths are a fake. As to Snow and Bigbie being kinda close when she is so cold in the comics (at least early on). Perhaps something happens to create that coldness. This is prequel after all, through the events of each episode we could find out why Snow is so cold.*

    *sorry cant help myself it's such a wonderful pun. :D

  • Telltale just doesn't like happy endings.___.

  • I thought that snow as in Bigby DC comics will became one of the best partner of the Bigby and the sort of love story which is really important for the scene where there is a lot more action a serial murder.The Bigby shuld really have became a human if snow should have remained .In the comic snow was preganented by Bigby and then he takes on the mission alone .If they would have really wanted to restricted snow they would have done that but it was drasticating that the snow's cut face w

  • Killing off the uppity and annoying Snow White was one of the ballsiest writing moves I've seen in a long time. Beautifully executed and truly unexpected. Please don't give in to lonely dude pressure and keep her dead and buried and keep the story spinning towards it's dark, heart rending finale.

    PS From what I gather Snow is alive and well in the comic book series, so I think it's really super-cool of Telltale to put their own spin on the mythos.

  • It's really too bad, she could have been a great partner, pulled into Bigby's line of work and learning the ropes. Maybe we'll get a replacement.

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    After Faith died, I really, really wanted Snow to take her place in my heart and she did and when she DID SHE FREAKING DIED. :( My luck, I swear.

  • Snow is very cool, like Clementine in Walking dead, but they showed her death, so she shouldn't revive. I don't want to see these cheap things like "Oh, she is alive!", it happens in every game and would be wery a very bad idea. But I know the comics, so she MUST be alive by the end of the game :) I wonder what the storywriters will do with this situation

  • We all know that she's alive in the comics, thus the question about her "coming back" is not really a question.
    And yeah, I do like her character, and I'd like her to be my companion kind of thing for the rest of the game.

  • Considering Snow is still alive in the Fables comic, we have not seen the last of her.

  • It was made very clear that it is in canon. It's also would not be the first time that a Fable came back to life.

  • Except that since this is a prequel to Fables and it's in continuity, it is most likely she will turn up alive. besides, Fables are sometimes able to return from the dead, Snow White herself died once and came back in the comics. Because her story is so popular, she is practically immortal.

  • !Beware of slight SPOILER!
    I could not agree more with this thread. Snow needs to come back. I really liked her as a character!

  • There's no way Snow is gone from the game... There has to be some ketch that brings her back, I mean there are still too many loose ends that aren't tied up and this is episode 1 so I'm very optimistic that Snow is resurrected or... still alive.
    For anyone who reads the comics, Fables goes on with Bigby and Snow having a relationship, and I don't think telltale would destroy that, my god the website would* riot. *
    There has to be some use of magic... I'm starting to wonder if, the Headless Horseman's ax has some magical properties, something like you can chop up a victims head but there is still a way to keep that person alive... Crane is obviously a creep and has a hand in these murders, as soon as we can solve that, the other mysteries should just fall into place.

  • This game is an official prequel to the comics and is said to be canon. That means Telltale isn't putting their spin on the mythos. Snow is going to come back, and it signals something being off with these murders. It's also interesting how the next episode is called 'Smoke and Mirrors'.

  • Yes. She's a great character, and besides.. She's most likely not dead anyway.

  • yah i hope shes alive alot my only theory is that was someone elses head with glamour on it to make it look like snows

  • So many ways that she could still be alive...

    I don't think we've seen the last of Snow, just like I'm not entirely convinced that we've seen the last of Faith. There was so much character development that I think that even if they don't come back in the game, we'll have some scenes with them, even if it's just "memories" or "visions" - like Bigby taking one of their heads to a witch and asking them to help and maybe he gets to see the last thing they saw. Possibly farfetched, but I'm a dreamer, so sue me.

  • Just cause I didn't want to reveal anything from the comics...

    Yes, I do wish that Snow is with me for the entirety of the game. I think she's an awesome character from the comics, and I hope she does reappear sooner rather than later. She's the best part of Bigby, besides their kids.

  • To tell the truth I dont like her and Im glad she is gone.So often tells how to act or what to do.Play the big boss,so i see things.I hope she don`t come back.

  • Of course she's a bit bossy. She's literally Bigby's boss.

  • not my impression at all, imho she's very likeable. she asks you to be nice to toad, she's happy when you thank her in the cab, she's emotional touched after she found faith' head, she agrees to your thoughts on the case and so on.

    impressions on snow depend on how you play the game i guess.

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