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Puzzle Agent 3?

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I just finished playing PA 2, and I was blown away. I just felt that there was more story to tell afterwards. So should they do it?
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  • After playing PUZZLE AGENT 1 (twice) and having just finished PA2, I believe there are several unsolved mysteries of Scoggins, MN:
    1) Mrs. GARRETT, the proprietress of the Inn where Nelson Tethers stays, was heard to tell him : " I was at the desk all night." However, she is ALWAYS at the desk. There are NO other hotel guests , even though we are asked to solve a room-arrangement issue in PUZZLE AGENT 2.
    My conclusion: Mrs. GARRETT is an ALIEN who needs neither to eat, sleep, or change her clothes.

    2) Who cooks the FOOD (poor Darrell's key lime) at the MOOSE EAR cafe? Certainly, Dori Davner, the waitress doesn't have a free moment to cook anything for her clientele-although she does serve up a tasty looking meatloaf to certain folks later in PUZZLE AGENT 1. Oh, guess she doesn't sleep either..
    She's an ALIEN too!!!

    3) Sheriff Bahg. I LOVE this character's lackadaisical attitude and 'down-home' drawl. (can anyone from Minnesota on this forum tell us if Sheriff Bahg talks like they do up there?) Sheriff Bahg is probably not an ALIEN...

    4) Who left the 'cherry-flavored' pipe tobacco on the counter? It never did get cleaned up-further proving that the waitress is an ALIEN , because HAVE you ever seen an alien do housework? (Outside of TV sitcom family aliens?)

    5) Doesn't anyone in Scoggins, MN own or drive anything other than a snowmobile?

    6) Scoggins,MN, is a 'mockup' town, planted by the government and populated with brainwashed citizens from somewhere Scandinavian, who are watched over by ALIEN actors and The Computer from a certain popular role-playing game. (Can anyone say: "Trust NO One! Keep Your (laser) handy!")

    But, seriously, Whatever the 'real' mysteries of Scoggins, MN are purported to be, I can unashamedly jump up and down like a little kid and scream; " I LOVE playing Puzzle Agents 1 and 2. PLEASE give up PUZZLE AGENT 3! The cliff hanger is so obvious with the Davners in Bermuda." Oh, RIGHT! It's CLASSIFIED - so you can't tell us about it or the ALIENS and the CIA will not be happy....
  • waiting for a new one, melodyhome!
  • Just finished the puzzle agents. I LOVE the game, the puzzles, the stories, the humor, the art, the background SFX/Music, EVERYTHING! Please make Puzzle Agent 3!
  • I have waited since the day I finished PA2 for the PA3 to come out, and it feels like forever. They are such good games (1 and 2), and I would absolutely LOVE a third game. Pretty please, someone in Telltale games; make this happen! This is actually (apart from one other game) the only game I'm really, REALLY hoping for. The characters, the music, the style/graphics, the plot.. Everything is so perfect and amazing, there's nothing I would like more than a PA3..
  • In reply to supmandude85

    [QUOTE=MusicallyInspired;555221]Not really. The Hidden People storyline was wrapped up. Completely. It left room for a sequel, but I wouldn't call it a cliff hanger.[/QUOTE] link

    This freaked me out the first time I saw it, no music or anything when the cutscene was playing, just those few seconds of seeing that mysterious figure there.

  • Concerning the original question of this thread, I doubt it since the creative leads of the game are no longer at Telltale.

  • Yes, se are still looking to solve all the mysteries of skoggings

  • It seems Telltale are no longer interested in making proper adventure games any more.

  • This is probably the only game I'm wishing for. I rarely buy games on release day but this would be one of them.

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