The Killer [Investigation] - Hard Evidence Found



  • Colin said you can't change peoples' memories OR maybe he forgot that! XD

  • I think the crook could well be the 'crooked man' both very sound ideas.

  • anyone else have suspicions that colin is involved? he was the one who said people dont forget, he isn't at the apartment when bigby wakes up, and after all, bigby ate his brothers. perfect motivation to toy with bigby and kill the people he loves. colin mentions how bigby looks at snow, as if bigby is in love with her. perhaps colin's glamour form is one of the ginger men? we never see the 2 of them together after all

  • Woodsman centairnly doesn't look warned. He jumped out of toiletroom so jolly and careless...

  • I know I'm a party pooper, I'm sorry, but have to spoil your fun. Colin's brothers are alive, and honestly he's the most decent pig of those three.

  • Very strong and well put-together case, but my skeptical side is saying he's just an easter egg character, or rather, just a character that pops up a lot because someone on the development team thought it'd be funny if he makes a bunch of appearances.

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    Comic Spoilers
    Sorry thought i listed is as a spoiler.

    Colin and his brothers are alive for now...Later in the comics, Colin is beheaded and becomes a roaming spike head spilling prochecies and his other two brothers are codemmed to death by a Fable court of law after staging a Farm insurrection. But three awoken Giants that where in the farm land where betwitched into the three little pigs to satisfy the need to fill the missing void of the characters the pigs represented.

  • What doesn't make sense is that I heard on 4chan's /v/ board that a Fable becomes harder to kill as long as people remember him/her, and I'm pretty sure everybody knows about Snow White unlike Faith who kept quiet resulting in her permanent death (atleast from what we have seen), and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to recover from having your head cut off, even if Bigby did find the body how would they reattach it? If they knew it was possible they would have mentioned it.
    Good research though.

  • Maybe he's just a re-used asset for alot of things (Highly doubt it though) or he's working for someone trying to collect information, I also think he has connections with Ichabod.

  • wait is alice in wonderland apart of fables? because the queen in that one always had an obsession with cutting peoples heads off.

  • So this guy is definitely involved in this somehow, no denying that.. We don't know much about him yet, but I was thinking and its possible that he lives in the apartment building. I took a screenshot of the board that lists the room numbers and the people who live in them. His name could be G. R.(appt205 hard to read name), I. Catcher, B. Blue, I Homer, or K. cole. As you can see B. beard(Blue Beard) also appears on the list, but thats another convo ;)

    Link to image:

  • And also in that scene, he picks up his name tag and puts it back up to his room number.. Why is his name on a nametag when everyone elses is printed? did he just move in? I really dont know, maybe its a stupid question thats already been answered.. but if anyone has any ideas please reply!

  • I think it will be Ichabod. He isn't the mayor in the comics and there's already hints of him fooling around with women on the side. He might be linked to the brothel where all these female fables are giving it up.

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    G. Rimble is Grimble, the security guard who sleeps all the time. F. Catcher is Flycatcher, the janitor of the building. B. Blue is Boy Blue and K. Cole is King Cole, neither of which can be him. I don't know who J. Homer is.

    If the red-haired man is, in fact, the boy who cried wolf, though, then it was mentioned in the comics that he lives on the 7th floor. There are two listings one the 7th floor: 701 and 702, both of which are private.

  • Another thing to add is that after snow and bigby bump into the ginger, the ginger walks into the hall snow and bigby had just come from. But all the doors they had walked passed was bigbys secruity office, cranes business office, and a staff only door...

  • And you're writing all this because...? Those may be spoilers for folks who liked game so much, they can start read Fables.

  • He's not the mayor, he's the deputy mayor. King Cole is the mayor Crane is just in charge during his absence

  • Well he is seen waiting in line for Cranes office when they come back in from outside, so that makes sense.

  • J. Horner is Jack of Fables. "Little Jack Horner." My best guess is that the other characters listed by name will turn up in the game at some point. There are still a lot of character entries left. Anyway, I love Blue and Fly and Jack was always interesting. So, I hope that we'll see them before the game is over.

  • Re-using is quite possible. I'm re-playing Back to the Future right know, and I've noticed what BlindSniper told in another thread. There's one re-used model of lady in few different times, like 1989 or 1934. That's kinda silly, right? SO maybe Telltale is making the same mistake here?

  • He isn't the Deputy Mayor at the start of the comics either, though. He was removed from his post for sexually harassing Snow. And he was corrupt for several decades before that.

    Here's a reference page (contains major comic book spoilers):

  • thanks for the answer, sorry i havent read the comics.. i plan to though!

  • They are awesome! Especially if you're already into folklore. Just good storytelling all around. I've been a huge fan of them for a long time. :)

  • That's an good theory. I can just imagine red pulling a gun out of a little holster under her hood, wrapped around her thigh. Her long brunette locks curling over her face; piercing emerald green eyes, pushing though her locks. Red mid-thigh skirt with a short red sleeved-shirt. So BAD ASS.

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    Like 6String said it could be the 7 dwarves using Glamor or it could be: 'The crooked man' and 'The boy who cried wolf'. Just a theory, then again when do we ever not talk about bad-ass theories?

    My personal belief is that the boy who cried wolf is purely the messenger in this situation, the acting hand is it were that perhaps abducts the victims, then places the head on the stairs. This would back my theory that the boy who cried wolf's character is actually playing his role and causing a disruption amongst the fables though they are all a pack of lies. The story of the boy who cried wolf was about- LIES... It makes scenes if he's there just to create confusion. Crap, u r all such GENIUSES.

  • Bigby is a Killer !!!!!!! just think about it, this red head guy cries "the wolf is coming!!!" and nobody believed him and he cried again and again...and what we find out in the end??? that the Wolf really came, that he really was a threat... and maybe its the same now??? this guy is trying to warn everybody that wolf is coming, that he is dangerous, that he is monster who everybody is afraid of... the titles of next episodes, the pictures on them, and the name of the game... THE WOLF AMONG US... thats what this red head guy si trying to say, to warn us, we have a wolf among us, a true natural killer... a person who have last seen Faith and Snow and as in every single murder case, the killers in 90% are people who have seen the victim last... Bigby knew both girls, Bigby had a relationship with them... and Bigby is a Big Bad Wolf guys, and the key word is "BAD"... not good... BAD... think about it... "The Wolf Among Us"...

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    Even though Bigby is a well and alive in the comic books (and a hero), I wouldn´t rule out the idea that the Bigby we play is the killer indeed.

    There are a few clues pointing to the idea that maybe, just maybe, the beheaded Persons are not really dead - or that they are not who they seem to be. The mirror is unable to show us Faith. Magically hiding her would make sense if she´s really alive and the head is a false lead. Additionally, the comics clearly tell us snow is still alive.

    But if we allow the notion that the heads are NOT who they seem to be but instead some kind of clones, it might be possible as well that the Bigby we play is NOT the Comic Book Bigby, but some kind of clone, too. There are a few things strange about bigby... mainly, he tells us a few times that he does not remember (minor) things, such as the damage he caused to woody appartement or buying and eating chinese food. Granted, both might be meant as a joke, but it is possible they are really meant as subtle signs of memory loss.

    Though I have to admit, that would still not explain how he should be able to murder snow or snow-clone while he was either in the bar or with tweedle-dee the whole time.

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    Maybe there is another wolf that does all this and wants to incriminate Bigby.I haven't read the comics but I heard that Bigby's father is also a wolf and that they hate each other.And there is an episode or a chapter titled north wind (or something like that) which is the name of his father.Maybe the wolf that we see in the image of episode 5 isn't Bigby.But honestly I don't think there is only one peron involved.Every character we meet seem to be hiding something (Woody,Dee and Dum,the woman at the bar,the ginger guy,Crane,Lawrence).And we yet have to question Faith's pimp.But to me,Bigby is innocent.

  • His mother's a wolf; his father's the north wind. I'll keep my opinions out of it, because they're based on comic knowledge that really might spoil some things if you go to read the comics later, but that's a straightforward enough point to clear up. (Also, the comics are awesome; highly recommend reading them!)

  • sorry i havent read the comics so its hard for me to discuss or to answer several questions you made...but i can speak about the game and the most interesting thing that gave me the biggest question mark, the sentence: ----"This lips are sealed"---every time you ask Faith or Mirror about something important you get this answer o.O dont you think its strange? who sealed them? why they were sealed? and dont you think that cutting people's head is kinda a trick to make all of us to think its headless horseman, woody or bluebeard, while it should be definitely somebody who is playing with us, to confuse us, to make us think about other suspects, false ones and meanwhile this tricky clever murderer is absolutely different person, person who we even havent met yet, who didnt showed up yet... or maybe its even bigby?! as crane tells us "it makes you a suspect too bigby"... i dont know but i am sure that the killer is NOT Woody, horseman or would be too easy...besides there was a knife next to lawrence, cover with blood, "sharp and magical" as was stated about the murder weapon of the girls... sombody had to put it there to make us believe lawrence killed faith, BUT lawrence killed himself when he find out that Faith was dead, so its obviously a trick of murderer... P.S. i would be happy if somebody could put the link of comics... thank you...

  • Also, didn't Tales of Monkey Island have like the same two pirates on every island?

    It did, and that was one of the biggest criticisms for the first couple episodes of Tales. And it was a criticism that Telltale took to heart and did its best to fix in later episodes. It seems weird that they'd go back to making that mistake again now.

  • Technically they're his cousins, but yes. Colin's a good pig. Relatively.

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    It would be eaiest to use wikipedia abd search for Fables (comics) or this Fables wikia as it is a current series comprising of 134 comics of Fables, Jack of Fables series which is another 50 issues and Fariest, another on going series at 20 issues. Plus Cinderella has her own series now and there are a couple more short stories.

  • That's when the game developers can pat themselves on the back for making a great story with a big community digging up secrets :D

  • Does anyone else here feel absolutely terrible for having let Snow go with the taxi, now knowing the biggest suspect was the driver?

  • That's a nice idea of memory loss right there. I do remember indeed when Bigby says "I don't remember half of this stuff" at Woody's apartment , and "I don't remember ordering chinese food" at his home. Although I doubt Bigby is really involved in the murders , the memory loss could be part of the story !

  • Well I don't get one thing , people made so many crazy theories about the red haired dude and even sayed they might be brothers but noone thought of him being a doppelganger .. I mean one of them is the real one but the other one is a doppelganger working for someone maybe or hes the real killer working by himself for unknown reasons yet. But yes I truly believe it has to do something with doppelgangers and so on .

  • Well heres my take.... notice how when you see the heads they arnt just normal cuts.... there are these purple vein things coming from where they cut the head off and to me it seems like there is some kind of magic involved with the process... maybe they arnt really dead, just sleep or something like that. and after bigby talks to faith doesn't a taxi drive by? and also we last see snow in a taxi... maybe RHG is working for the pimp since in the trailer for episode 2 he says that he can arrange somebody gone or something like hat and RHG is the one who carries out the jobs so maybe he isnt isn't killing them but kidnapping them for someone to do the "killing" and wants bigby to suffer by putting the heads of the people he cares about right in his face knowing he cant do anything.... yet. you guys are also forgetting about the farm. colin said that he escaped the farm cause he was bored. but what might be the case is that someone or something may have escaped the farm and is bent on revenge because maybe bigby put him in there. for the title crooked mile, maybe they go to the farm? for the title in sheeps clothing, maybe they finally realize that RHG is the one of the main components and they go from there, trying to find out who the head bitch in charge is. and for the title of cry wolf... I am just not sure on that one.

  • I had my suspicions (more as a joke than anything else) about that guy due to the taxi and hallway scenes, but I didn't see his tie and that just brings it full circle!

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