Video problems since installing Windows 8.1

I did the update to Windows 8.1 last night.

Now if I start up any of the episodes I get what looks like the old Red Blue 3D vision color split and what I assume is an error from my video card overlaid on the screen that says the game is rendered at the wrong depth.

I checked to make sure I had the latest drivers for my video card. It's an Nvidia GeForce GTX 680.
It was working fine a few hours before I did the windows update.

Anyone else having this problem? or maybe know of a workaround?


  • Well I figured out what was wrong.

    Somehow between playing the game and then updating to 8.1 and then playing the game again (about 4 hours) the Stereoscopic 3D became enabled on my video card.

    I have absolutely no idea how that happened since I didn't even open my video card settings yesterday.

    Windows 8 is ...terrible.

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