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Walking Dead is not downloading the 2 through 5 episode as well as the special episode

posted by Armnani on - Viewed by 1.9K users

Need help with downloading the episodes 2-5 along with the special episodes. Just paid $20

  • Yeah i have the same problem since about 3 months i cant download that f#*kin shit im so mad

  • same problem. It says there's no internet connection... but internet is just fine... i had to reinstall the game because it froze during episode 4.. started all over again and could not download episodes 2-5 anymore...

  • We do not appear to be alone. I've been looking through this forum trying to find an answer. Last year when this game was new people were complaining about the same thing, and I suppose things haven't changed if it pops up again.
    I do have the same problem except that I for some inexplicable reason managed to get episode 2, but all the others refuse to download just getting stuck at 0.00%
    I’ve tried reinstalling the game, which just made things worse, so I’m lucky to have saved all my files elsewhere while doing it. There was this one thread with links to how you could download the files for each episode and where to put them, tried that and it didn’t work either. Don’t know what I’ll try next. The game’s been great so far and it would be such a downer if I cannot get to play the whole thing.

  • I bought this game today and I was looking forward to it after having enjoyed The Wolf Among Us.
    I was very disappointed to find that I just CAN'T download episode 2 for some unknown reason.
    My Internet connection works just fine and there are no other ways to download the episodes manually!
    It's very annoying and no one seems to give you a solution about it!! Telltale doesn't even respond!

    I'm EXTREMELY disappointed and annoyed by this. The game seems great, but this makes it frustrating.

  • I have bought episodes 4 and 5 today on my ipad but cannot download them. Very frustrating!

    I removed the game and reinstalled it from the appstore. This was not so smart because i lost my ingame progress and cannot install any of the episodes. Same problem on another ipad using the same appstore account.

    Download remains stuck at 0.00% for every episode.

    Update: download server is working again for me! I

  • Can't download either (Mac version). It seems to download just fine, but then when it gets to 10-15%, the game crashes and I get the message the the application quit unexpectedly

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