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Beauty is the Culprit, flat out

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I make this prediction with the utmost respect for the craft of telltale games and the creators of Fable.
without my sincere trust in their efforts, a prediction would not even be warranted.

at my house, we have a tradition, we stop a film at a certain point and make predictions as to who the culprit is. now that we have seen episode 1, I am making my prediction:

Beauty is the culprit.

now, I am cheating a bit here, which is sad for me.
but let me talk you through it a bit without cheating.

00:: the culprit must be introduced in the first act. we must be given reason to suspect the culprit. however due to the flow of the narrative both the detective and the audience are likely to wave all suspicion. you assumed that beauty is having domestic problems or is sneaking out to indulge a sex addiction, and that's perfect because its technically true. what is also true is that she is the culprit.

01:: proximity to the discovery of the crime(s) previous to the crime. hiding there
02:: asks the detective to keep secrets (for reasons unknown to the detective and the audience)
0A:: where is the security guard?
0B:: Beast knows

same prediction, crazier version:
03:: Beauty is an evil shapeshifter, when Bigsby meets 'Faith', he doesn't, he is actually talking to Beauty... "I feel like I know you", 'Faith' knows where he lives. 'Faith' is homicidal and clearly not a victim. Prince Lawrence claims that 'Faith' killed him. Faith cannot be shown by the mirror, but the dead and the living can be shown, Beauty has consumed Faiths soul and now both is and isn't Faith.
Faith is the first princess and introduces the theme of disguise and cast off skin.

04:: when 'snow white' appears in the alley its not the real snow white anymore, it is a shapeshifted Beauty.

There is a bit more, but I have to leave something for the rest of you. And, don't feel bad, you would have gotten there eventually, probably 10 minutes after the final episode.

my prediction could always be wrong, of course. want to guess what percentage of the time that happens?

  • There is a bit more, but I have to leave something for the rest of you. And, don't feel bad, you would have gotten there eventually, probably 10 minutes after the final episode.

    my prediction could always be wrong, of course. want to guess what percentage of the time that happens?

    Good. GOD. The sheer level of pretentiousness in those lines is mind-boggling. Especially given the flimsiness of your evidence. For the sake of my sanity, I'm just going to pretend that you didn't type any of that with a straight face.

  • 05:: prince Lawrence had to die, outside of the serial killers M.O. because his power was to see through disguises and other shapes.

    this got buried under 9 layers of SPOYLARz!! so I wanted to put it where people could see it. and while it was my original intention to have some fun with this... I now feel emotionally drained. didn't any of you read what I wrote? does a single one of you have evidence from the story that counters the points I brought up? especially the mirror

    can anyone add to my prediction? there is a ton more clues that point to Beauty

  • OK, well, broken records and false prophets aside:

    0B: Beast knows Beauty is the culprit and has already murdered the security guard for witnessing something
    OC: Icabod (the mayor) suspects that his corrupt benefactor, Bluebeard, (known for beheading the ladies) is the culprit and is moving to destroy evidence, frame/sentence/execute the woodsman, cite Bigsby with negligence and so on.

    scene: discussion with toad about disguises (theme: nothing is what it seems kids) the spectre of "the farm" is raised
    scene: kick down the door, suddenly Bigby-who-ought-to-know-better is taking everything for exactly what it seems and so does the audience
    scene: Big almost transforms 'faith' is shown to be homicidal
    scene: meet Beauty, Im sure her suspicious activities and request that her appearance outside her own apartment building be kept a secret are exactly as they appear
    scene: backstory of faith, disguise again. the mirror which can show the living and the dead regardless of their location/dimension** cannot show Faith**
    scene: grendel transforms, grendels mother transforms, Big transforms. yes, Monster brawls ARE cool and fun. but the theme is do not be surprised if characters transform

  • prediction: Aliens!

    eat that, it's a shame that me, the mastermind has totally blow open that case and solved it before you plebs could even think of it, but don't even bother playing the rest of the game, because i know the ending, give me a prize and worship me

  • so, Im the only online detective? you guys refuse to consider any of the clues presented in the game or gather information outside the game?
    OK, but I guarantee that what I have predicted is accurate.

    If, by some minor twist, Beauty is not the final culprit. she is still a shape shifting serial killer. I could prove it outright, but, due to your collective arrogance, I wont.

    • i would love to see this proof

      • yeagh me too, i think its this georgie

      • You don't need proof. He's an online detective. That alone is proof enough that anything he says about any piece of detective fiction is true.

        And he could totally prove that he's right. Honestly. Any time he wants. Just not right now because...uh...he doesn't want to. Yeah. That's right. He doesn't want to. Mm-hmm. But that doesn't mean he can't. 'Cause he totally could.

        He is an online detective, after all.

        • online detective that doesnt do real detective work GASPP!!

          • where does it say that I don't do real detective work?

            did any of you guys even play this game? I'm starting to think that you didn't. not a single one of you has invalidated any statement within my theory.

            you dont think Beast killed the security guard? then where is the security guard? on vacation?

            I guarantee you that in an upcoming scene Bigsby will ask the mirror to show Snow White, and it wont be able to this time. Now, do you want to offer some explanation for why that is? no? and yet I have.

            You really, really don't know what you are talking about, do you?

            There is nothing more distasteful than being a toady, congratulations.

  • belle..the killer....ha

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  • one more thing, if my prediction is true but with some slight variation, like it's beauties daughter going fangs out for the first time, or something, I am still taking full credit.
    on a separate note, this discussion so far leads me to wonder if jury systems should be allowed anywhere in the world.

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