I can't shake this feeling about Faith.

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I just don't think she's dead.I mean the ribbon is reminding me of some fable and it has to be the murder weapon right? So maybe somebody could reattach it. The whole thing seems like a set up to point the finger at the Woodsman while somebody goes on a killing spree and she would have to have been in on it. But most importantly the mirror can't show her location.



  • By it I mean her head. Stranger things are happening.

  • Right down to the end of the episode the Tweedles and the circumstantial evidence all points to the Woodsman. And she knew he was a fable when she started in on his skull. That whole first act the only thing that seemed sincere was the fight itself...

  • Like that story about the girl who had the ribbon tied around her neck to keep her head from falling off, and then when she was of old age she told her husband to untie it and it fell off and she died? that one?

  • YES. Thank you. That one has been on the tip of my frontal lobe for days.

  • You might want to change the title of the thread to avoid spoiling people.

  • Yeah, sorry bout that. New here.

  • OMG ME TOO :D. HAHAHA. I'm not sure about the ribbon-neck thing but is entirely possible. It's just I see her as the Donkey-skin girl not ribbon girl.

  • Only time can tell. Or new episodes!

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    I think someone used the Woodsman axe to chop off their heads since Bufkin tells you when you click on that symbol in the book that the axe has been blessed by druids. And it would make sense since Bigby said that it was probably something sharp or with magic that was used for the cut. I doubt he would have done it and as others have said it would be way too obvious to have a killer like the Headless Horseman, Bluebeard or the Woodsman. I bet it's someone we haven't met yet from future episodes. And I think that the Tweedels were hired by Bluebeard to investigate since Crane said he wasn't in the country so I guess it would make sense to hire them so he would find evidence of his innocence.

  • If you scroll through the episodes you can see Bigby arguing with Bluebeard. But what gets me thinking is that Bluebeard is at the Mayors desk. I think maybe the whole killer thing is a power play, Bluebeard steps in among the chaos to "fix" it. There are only a couple of problems to this plan. He had to have a patsy (Woodsman) and there was an official very good at keeping order and calming people down (Snow). So they set it up, fake the first murder, set Snow up the same way and get some mundy cops into the Woodlands. It couldn't have been the Woodsman that time because you can cuff him and take him with you and the same thing happens.

  • Fables can be from more than one story, though. Bigby is the wolf from both Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs (and possibly The Boy Who Cried Wolf, if some of the theories around here turn out to be right).

  • Yeah, that's why I got to thinking about the ribbon...

  • Pretty good theory but it can't be that obvious can it? It's way too early to tell for sure but that seems pretty likely. I wonder who Georgie is and where their bodies are and also who's knife was that at Lawrence's place. I bet Telltale woudn't make it as easy as that. If TWD has taught me anything it's that anything can happen and nothing is as it seems. This is my favorite Telltale game by far. Can't wait for new episodes.

  • Maybe Georgie is the pimp. I don't know, it's possibble.

  • Is there any fairytale with the name George or Georgie.

  • Your title misleads me. I personally thought you had some strong passionate feelings for faith..

  • they need to release episode 2 asap

  • They had me change it to be less spoilery. I mentioned her being alive originally.

  • well fables have known to survive worst possible events; only if mundys remember their stories. Asskin is a ancient legend and i really doubt anyone in the known world knows the fairytale..hell a guy watched my playthrough and asked what is asskin..so faith is KIA sorry.

  • I believe georgie is the pimp..for all we know he might appear in episode 2. Also why would lawrence mention his name? The pimp knows something and that tweedle gonna give me answers!

  • Alfred These lips are sealed! DON'T YOU GET IT.

  • movie trailer voice In a world were magic is real and illusion is everywhere...

    I don't trust anything I experienced in the first episode a fact. ;)

  • I had the strange feeling Faith didn't want money from the Woodsman, but something else.

    Why ?
    She searched him, found coins and threw them away in anger. If she was desperate for money, she'd have taken any coin she could get.
    Also when Bigby decides to give her money she stresses that it doesn't matter.

    Then there is the ribbon.
    I think the ribbon might just be a symbol of the pimp and his girls, because of the lips on it.

    But the royal seal seems to play a role here.
    Also, both victims were princesses.

  • very interesting idea?...Although we have to find this person the prince said about ;)

  • Perhaps she was looking for her coat that Mr.Toad later founds in Woody's place.

  • Why would she walk around with that coat.. They must remain unknown by the mundies, right? So if she walked with that coat.. all the mundies would look at her and the mundies would know about the fables, so toad found the coat in a different way? Maybe the woodsman stole her coat, she came to search it ( toad had stolen the coat ) and when she came to search it, she couldn't find it or something. That explains why the woodsman was yelling at her like "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I AM THE HERO, I WOULDN'T STEAL?!"

  • Well Toad said he only took the things people left behind which I find more indicative of her having lived there at some point. And why leave the letter on it? Obviously she meant it to be found otherwise she would have rewritten the letter (it was kinda short) and sent it again. Except she never meant to send it anywhere at all.

  • Hey maybe she was in the apartment looking for what the Tweedles were. That means that it couldn't have been the ax like I had originally thought.

  • I stole your whine hehehehe...

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    When Faith first asks you if you like her ribbon, I couldn't help but think of that same fable posted earlier in this thread about the ribbon keeping her head tied on. Then shortly after, we find Faith's head bodiless and again I can't help but think back to this fable. There has to be some connection. I have the feeling there is going to be more to Faith and that ribbon she was wearing. I also found it interesting that one of the Tweedles was offering a hundred bucks for any info on a girl (possibly Faith) before his fear of the Wolf cuts him off. Does he know more than we do? Is he actually looking for her whereabouts? This combined with the fact that we can't see Faith's location with the magic mirror makes me think that there is a whole lot more going on with Faith, including the possibility that she may not be permanently dead and possibly working with whoever is behind this, maybe even orchestrating it herself.

  • You know there does seem to be a third party but at least we know what Bluebeard's game is.

  • Geez, that last bit was eerie. AND JENNY'S...HEAD...FELL...OOOOOFF. DUUNNNNNNNNN O.O

  • I don't think the mirror can show her location due to the spell that was placed upon her when she was a princess.because she the most beautiful girl in the land, dying queen wanted king to marry most beautiful girl in land, had to get Faith (Donkeyskin Girl) out of the way so he donned her with a donkyskin robe that made her invisible. and locked her in a tower.. I think lol

  • If you went after Dee at the last part, then I guess we'll find out all he has to know.

  • But they found the cloak and I'm fairly sure the spell was on it alone.

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