Any Hope For Season 2 ?

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I know it's a little bit too soon to ask for a second season since we're just at the beginning of the first one but do you think telltale will go for a second season at the end of this one just like TWD ?
I think it would depend on the success of this season (which I think will do great).But for some reason I think that it would be more difficult for TWAU.With TWD,we are surviving and we constantly meet new people and new story possibilities.And we keep following Cementine's story also.But for TWAU it's a detective story and we have a series of murders to solve.I assume it will take the entire season to discover the identity of the killer.But then what ? There won't be any other story possible after we discover what we were looking for.Unless episode 5 ends up with a cliffhanger and we let escape the killer or something like that,then it would take a second season to catch him.Or they could come up with a new mystery to solve but it would be a little too repetitive (every new season a new murder to solve).Knowing how telltale always comes up with amazing ideas and storytelling I think they could totally pull this off and find a good scenario.
What do you think about it ? Would you like to have a second season ? And what do you think it could be about ?


  • you said it: its too soon to speculate on any of this. Of course, it would be awesome if this had success that was in the ballpark of TWD and it warranted a second season. But nope, we dont know yet.

  • I hope so! I love fables; it's a unique setting for sure. I enjoy the atmosphere better than TWD, and I loved TWD. I will put my underwear on backwards and do a dance in hopes it will sell well--like it deserves.

  • We have to wait and see if this one takes off I guess. Id love to see a series about Jack of the Tales.

  • I know we're only one episode in but I already want a second season. Love the setting and characters. Still we'll have to see how it ends.

  • I hate this 2 month wait before new episodes. Why not just finish the whole season and release it week by week. This is so frustrating.

  • Since this is a Prequel to the Comics i'd say the Stories are kinda limited at some Point. On the other Hand it plays 20 Years before the Comic, so there could be plenty of Stories for a couple of Seasons..

  • That would mean an even longer wait for them to finish it first. Is that better?

  • I totally agree with you,I'm sure Telltale could manage to release the new episodes more quickly.However,2 month is way too much,I hope that we won't have to wait that long!I was hoping for a release in mid november or early december for the worst.

  • This is why the concurrent episodes of Walking Dead and Wolf is so exciting. You wont go too long without having at least one game to play.

  • Honestly...maybe but it wouldn't make sense seeing that this is a prequel to the comics and doing more stuff will only confuse people so..second season we will have to see as long as it connects to issue 1# of Fables

  • Yeah maybe a bit soon, but I know i'd certainly enjoy it. As people have said though, there is the problem that this has to fit with the comics. The walking dead has no real limit as such, but twau has to be contained to a story

  • yeagh which i know sucks, but hey they decided to go that path so..we'll see

  • It is a bit soon but so far, the critics loved the first episode. I believe it's average 87.5%!

    Let's see how sales go.

  • how are the sales actually btw?

  • Its pretty high on the Steam top sellers list for quite a while now, so pretty good, cant say for other sales :)

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