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Any Hope For Season 2 ?

posted by Mary5 on - Viewed by 3.2K users

I know it's a little bit too soon to ask for a second season since we're just at the beginning of the first one but do you think telltale will go for a second season at the end of this one just like TWD ?
I think it would depend on the success of this season (which I think will do great).But for some reason I think that it would be more difficult for TWAU.With TWD,we are surviving and we constantly meet new people and new story possibilities.And we keep following Cementine's story also.But for TWAU it's a detective story and we have a series of murders to solve.I assume it will take the entire season to discover the identity of the killer.But then what ? There won't be any other story possible after we discover what we were looking for.Unless episode 5 ends up with a cliffhanger and we let escape the killer or something like that,then it would take a second season to catch him.Or they could come up with a new mystery to solve but it would be a little too repetitive (every new season a new murder to solve).Knowing how telltale always comes up with amazing ideas and storytelling I think they could totally pull this off and find a good scenario.
What do you think about it ? Would you like to have a second season ? And what do you think it could be about ?

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