Mr toad and trust

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The difference between the walking dead and the wolf among us is that I act more of a hard guy as bigby wolf than lee and did anyone else hit toad when they knew he was lying? I did then felt guilty when I found out he was only trying to protect his son and I think he will be loyal for the most part but would sell you out as I don't seem to trust anyone especially after snow dying.

Do you lot trust characters or cautious more than you were with the walking dead?

Also on a side note did anyone else jump when dee jamp out of the closet?


  • Don't worry i did that too with Toad. I was thinking he was involved like he knew something i don't. Then i felt guilty because maybe i later episodes he won't help me for this. You should do the same and stary it. I have done the story like 3 times and i still jump scared when Dum or Dee jumps out of the closet. It gives me a super scare jump! LOL

  • I ain't going to replay it I like my decisions to be stuck in cement and not be moved so whatever I chose to do I have to live with.

  • I congratulate you my friend. I just did so in replay because it sayed threaten not hit. So i accidently chose it but i agree i won't change my story like i did in TWD whic i didn't replay a thing

  • Didn't hit him, called him out on all his lies so he came clean. :) As for trust, there's no one I trust at this stage. I trusted Snow and I think I would have trusted Faith... but you know how that went..

    Also went to Lawrences first so it was me hiding in the closet when Dee arrived and Lawrence is alive.

  • No, I didnt want to hurt Toad. It was obvious he was lying but for a reason and I didnt want my Bigby to be that much of a hard ass. Luckily, I found all the clues and broke his story quickly enough.

  • It was me in the closet too. My second playthrough I just through the roof though.

  • Yeah I didn't hit him, called him out on the lies instead. Better to be diplomatic about it, after all, he's a 3 foot toad.

  • just restart the game and do it different do on walkthrough with hitting mr toad and one walkthrough seeing through mr toads lies did he ever get glammour

  • I trusted snow as well now I wander if bigby will be a loner with the exception of his pig roommate of course.

  • Who doesn't want a pig roommate?

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