• Your title misleads me. I personally thought you had some strong passionate feelings for faith..

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    they need to release episode 2 asap

  • well fables have known to survive worst possible events; only if mundys remember their stories. Asskin is a ancient legend and i really doubt anyone in the known world knows the fairytale..hell a guy watched my playthrough and asked what is asskin..so faith is KIA sorry.

  • movie trailer voice In a world were magic is real and illusion is everywhere...

    I don't trust anything I experienced in the first episode a fact. ;)

  • I had the strange feeling Faith didn't want money from the Woodsman, but something else.

    Why ?
    She searched him, found coins and threw them away in anger. If she was desperate for money, she'd have taken any coin she could get.
    Also when Bigby decides to give her money she stresses that it doesn't matter.

    Then there is the ribbon.
    I think the ribbon might just be a symbol of the pimp and his girls, because of the lips on it.

    But the royal seal seems to play a role here.
    Also, both victims were princesses.

  • Why would she walk around with that coat.. They must remain unknown by the mundies, right? So if she walked with that coat.. all the mundies would look at her and the mundies would know about the fables, so toad found the coat in a different way? Maybe the woodsman stole her coat, she came to search it ( toad had stolen the coat ) and when she came to search it, she couldn't find it or something. That explains why the woodsman was yelling at her like "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I AM THE HERO, I WOULDN'T STEAL?!"

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