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How to disable tooltips?

posted by Juanique99 on - Viewed by 1.1K users

I just started playing The Wolf Among Us. I couldn't find the option to disable tooltips though. You know, those super annoying messages like "Toad will remember that" that completely destroy the game immersion by exposing which choices are important and which are not. Is there any way to disable them?

  • no, because thats part of the game and if disabled you wouldn't know if they'll remember or not or if they appreciate you or be angry. Use your head man

    • Why, because you are retarded?

      • Well that was unnecessarily insulting.

        Anyway, I like the little hints. Sure they might be a little unnecessary but they add to the charm of the game. Many of the most popular franchises around have little inane quirks to their interface that make them iconic. Mass Effect has "Paragon" and "Renegade." Pokemon has "It's super effective!!" We have "(?) ________ will remember that."

        I also like how they're often fun ways of letting you know when you've seriously fucked up your relationship with someone. They're like text-based versions of the Scrubs "Mistake Guy":

  • Hmm...there was an option to disable it in TWD. It has to be the same thing in TWAU.

  • There was already a thread discussing this, though it has since been buried on the second page, so I can understand why you didn't spot it.

    But to summarize: Yes, there were similar notifications in TWD and yes, there was an option to disable them there, but there's no such similar option in TWAU. You're not the first person to comment on this, and I agree that it's an odd omission.

    It's possible that they may patch in an option to disable them, but sadly I can promise nothing.

    (And for the record - I haven't got a problem with the notifications - in some cases they can be helpful, like when I was on the verge of beating Toad to get him to confess what was going on, the notification helped me to realize I was going to far and hadn't found all the broken things in the room - but I can fully sympathise with people who feel they break immersion)

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