Random questions (spoilers)

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Sorry but i don't check out the forums every day, so im unaware if these topics have been discussed to death allready or not. But i just have to share, if anyone else feels like doing the same, by all means...

2 things.

  1. Anyone else seen the guy with the brown suit everywhere? In the cab, whilst chasing Dee, Just before finding Faiths head, etc. Are there just too few models to choose from or is he a plottwist somewhere?

  2. Do you guys think Snow is trying to tell us something before she dies? Alot of "So... never mind"s going on and her thinking to herself, about to say something but not doing it... Could be she's just infatuated with Bigby, still... Anyone else getting this vibe?

Thanks, that is all...


  • I don't remember seeing a guy with suit in the game. But I really don't pay that attention to small details. Could u post some pics perhaps?
    About Snow wanting to tell Bigby something...I think she woulda've told him.

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    1. I think you're talking about what most of us on here refer to as "the Ginger Guy" or "the Red Haired Guy." There are quite a few threads discussing him and his connection with the crimes already, including this one, which is a compilation of a bunch of users' contributions to figuring out who the heck that guy is.

    2. If you're talking about when she and Bigby interrupted each other, she was in the middle of saying "I wish there was--" A bit later in the conversation, she does end up finishing this thought, saying "I wish there was more we could do." I think part of the reason for her being somewhat awkward and hesitant in saying what she was thinking was just that she was trying express how useless she feels right when Bigby was about to tell her how well she handled herself. The other part of it is, of course, the fact that she wuvs him.

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