Different Save File Question

So I have a question for those more in the know than I. I have never played The Walking Dead, but I understand about the different choices affecting how it plays.

But I am wondering how the next episode will interact with the save files. If Save 1 is Nice Bigby but I want to make a jerk Bigby in Save 2. Will I be able to play out each way in the next episode.

Or will the next episode automatically load the first save file automatically? Curious as I want to try some different things.


  • I think you'll be able to play with both saves.When in the menu,just select the save you want and then the story will go according to the choices you made in that particular save.

  • Whatever save you last played on is the one that's default when you start up the game. Before playing episode 2, press save files and change it to whatever you want to play on.

  • I thank you all for the responses.

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