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  • Comic book spoiler: He's not alive

  • This is kind of the point i was making earlier about the boy who cried wolf character purely being the messenger spreading falsehoods. I definately agree that these heads are not what they seem, especially seeing as there are obvious tricks like Glamour around that can change a being's appearance. The magic mirror was definately the cause of these assumptions clearly hiding faith from any sight again using the phrase these lips are sealed. The other clear point i havnt seen was the suggestion to faiths ribbon A) the ribbon had the obvious mark of lips on the end B) (not %100 sure of this) When i saw the head i had a feeling that the ribbons colour was off slightly. <- Needs to be checked

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    In the credit scences you see a picture of a pig and a man pinned on the board. I think, that will be colins glamour.

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    Just played the game and got so excited to find that out. Glad to see somebody else make his math and adds the hints up.

    I haven't read all comments yet, but I would like to add some ideas to this discussion.
    I found it suspious that you were not able to point on the Headless Horseman in the book, which was chasing Crane. The Taxidriver is redheaded... I mean... like a pumpkin. And do you expect to do a Horseman to do in NY? What about driving a Cap and collecting heads? Snowwhite must have recognized him on the way back and he had to kill her - or not. (If the heads are not really heads, they might be magically concealed pumpkins. Is there any reference, that glamour only works on people?)

    But I don't think that's enough. In the back in Cranes office you see this tree. I see several options for this: (1) It is a reference to the The Hangman's Elm in NY, which I doubt, (2) It is an Ester Egg for "The Juniper Tree" from the Issue 17 of the comic book series "Grimm Fairy Tales", which is likely, or (3) it is the ightning-stricken tulip tree, haunted by the ghost of British spy Major André aka the Headless Horseman from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving.

    What do you think?

    EDIT: I was thinking about it again. The Ginger Guy being the Shepard fits. The tie, the title of the episodes, the mentioning of the guy in the comics. But still the decapitation of the victims let me think that the Headless Horseman has something to do with it. Maybe there is more to the theory of the heads being fake. Maybe the mirror is concealed by a witch who glamours the head of the horseman to abduct the fables. Crane seem to have a lot of artifacts, maybe the horsemans head is one of them.
    Maybe Telltale makes a good job and want to make us think the shepard is the murderer, making us the ones who are crying wolf from now on everytime we see him. But that would turn out to be the truth according to the story, wouldn't it?
    I guess, they are preparing the season's final here. Bigby will loose temper on his way to find the presumable murderer of Snowwhite and Donkey Skin and will do somethink stupid. He will be charged for it. In that moment, he will find out, that he has been tricked to get him out of the way. And now, when everybody hates him for being the Big Bad Wolf, he need to prove his story (= Season 2).

  • Not to his pants, but what about his blue shirt? When bigby checked Snow's dress, you see that the colour is not matching, but it does for the redheads shirt. You can make screenshot and check the colour in photoshop, if you like.

  • I did think he had to be important when the camera focused on him in the hallway, but now that I think about it, he might be. Bigby has made a lot of enemies, maybe this is another one.

  • It could be a Fable heavily tied to memories in their mythology. But I agree, it has to be something tied to memory given how often it comes up.

  • It happens in the comics a couple times, so it's not unlikely. We only hear about it happening once but it could've happened several times.

  • he was the straw house pig.

  • I want to read them but then I'll spoil the game.

  • Yea maybe one is using Glamor

  • I've seem the term RHG what does it stand for. If the killer is somebody from the farm you have to take into account that they can't pass as humans and there aren't many animal suspects.

  • The boy who cried wolf is a Shepard right. And what do shepherds do, they shepard things. He could be the taxi driver and is just working for a higher cause.

  • Love this theory! It didn't even enter my mind he could be more important than Eavesdropper #1.

  • I was thinking about the head's being glamored pumpkins and Toad said the quality of the spell goes down but the rates keep climbing up. Who has lots of money to be able to get a glamor spell as good as a decapitated head? BlueBeard

  • I doubt the killer would be present on the list they're giving you in episode one. Really , that would be ... silly to say the least.

  • I like your point on the Headless Horseman. Could be correct , let's hope we can get more hints from the next episode.
    Anyone knows when it gets released btw ?

  • Its seems as a very good theory, but the color of the ripped fabric found doesn't match the color of the pants he's always wearing. IDK it could still be him though

  • This guy must be some kind of psycho if he's stalking Bigby. What are his motives to kill two innocent women? We can't know for sure until we know his motives, which have yet to be revealed to us. What fariy tale do you think he is?

  • I think he might be Rumpelstiltskin. Just a thought, after all he seems to always be where Bigby is, and Snow seemed nervous when around him. I don't think he's involved, but I think he KNOWS whos involved, being Rumpelstiltskin and all, if he is that fariy tale.

  • well, he solved it...maybe lmfao

  • I was late in getting this game and just finished it tonight. I noticed the red-head a couple of times, but never put anything together. What you guys have found in the past week is very impressive. I'm guessing he'll play a bigger part in the coming episodes, and is possibly working for the killer, but I'm not convinced he is the actual killer.

  • I like your theory. I also thought it was suspicious that we couldn't get any info on the horseman, and I expect he'll play a role in later episodes.

  • Good job explaining it. It felt like Unsolved Mystery's

  • Either The Boy Who cried Wolf or the Crooked Man. Look at his tie, it has crooks on it.

  • i think its going to be either bigby, the mayor who icabod is covering for, or colin. i don't think it will be somebody as obvious as the ginger or the horseman. that would be much too easy. it's going to be somebody that nobody expects IMO.

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    I was just reading the fables comics and I found out something that could confirm that the ginger guy is indeed the boy who cried wolf!He is mentionned by Snow and we learn that he lives in the luxury appartments in the seventh floor.What do you think about this ?

  • That is the wolf man story. Full moon turns beast then wakes up forgetting the hole night before.... Bigby could be investigating a murder he did. But he was at the trip trap when snow was murder wasn't he?

  • You must pay a lot of attention. Well done sir.

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    Thank you ! Part of the investigation was done by myself , but never could I have done it without the people I gave credit at the end :) They were huge help !

  • thestalkinghead especially should get huge props for actually identifying the guy as the boy who cried wolf. A lot of other users including myself noticed that he turned up a few times (although I had no idea he was the cab driver, so kudos to you for pointing that out) but I haven't seen anyone else connect the tie pattern to the fact that the boy who cried wolf was a shepherd.

  • Yes , I was really impressed by that. The investigation was like puzzle to me , and you all contributed with small pieces until we actually got something big ! I'm glad to see that we managed to work together really well.
    I'm curious if we can do the same in the following episodes :) I really enjoy listening to what people think about the game for some reason.

  • I agree with you. but the way telltale works anyone could be the killer but i have my money on who hire dee and dum

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    Damn you guys!
    I cant sleep right now. So many theories. Actually ain't got much information about this ginger thats all i got

  • HAHAHA, That made my day THX!

  • 100% agreed. I'd think that Bigby woulda've noticed the ginger guy following him everywere, but I'm sure that if he's not the killer, he has something big to do with the storyline.

  • It could be just shared assets, but the tie definitely tells me something is dodgy about him. What gets me the most is the part where he's lying next to the sofa Dee threw out. If he's the killer, why would he be there? Why would the game designers even show him there? What's going on? Would Telltale really think the community would not notice this guy blatantly being everywhere? Heck, I wasn't even looking for him and I found him three times on my first play through. Would Telltale really make the killer that obvious?

    Guess its another mystery to get me pumped up for the second episode.

  • i have a feeling that every episode is only going to add more suspects, and not rule any characters out, untill episode 5. lol we have only just begun.

    About the problems you just lifted
    1.I know the game is supposed to be canon, but the boy who cried wolf was mentioned in the comic in just one panel among 120+ numbers. The authors may just not haved seen it, or maybe the temptation to ignore it for the sake of their story was just too strong.
    2.Yeah, no rebuttal here. The RHG's presence there is just a big question mark
    3.Again, the game is supposed to be Canon, but even in this first episode there are several incongruences between the characters and their comic counterpart. I know that in the comic Bigby is extremely observant, as well as he's extremely powerful (he's the son of a god-like creature). There is no way that the comic book Bigby would have fallen unconscius after Dum's punch, in the comic he stays conscious after several shotgun shots. Plus, as someone else already stated in the forum, even Snow white is different (definitely less whiny and child-hugging, and just more badass)
    I don't think RHG is just an extra, if this was the case, Telltale could just hide the reuse of the model much more well (changing the colour of the hair, clothes, just like they did with TOMI). Plus, he's a very well modeled character for being just an extra.

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