• His claws are probably bleeding because he ate the final Piggy.

  • In the comics, Bigby's final form isn't a werewolf, it's an actual wolf (although an enormous one, bigger than a person). I don't know why they chose to represent Bigby in a partial state of transformation as the preview for the finale...

    ...Unless that isn't Bigby at all...

  • So, if the girl cop is Snow's sister, I suspect she thinks that Bigby is the killer, so she's gonna try to kill him.

    • Yes, that's what I thought too. And I just made a theory! Maybe that girl is Cinderella! She's a spy in the comics, right?

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        Omid's cat BANNED

        "Rose Red usually dresses in red and almost always has some sort of rose motif in her clothing, even if it is just a scarf tied in the shape of a blossom."

        Cinderella has blond hair. This one is a cop, possibly human.

        • Well, I guess a cat just bulldoze my theorie. But if that's a human, I doubt she'll have anything to with the storyline. We're focusing on Fabletown's people, not mundies.

          • But we know that Fables want to hide their true nature from mundies, so a mundy cop snooping around Fabletown would be a threat and a way for the writers to add drama. It's possible. When I saw her my first thought was that she may be a mundy. The cops who showed up at the end of episode 1 were.

  • Speculation: Could the redheaded girl in the episode 2 preview be Rose Red? Granted I don't see her wearing any rose symbol as she usually does in the comic, but the clothing style seems to fit her, and that would also fit the 'Sisters' theme. Also, there is something red on the wall in that picture, that I can't quite make out but somewhat resembles a rose.

  • Maybe that girl could be Holly's sister? It's a long shot but she did mention her and an achievement for episode 2 mentions "sisters"

  • I haven't read Fables D: - and I can't find a picture on google. Could beast look like the final guy there (if it's not bigby)? Or does he look different? - I'm no good at guessing. I thought Holly was a goat - but they are probably on this farm thing people keep talking about? I need to go search amazon or something...

  • Interesting theory, maybe these could make more sense if you connect them with the achievements?
    Alt text
    1. Probably taking Dee or Woody to prison/jail
    2. Interrogating them
    3. Something about Holly's sister (At the bar Gren said she was missing)
    4. ?
    5. ?

    • Judging by achievement 4, i feel like we can almost confirm the pimp is Georgie Peorgie. Also, the last one might be related to Snows death? Just my guess

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      Omid's cat BANNED

      I don't think he would take Dee/Woody to prison. It looked like Bigby's hideout or basement. Place where angry wolf can do everything to get the truth. Holly and her sister will be important part of episode.

      1. Has to do with mundy cops at the end of episode one.
      2. Interrogation for answers and getting physical behind magic.
      3. You attempt to help Holly using the magic mirror. Explains why the mirror said friend on friend.
      4. You find where Beauty works as well as fight Beast. Notice Beauty a short distance away from the pimp's location.
      5. You find Holly's sister dead and tell Holly. "Holly says 'Oh my' and it fits the image.
      6. You solve the case. Ichopad Crane had something to do with it. Bigby says what did you do.
  • Does anyone else think that the girl in Episode 2 will be the Little Mermaid? Her original fairytale backstory is tragic enough to belong to a stripper/prostitute, after all. Maybe she'll be mute?

    I only mention it because I believe one of the achievements for Episode 2 makes reference to a towel being required.

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