• i don't really want to look much or think to much about them, but the woman in episode 3 looks awesome, maybe she is a mundy that has caught on to the fables, but i bet she is a badass that suspects/distrusts bigby, but in the end they will team up and kick some ass together

  • Possible that maybe Bigby can't control his form during the full moon. Although someone who has read the comics can say if that is true or not.

    But I am sure the is a reason behind it.

    Got to say I hope he doesn't actually look like that fully formed or it is the area where they took the screenshot. His torso just looks to big for my liking.

    I don't want to make assumptions but that must be Faith's pimp in Episode two the statistics at the end of episode one had a picture of him. But we only know him as "The Pimp" at the moment. Hope he turns out to be one of the Fables.

  • You also forgot to note for Episode 5, that Bigby's claws are dripping blood.

  • I see a face in the moon!!!!

  • Let me make one important distinction in your postulation. That is not Ichabod's desk but the Mayor's desk. The Tweedles are the only ones who we sorta know work for Bluebeard and their activities are the opening of a well executed power play.

  • Not sure if it's any reference , but ... there's a hanged person in the 4th picture (forest in the background) Now what I find the most interesting , there's something that looks very similar in the 3rd picture too. A little above the ground , on the left side - a figure that looks like a person in a black suit seems to be hanged as well. I can't tell for sure if that's what it is , but it looks similar.

    You guys have any ideas what that might be , or mean ?

    • Maybe Ichabod gets killed (hanged) in the 3rd episode , and then BlueBeard takes it's place in the 4th episode , since we see Bluebeard has taken over Ichabod's office in 4th episode.

      Can't tell for sure if that's Ichabod's office tho , so it could be either wrong.

    • The hanging man is a recurring character from the comics known as the Foresworn Knight. In actuality he's the ghost of Lancelot and is outfitted in full plate armour and hangs from a tree in the Mayor's Office.

    • The hanging man is there already in episode 1.
      I think of it as an Ester Egg for "The Juniper Tree" in Issue 17 of the Grimm Fairy Tales Comics.

  • Regarding Ep. 3, I don't think it's Rose red. I've only read the Legends in Exile but in that, she's portrayed as a party girl, not a cop.

    • Hmmm. I don't know else it could be... A mundy? What do you think?

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        HiroVoid Moderator

        Since her badge says 'NYPD', I'm guessing she's a mundy since I don't believe fables are apart of that force(haven't read the comics though). Bigby I believe isn't an official police officer as much as his job is to keep order in fable town and do what he can to prevent mundies from finding out about it.

  • ok obviously that pimp is georgie, the girl is probably a mundy cop? Could be interesting dilemna, the fourth picture looks to me that Bluebeard has done something to crane or sinister or he is now in power and Bigby wil not work for the guy and tries to question him, the last picture..idk? I think its the killer

  • Doesn't the girl from the first picture kind of looks like Holly? ( The owner of the Trip Trap ) Grendel said that her sister has been missing and no one ever searched for her, maybe she started to work for Georgie? ( The pimp )

  • Pic 4 "-It is also important to note that they are at the Mayor's desk in the office (currently occupied by Ichabod). Could Bluebeard done something to Ichabod?"

    I don't think bigby would be concerned enough to act like that if something would happen to Ichabod.

    On a side note, i don't think it's worth to speculate or craft theories around the episode preview screenshots because in TWD they reflected little no nothing to what it actually happened in the episode.

    • It's fun to speculate! :)

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      On a side note, i don't think it's worth to speculate or craft theories around the episode preview screenshots because in TWD they reflected little no nothing to what it actually happened in the episode.

      Oh, I wouldn't say that. The Walking Dead episode choice screens were pretty accurate most of the time. The character constellation for the central episode 2 conflict was correct, and the defining locations of episode 3 and 4 were given away in those screens. It's a real stretch to say that the episode 5 screen spoiled the ending, but, well, at least it wasn't inaccurate.

      I believe, the higher the episode number, the lower the chance that Telltale was far enough into development to really accurately portray the situations they're going to do eventually. The Bigby-Bluebeard conflict is practically certain with that picture for episode 4 - but I don't believe it will take place in the mayor's office. The in game model of Bluebeard's house probably just wasn't finished by the time the episode preview screens were made, so they were just going for a substitute. ;)

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