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Any thoughts on the 3 Tarot cards?

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I've read through the forum and didn't see any threads regarding the Tarot Cards Bigby found in the business office, One of them with a guy lying there with swords sticking around can be collected so it must be of some use. So, any thoughts?

  • anyone else notice that bigby takes the 3rd tarot card??? hmmmmmmmm

  • If Bigby does get "stabbed in the back" like the card shows, then I think that as soon as it happens, Bigby will take the card out from his pocket, stare at it in disbelief and say something like, "Ah, shit."

  • Hell, I think Bigby is going to end up stabbed several times. It's happened before in Fables, it might as well happen in TWAU.

  • I wonder why Bigby only takes the 3rd card when I thought that it was the 3 cards together that gave the message.And also what were these cards doing here on Crane's desk ? Why did he choose these cards and in this particular order ? I think that he is up to no good since we see Bigby threaten to throw him down the witching well in episode 2.Maybe he knows something or is linked to a suspect but didn't want to speak up because he is doing something illegal ? And as the formal mayor he couldn't risk his reputation.Maybe these are not "massages" that he gets when he's nervous.What if he actually knew the pimp ?
    However,I find it really odd that Bigby takes the card without even explaining why as he usually does when he picks up other important items I think.How can he possibly know that he will need it in the future ?! And why is there an option to show the card to the mirror ?

    • The fact that they're on Crane's desk is something that really stands out to me. Why his desk? Why those 3? Most people who use tarot would have the whole deck, not just 3 cards. Did Crane have a reading done to check the future? Was he worried about something? Seeing a witch for some reason? And then there's the mention of Jack. He's always been an interesting character. So many questions...

    • I was under the impression that there were only three cards and that they changed based on who was drawing them. Not altogether sure why, it just seemed to be the implication after what he said about Crane obtaining them.

      • A full tarot deck generally consists of 78 cards. 22 trump cards (major arcana) and 4 suits of 14 (minor arcana). Most of the time random cards left out like that would be an indicator that someone has been doing a reading. There are tons of tarot spreads that use varying numbers of cards, but one common spread that uses 3 is the Past, Present, Future spread. So my thoughts were either Crane had a reading done because he was worried about something and he kept the cards, or he did a reading himself and left the cards out (doesn't seem likely with his character), or possibly someone pulled those three and sent them to Crane as a warning.

        Then again, maybe there's no reason why they're there other than to send a message to the player.

  • perhaps the cards are ment for Crane and not Bigby.

  • maybe when Crane was saying that thing to Snow that was along the lines of "you brought this to me NOW!!??" it was because he had just seen the cards only moments before he heard the news. Maybe it contributed to him spazzing out like he did. Possibly Crane knows his time could be limited? Maybe the first card was referring to Bigby being present when he will receive bad news, (when he learned of the murder from Snow Bigby was there.) The second card could have been interpreted by Crane as something bad happening to Snow, or a change of his assistant (what happens with Snow,) And the third card implementing his own death. (swords in the back of a dead man.) Just another theory but who knows...

  • In ep2 bigby picks up cards that are about betrayal and searching.

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