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  • I don't know, but a lot of things are weird about lawrence's death/suicide attempt. I mean, when we got there, we see that Lawrence 1)tried to cut his wrist 2)took a lot of sleeping pills 3)shoot himself. A bit redundant, you know? Plus, in the "going to Lawrence first" scenario, when Bigby asks what happened, even if Lawrence ammitted to have shoot himself, he later says that doesn't remember well and his memories are "fuzzy" (I don't remember the actual words). And Bigby comments something about the shot angle not being right. Maybe the whole thing was not a suicide at all? Maybe it was really a homicide?
    Sorry for the bad english

  • @Stubb:

    The angle was not right for a murder, but it makes complete sense for a suicide. A murderer would shoot down on someone instead of upwards, but someone trying to shoot their heart from the back of the chair would leave that exact trail.

    As for the multiple suicide ways, I guess he just kept trying to die but had a hard time because fables are hard to kill. I took it more as incompetence than some weird conspiracy. The "fuzzy dream" part could be a clue of something else, like magic or something, but I didn't take it that way.

  • sounds a lot like a dream sequence. or something very near it. the fact that people are not remember things seems odd. at first i just wrote it off as them being there for 100 years but now i'm not so sure. something is off i just cant name it yet.

  • I guess you've wrong. She had stolen the ring from the woodsman, the Money was a lie.

  • My conclusion was Dee went to Lawrence to figure out what happen to Faith and Dum went to toad's because that's where she was last seen with a customer (woodsman) if they have a boss it most likely is the pimp and are stumbling around like Bigby is. I have a feeling that lieing to Lawrence will only delay him committing suicide. Yes i played through twice and actually felt nothing for Lawerance after because instead of doing something to help his lady he cries about it, lets Faith become a "working lady" =p, and then decides to kill himself acting like that would be better for her i mean come on what a selfish dick when you think about it. The gun looks like it wasn't fired in a week but Bigby had no way to conclude that and that's why I believe he took the gun, so he can figure out who's finger prints were on it too as well as when it was last shot. Another thing that bugs me is wolves have amazing hearing and smell I would have thought that Bigby would have sensed someone else in the room but anywhoo =p

  • In the world of Fables I find it pretty easy to believe they could be hired to investigate something without being real world "investigators" in the sense of having IDs to carry around. Call that muscle if you want, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.

  • ... You can't possibly think that she stole that ring from the Woodsman. We use that ring to identify who she is in the book! It belongs to her, and is written about from waaaaaay back in the pre-exile days. No way it belonged to the Woodsman.

  • jeez... of course the ring belongs to her! what I am saying is that she removed it from the Woodsman, she just acted like the Woodsman's owing her some money. You can see she doesn't wear the ring before she frisks him. After that there is a close up of her hand wearing the ring. My post is referred to BullseyeReys statement - he claims that Faith didn't take anything from the Woodsman:

    Except all Faith wanted was the money Woody owed her, only to find out didn't have much on him. Faith didn't steal anything.

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    No, she is wearing the ring before she frisks him. Take a look at the part where she hits him in the back of the head with the axe. She had the ring on then.

    But you are right that she doesn't have the ring on before that point. Not really sure what it means. Maybe she just takes the ring off when she's "working" because seeing her family crest reminds her of her former wealth and glory. Or, more tragically, maybe it reminds her of how she ran away from her riches to avoid giving herself away to someone she didn't want to and is now selling her body to earn a tiny fraction of the wealth she had.

    Aaaaand now I'm depressed.

  • There is one thing though no matter which scenario if you ask Toad where the Tweedle was going he always says to Lawrence. How would the Tweedles know of Faith's death when only Bigby, Snow, Crane, and the killer know she's dead. Dee wouldn't have blood on his shirt if you went to Lawrence at the end because Dum hit you on the head and there was no blood in the alley.There are three suspects in my opinion.

  • I gotta watch it on YouTube. If you're right: what else could that mean?

  • No if you tell him that Faith is dead he shoots himself. I told him she was 'missing' and he tried to shoot Dee.

  • I think there's some strong amnesia magic being used. Like when bigby can't remember when he ordered the chinese food, he says it's probably a bad sign. This may be a side-effect of the amnisia spell. Colin says you can't change peoples memories, is this telltale tring to descretly imply something?

  • I think the amnesia/sleep magic thing is what is really going on. The chinese food is what I believe Colin ordered while Bigby was away (just conjecture). Also, this takes place before the Fables comics but in the comics Snow White is alive so I think that she is definitely not dead and most likely Faith is not dead either. The mirror showed Faith's father dead body but wouldn't show Faith at all. Also, from the text notification message when talking to Faith, if you call her neck ribbon beautiful it says that she will remember that (and there is no way to see Faith again before you see her head).
    So I think that when Bigby fell asleep in his apartment and everything after that was some kind of illusion or dream.

  • We know Colin is legit. But some things in the conversation strike me as odd. "Colin I haven't slept in 2 days, I fell from a 2nd story window, and I want to get 2 seconds of shuteye before I..." Also Colin always lets you sleep whether you give him a drink or not. In the comics Bigby can sleep for days. "The North Wind blows" as the last chapter when it is proven in the comics that the North Wind never was in Fabletown or the Farm until Bigby and Snow have kids.

  • if you look on lawrences hand there is a cut

  • He attempted suicide by taking sleeping pills, cut his wrist with the knife, and shot a lung.

  • You can tell him both. I told him Faith was dead and when I hid in the closet, he put the gun to his head and that's when I sprung out and Lawrence survived. I haven't tried telling him that Faith was only "missing"

  • In haven't read the comics but on the Fables Wiki, they explained that Bigby smokes a lot to numb his hearing and smell because of the large population in New York, where Fabletown is located, but can't filter out Snow White's scent. What confuses me is it says that he is always aware of her location and mood, why couldn't he figure out that she was dead? (I may be just looking too much into this but heres the link to Bigby's page:

  • I guess he was too busy getting the shit kicked out of him at the bar to notice anything. Best explanation I can come up with

  • Even better explanation is that Bigby is actually having a nightmare. He would know Snow was at his door if he were awake. "These walls are paper-thin." Also would explain the last episode's chapters.

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    Maybe but I don't know how solid that is. Also how would colin order chinese food?

    1. He's a pig.

    2. Animals that go to the farm can't afford Glamor and/or can't pose as humans.

    3. He can't answer the door cuz he's a pig...

  • I'm Not Trying to spoiler this one out, but personally I find it better to choose Prince Lawrence first. Mr. Froggy over their Dose the same exact thing, even IF You go to Lawrence first, besides trying to get the fat dude But he gets away if you chose Toad first. Its more interesting and has more of a story line toward my aspect :P

  • I don't have a picture handy at the moment, but when you get a close up look at Lawrence's head, there is a large circular wound on the left side of his head. It's right in-between his temple and ear, but it looks a lot like the leg to the fold out bed. Bigby even notices the blood stain on the floor where the bed leg meets the floor.

    Maybe Dee bashed his head in or it was another suicide attempt, just something I noticed.

  • I told him Faith was dead and he survived..

  • You obviously went to Toad first. The blood is there whether you went to Toad or Lawrence and saved him.

  • Haha that could be a possibility

  • I think Dee had to have been lying about seeing Lawrence shoot himself. Everything around him was evidence of suicide attempts. The gun, the pills, the knife to cut his wrists. He was determined but fables are hard to kill, I guess unless they're decapitated. Maybe Dee touched the body and thats how he got blood on him.

  • Ok then so you have to jump out before he shoots. I said she was missing.

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    Gonna make a comparison to see how they, well, compare:

    If you go to Toads first: You see Lawrence on the ground, dying, with a hole in his head. Dee is covered in blood on his face and shirt, and runs. He says he told Lawerence his wife was dead, and Lawrence shot himself.

    If you go to Lawrence's first: Lawerence is in his chair, and the trajectory of the bullet makes sense, as Bigby mentions the bullet in the wall definitely looks like it could have gone through the chair. When Lawrence wakes up, he says he's been trying to kill himself (and with the bloody knife, pills, and bullets it certainly seems plausible), but he also mentions a fuzzy memory. Hmmmm. Dee walks in, bloodless.

    In the second scenario the gun not being fired for a while makes sense. In the first one it's definitely odd. I'd hate to think it was an oversight on the writers part, but maybe? Or maybe it goes deeper.

    Also it was Dum at the apartment complex. He wears yellow and Dee wears white/blue. I'm fairly certain I saw a yellow figure from the street.

    Finally, no matter which situation, Dee walks into the bar with blood on his shirt. ???? Again, makes sense in the first, but not the second. Directing oversight? :(

  • If he can sneak into the apartment, he can answer the door. But he shouldn't because, you know, the delivery guy would be like "wtf?????"

  • My point exactly. Just imagine the guy opening the door to a pig on its' back legs. I'd be like FML, logic has left me.

  • Just drop the food and be like "Nope..." With my hands in the air.

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    Lawrence sat on the bed and knifed himself (The blood on the floor and the placing of the knife. Also: the note.). Now that didn't work. Then he moved to the chair, and took the sleeping pills (Pills on the table. Not much blood on the cut-hand-side of the chair.). THEN he got a fantastic idea, and shot himself in the chest (Angle of the shoot, placement of the gun.). Only, he didn't know where his heart is....

    Also. Fables are considerably hard to kill.

    Hmmm... The mention about the gun. Maybe swap the sleeping pills and the gun? That could make sense. Maybe. Though the blood WAS still sticky....

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    The knife was right by his chair in the mirror as Bigby said "I don't know why it's over here though." The blood from the bed was sticky while the blood on his hand was dry. There was a pool of blood on the side of the chair he cut himself in the mirror. First he took sleeping pills, then cut his wrist, and then he shot himself in the lung. Where did the blood go? Who moved the knife? The fuzzy memory? That's what we should be asking about the apartment.

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    Sorry, BullseyeRey, but after playing 2nd episode I just can't resist it :( ---> I told ya!

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