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  • That could mean something or could just be the design they chose. It could be there just to be there. Since Fables don't age, I don't think its The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He would be younger, around a boys age, yes? 13 maybe 15 years old? After all, Icabod was mayor of Fabletown for over 115 years or somethings. The Crooked Man seems more promising, but what motives would he have for decapitating innocent women? And how would he know where Bigby would be at the EXACT moment at that EXACT time and go into that EXACT taxi and be at the EXACT same building in the EXACT same hallway? Seems to me he has to have fortune powers or magic of some kind to know that information.

    Telltale, you did fantastic again! Giving us just enough detail to give us a clue, but no answer. Loving this!

  • Also, he drove away in the taxi during the begining, how would be able to exit the taxi and walk down the street if he drove away? VOODOO I TALL YE!

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    I am going to make a suspect list of potential killers. Feel free to comment on who I should cross off and who I should keep on. Lets see how this works...
    Add to the list by replying to this the name of the suspect and why you think he/she is a suspect. Crossing off suspects will need a reasonable explaination why you think he/she didn't do it.
    (EDIT: Since people seem to think Toad didn't do it, I planned on cutting him out, but the problem is that some people still thinks hes involved somehow. So heres what I'm gunna du... Im going to make tallies for each character representing how high on the suspect list they are so I don't have to completely cut out potential culprates or involvments.)

    1. Toad: 0 [may still be involved]
    2. Bluebeard: 4
    3. Red haired dude: 4
    4. The Pimp: 2
    5. The Woodsman: 1
    6. Bigby: 1
    7. The Tweedles and their mysterious boss: 1
    8. Headless Horseman: 2 [if he is in the series at all]
    9. Your suspects

    New suspects:

    Ichabod Crane: 3

    An inmate from The Farm: 1

  • My opinion on the list:
    1. Too innocent of a character to do such a thing.
    2. He may have connections considering in the ep. 4 preview screen you can see Bigby confronting him
    3. He MUST have a connection with the situation, maybe he's collecting information and working for someone, 50% chance he killed Snow and Faith.
    4. Probably will have important clues
    5. As far as we know, he won't be an issue for much longer considering that conversation we had with him at the Trip Trap.
    6. Not at all.
    7. Will have important clues
    8. Could be brought in to the situation.
    9. I think it's something heavily related to Ichabod, I can't really give any detail or evidence but it's just speculation.

    1. I doubt it. Toad isn't the best liar, I can't see him being able to hide his guilt. I also doubt he would be able to pull all of this off without getting caught in the process.
    2. Maybe. We didn't learn too much about him in this episode, but he is still a good suspect.
    3. I don't think it's him. He strikes me as someone who could be following Bigby for the killer or someone else.
    4. When it was just Faith it would make sense for it to be him. Now that there is a second victim, I'm not as suspicious of him.
    5. He seemed genuinely surprised when he heard Faith was dead. He was also with Bigby at the Trip Trap when Snow was killed. I think he's innocent.
    6. He could be turning into the wolf at night and not realize what he is doing. I don't think it's him, but I can't rule him out either.
    7. I can see the Tweedles being the ones doing the killing, but if they are they're doing it on behalf of someone else. I'd be shocked if they were doing it on their own.
    8. He's pretty high on my list. He's capable of pulling this off and we don't know where he is.
    9. Ichabod Crane is suspicious to me. The whole thing with him and the Horseman has to come up at some point. Right now I'm suspicious of both of them.
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    I think this rules out the Boy Who Cried Wolf as a suspect? If he really was the murderer, he wouldn't still be living in Fabletown, he'd have been thrown off the witching well a good while ago, plus I don't think Snow would drop his name so casually if she had been murdered by him.

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    Maybe in the next (or third) episode, she will be resurrected. Hopefully. It'll help restore the natural balance in the Fables timeline.

  • What about the piece of materiel you find? his pants don't seem to be blue.

  • Haha I played it twice and noticed the same things =) I'm with you on this one.

  • there is two different red haired guys. in the very beginning, one of them is driving the taxi you are in. Then immediately after you get dropped off, the other red haired man is walking down the street. Unless the taxi driver can teleport, they have to be two different people. I can't believe nobody else noticed this! What could this mean?

  • It has already been noticed, you just haven't read all comments.

    It has also been noted, that you see while arriving at the Trip Trap. He is standing in the alley on the right side of the pimp, but is in the same time the taxi driver.
    These are the major whole in this theory and might be a hint, that he is only a recycled NPC.

  • Is the game really a prequel to the comics?

  • There are so many choices in the game that you have to choose every choice to get ahead. The Trip Trap is where we find out Bigby is every wolf. Asking why Holly didn't dump the glass and then telling Woody that Holly wanted to dump it.
    Major Fables Spoiler
    Bigby has a new driver in the comics. Notice Bigby's cab driver does not tell him to stop smoking.

  • What has not been mentioned is the fact that he would have a motive of revenge. Tweedle Dee is another suspect but Bigby has a rash method of finding the truth and has the wrong suspects. We're supposed to focus on the mirror in episode 2. There is no one enemy in the beginning. There are a lot of suspects. This is the best one because of the comics.

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    1. Not possible, he is a liar but you have to gain his trust not devour it and force him to tell the truth. Snow White cares about Toad's son.
    2. Suspect like none other, he hasn't changed his ways.
    3. The boy who cried wolf is one of the top suspects.
    4. Has something to do with Faith and Holly's sister, but not Snow.
    5. Not possible as it will be easy to find him knowing where he goes and lives.
    6. You must be joking, right? He's in love with Snow White and wanted to find out more about Faith.
    7. Bluebeard is their boss. May take the entire fault.
    8. Not possible, he tosses heads and when investigating Bigby says that Faith's head was placed with care and not tossed.
    9. Someone from the Farm based on Toad's and Colin's said it's like a prison.
    10. The 8/10 asshole on the asshole scale Ichabod Crane who was scared shitless may have given orders.

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  • Holmes you've cracked the case!

  • Just because the jeans fabric was there doesn't mean it actually came from the person who dropped off the head, it could be a red herring. Also, if it was from the same person who dropped off the body, it doesn't mean either a) they were wearing the same clothes at the time they dropped off the head or b) they are the person who actually did the killing. They could just be a messenger, they could have changed their clothes so they didn't get them dirty (they were going to climb over a fence and carry a head around, after all...).

  • This does go hand in hand with the kind of person who fakes things aka. TBWCW

  • The fact that the mirror didn't show Faith was definitely interesting. It could easily be that she's not really dead, but it could also be that she's technically in two places at once and the mirror can't handle that (body not in same place as head). Or it could be that the killer has a ward on the body. But, it could definitely also be because she's really still alive.

  • Interesting, the more I thin about it, the less sense it make.

  • The mirror said "through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed, unfortunately for you these lips are sealed" Powerful concealing magic is only in the woodland apartments. Places are all the offices, and Bluebeard's apartment.

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    My personal take on this theory is that if he is involved in the deaths of Faith and of Snow, then it's deception. I believe neither of them are dead, as in the Fables comics, Snow is not dead. Or maybe Faith really is, but I don't believe Telltale would have broken canon by killing Snow off in the first episode, 20 years before the comics.

    No, instead I believe that this is all a ruse. I believe that the Red Haired Stranger is possibly The Boy Who Cried Wolf and maybe he does have a grudge against Bigby, but I don't believe he has killed anyone. I believe he is working to distract Bigby, and discredit his reputation in the process. There have been 2 supposed murders and one supposed suicide in around 24 hours, and one of his main suspects on the loose.

    I believe they are doing this with the sole purpose of leaving Bigby without a leg to stand on if and when he does catch them red-handed. They want to make sure no one would believe him. Which would be fitting if it is The Boy Who Cried Wolf, because then Bigby is the one who'll be perceived to be crying wolf. Perhaps that is the real reason that Episode 5 is titled "Cry Wolf." It would be so poetic.

    What could be better revenge than that?

  • Colin did not say that, Bigby did, and Crane if you mentioned Bluebeard (totally Big Bad Wolf). Truth is that Crane was fired before the comics and was sent down the witching well alive and returned, and somewhere Snow did mention that the boy that cried wolf was thrown down the witching well as well and was revived. Bigby was youngest in the story of The boy that cried wolf, and someone from rags to riches would have changed his scent. The only scent that can't be altered by Bigby is Snow White's. Also he did not greet Snow and Bigby, Snow greeted him for herself and Bigby.

  • I thought i did read all the comments, i must have accidentally skipped a page or something. Now that I think more about this theory, it occurred to me that the gingers could also be the Tweedles in glamor , because we never see both Tweedles and a ginger at the same time. But it's much too early in the season to be sure of anything, especially in the fables universe.
    Can anybody proove me wrong on this theory?

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    Case solved. He was first in line and it was only an hour and a half till Snow White went into the main business office. The Boy that cried wolf right behind him and Grendel coming to talk about Holly's sister. He would have been scared of Bigby and Snow. Light blue jeans, hopped a fence, two blood scratches, two fence spikes covered in blood, Bigby smoked recently and if he smoked he can't smell anyone or anything but Snow White, he could have been first to collect money from Crane which would explain Bigby with him near the witching well, in the comics it was probably mentioned that Crane could survive the witching well. We know the mystery has to be solved way before the Bluebeard scene which reminds me of the first few chapters of the comic. Character: Peter from Peter and the Wolf.

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    Believe it or not , the same happens to me. Starting to think this guy doesn't play such a big role in the murders , but he must know something really.

  • One thing is that no matter who you arrest they lead you to the pimp. Woody leads you there faster because it looks like Woody called the pimp by what Faith tells you. I also think of the comics and the chapters of the game are similar after episode 2. Beauty knows something and Snow White is constantly angry at Beauty in the first comic. Beauty blames her being angry at Beast on you and Beast fights you in episode 2 whether you told the truth or not.

  • I didn't really look at all the comments, but did you guys think about The red head guy being the mastermind of the whole thing?
    I mean he fits the mastermind personality, he wants revenge on Bigby because of the Boy Who Cried Wolf incident, so he is hiring people to kill his friends/loved ones to get back at him

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    Yes and probably no.

    Bigby and Snow are married now in the comics and have 7 children, Crane is dead entirely, Colin was killed by his brothers by being decapitated, and even though his brothers were sent down the well all of them live thanks to Bigby.

  • Lol, he is a literal red herring. How could he be driving the cab and walking in front of the apartment at the same time? Telltale is just messing with you guys and seems like everyone took the bait.

  • Not everyone, though most have. Notice Bigby was looking straight at the door and not to the side and Grendel starts to argue but notice what he says, he's waited half an hour, the office is on the same floor you live, and Snow would have noticed him when she came to get Bigby, and last but not least it took Bigby 2 hours to return. It's the first guy in line that should be suspected.

  • Snow White killed the dwarfs. Prince Charming not knowing who killed the dwarfs killed someone by cutting their head and bringing it to the dwarf king.

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    Snow White is alive entirely but more angrier in the comic in the beginning.

    The boy that cried wolf is only mentioned yet never seen.

    Bluebeard has the first fake murder pinned on him. And he is dead in the comics after Snow White becomes pregnant. Killed by Prince Charming and thrown down the witching well.

    The Woodsman is alive and usually is at his favorite bar.

    The witches you mention throw the glamor spell, there are many of them. There are only few witches that could cast the spell to make everyone forget many things.

  • Dude, you mind keeping the comic book spoilers to a minimum or at least spoiler tagging your posts? A lot of the people on here may want to read it themselves eventually.

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    I tagged a lot.

  • Hey a big question i have is. are there other twins with fable story's such as tweedle dee and dum... Because the red head guy drops bigby off at toads place then as the taxi drives off with the red head driving it you quickly see him again walking infront of toads apt. Twins? maybe 1 good and 1 bad!

  • I had just proposed a similar idea about 3 or 4 comments above this. I have a thought that they could possibly be the Tweedles. After all, we never see both Tweedles and a ginger at the same time, and after chasing a tweedle through the hallway, (and passing a ginger,) the other Tweedle shows up pretty quick once you catch the Tweedle you are chasing. But as a few other posters have said, the gingers could possibly be just "extras" or mundies having nothing to do with the story. However I think the strongest theory is "the Bigby theory." so far anyways...

  • Technically, Woody didn't kill Bigby. He put rocks in Bigby's stomach and threw him in the river, not knowing that Bigby can hold his breath for weeks on end. (If I remember which issue this get's mentioned I'll post it)

  • I really like your idea that there could be two red headed Gingers and it is the Tweedles in glamour. If you read the fables entry on the Tweedles, it goes out of it's way to mention that The Tweedles look human enough to not draw suspicion in the mundy world, implying that they don't need a glamour, but perhaps they are choosing to use one to draw less attention to themselves. It also explains some of the inconsistencies with the Ginger character being in two places at once, without resorting to the idea that it is just npc recycling (Though it could still be just that).

  • Spoilers much?????????

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