• I don't think sexism had anything to do with it. Giving her money is a show of compassion. The difference between the choice in the Walking Dead and this one is that the first was a choice between two different people, this was just a choice between altruism and practicality. Personally I didn't give her the money because a Sheriff giving a prostitute money is not a good look. I'm glad my choice paid off later where I was able to pay for my drink in the bar.

    • You don't think there would be any shift in the percentages giving her money if she looked like....say, Tweedledee or Tweedledum?

      • It depends how it was presented. If the male character that was in trouble was sympathetic then I think the percentage would be equally high. If the character was unsympathetic then the percentage would go down. It may be true that people are more likely to feel sympathetic to a woman than a man, but I don't think it's sexist to make the choice to give her money, and I don't think sexism came into play when giving us the option.

        A better choice for this discussion would be the choice to either tell Beast the truth or to lie to him.

        • If the character were male and sympathetic, I think the percentages would be high. I highly doubt they would be 90% in favor, which is just about the most lop-sided result I've seen in one of these things.

          Note that I'm not claiming that giving the money is automatically about sexism, or that someone who chose that option was necessarily thinking in that vein at all. I gave her the money out of compassion, as you said, and were the story written equally as sympathetically for any other character I would have given the money just as quickly.

          Yet she's an attractive young woman who is favorably disposed to Bigby, and has some relatively flirtatious dialogue. I think it's absurd to pretend that wouldn't be a pretty big factor for a lot of men when the choice arrives.

          • I'll be honest, I was thinking, "so how is this bitch gonna die?" The minute she put an axe in Woody's head. I gave her money just cause I didn't think that it would come into play later.

  • I don't get how being generous could end up being deemed sexist at all...

  • I gave her the money out of compassion not because she's female, I didn't want her to get pimp slapped. If it were Dee standing on the comer begging for a sandwich from Malone's, I damn sure wouldn't help his ass out. I also gave Colin a drink and he's a damn pig! Most players felt bad for faith I honestly don't think sexism caused 90% of players to give her money.

  • I wouldnt care much. It was just the right thing to do to me. Wouldnt matter if she was hot or not. Sure there are some people and then again there are other people who would hate here for her being prostitute. So I wouldnt worry too much here or there in this.

  • People are reading too much into the word 'sexism'. I'm not saying 'if you gave money you're a chauvinist pig'. I'm saying 'I suspect gender played a role in the lop-sided outcome of the decision'

    • Okay... Sorry, words like sexism or racism seem to mean everything and its opposite now, and their definitions vary depending on who uses them, so don't blame people for getting confused.

      Now that I understand what you meant :
      I don't know if Faith's sex played a part in my decision to give her the money. It's not like I had both a woman and a man, equally in need, in front of me, and chosed the girl over the man just for the sake of her having boobs.
      The way I see it, I had the opportunity to help a character in distress... I tend to be generous and helpful towards vulnerable characters in most role/adventure games, I always expect good karma to reward me later.
      (Except in this one game where my character needed to survive a zombie apocalypse :D but even there I tried to be the nicest I could afford myself to be)

  • I did it because I was being a generous person, not because she was female, I don't really know why people are jumping at every choice, whether it be Walking Dead or TWAU, that involves a woman is somehow sexist.

  • I did it to get my Bigsy some ''strange' ;)

  • I really should have used a word other than 'sexism'. I feel like a poked a sore point for people and now they feel they're being accused of being bad people for giving the girl money.

    'Gender-based but arguably positive discrimination'? Or maybe I should have just asked if sex appeal had anything to do with it.

    • I know how you feel. Any time you try and argue that something, is in fact, sexist, no matter whether it had positive intent or not, people tend to go up in arms at you. In a video on YouTube, with two people playing a horror game side-by-side, someone made a comment about how the male was more a girl than the female. Somebody pointed out that this is a sexist statement, and just about everyone else turned into an ugly mob of people saying "How dare you call this sexist" or "It's not sexist to say that" etc. I arrived at the original commenter's defence, because nobody else was, and I figured someone should point out that actually, it is kind of sexist, but it's only a joke so no big deal. The original connotation is sexist, whether it was intended that way or not. It's one of the more deceptively sexist statements, and in my opinion is somehow made worse by the fact that everybody just accepts it. The tone and implications of a comment like that point to being male, or more masculine about things is somehow better than the female way, and also implies that females are more frightened or possibly weaker than men. It's a very obvious implication the moment you stop to analyse it, but it gets passed around by the most tolerant, open of people as a joke, perfectly accepted as being okay.

      Sorry to go so wildly into the story of a discussion that is not happening here, I just wanted to say, that I know how you feel. People tend to be very resistant to the idea that anything they like or enjoy is sexist, or racist, or prejudiced in any way, because it makes them feel like you are calling them bad people, even if you're not, even if you're just interested in something, or wanting to make people aware of something, or educate them, or maybe even defend them.

  • i would have given toad money if i had the money and that was an option as well, bigby lives a simple life, all he needs is enough for smokes, whiskey and take out (and maybe rent) so he could spare the money, however sociologically speaking, gender would have played a role in a statistical sense when it comes to helping a man or a woman

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