A dare to all the detectives



  • This is terrible, but I already think I know who the killer is. not one of the main characters mind you, TTG is more discrete than that, but it is the worst feeling to know what I think I know.

  • On the right track my friend, but it seems like your trying to read scrabble letters from the bag. Piece them together first.

  • Well if you notice faith's ribbon has some lips in itand she always says "this lips are sealed" so I guess this ribbon was being hexed from preventing the wearer to take it off or talk about it , this theory proves that there is a magic behind it so she was being used but .. the point is why or who did hex it and I can't really answer this question with the few informations we got from the first episode , or atleast it might have been her pimp but I don't think hes behind the murder

  • Do you think it might be woody looking to see the scene. I doubt it but still.

  • That's not what the mirror says.

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    > Are fables allowed to use magic in this world ?

    Just look at Bigsby... I ripped off guys frikn' arm for petes sake! That show you who's a lap dog...mumbling

  • Are we supposed to ask for the information before you spell it out? What are you waiting for?

  • In the comic book most of the fables in fable town live in those apartments, so it's probably for the whole fable community

  • Waiting for nothing, just a little bored and wanted to see if someone would respond. I think its the red head, the one you walk past with snow while going to see what's left of faith. He's right there, at the scene of the first crime, in the hall when you chase Dee, and im 95% sure that its his silhouette that is the cab driver, making him the last known person to be seen with snow before she is killed. I think it all adds up

  • King Cole and Faith's father aren't the same person.

  • Yeah, King Cole is just away, I don't think they said what for, and Ichabod is the acting mayor. Faith's father however, called "the old king" is shown as dead through the mirror.

  • Then again, they are living in the woodlands, so they are not exactly poor either.

  • When I played I noticed him almost at every turn... That's too often to be coincidence so he has to have something to do with it. Even if it's slight... Unless they're just placing him in there to throw us off of course lol.

  • Could be, after all. he did escape from the scene with out Bigby or Faith actually looking at him going away.

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    I like to call this little one 'The Magic Mirror Theory'.

    'These lips are sealed.' It is said twice in Episode 1, once by Faith, and again by the magic mirror (when asked to show Faith). If Faith isn't really dead and the there is an explanation for the head, this is more to go on than you may think. The Magic Mirror obviously knows something about Faith or has a close relation to her (likely the former). If this is indeed the case, the Magic Mirror has either knowledge of Faith's "death" and whereabouts and wishes not to tell, or some magic is preventing him from doing so. Again, I suspect the former for a number of reasons. When he says '...these lips are sealed.', he has a sort of grin on his face - he knows, and is not telling. And not because he isn't allowed to; because he doesn't want to. He is voluntarily involved in it or plays a more major than minor role in it. Of course, he cannot be the killer, because he's a mirror. But think. He is a Magic Mirror. If he IS playing a role in this, he is a huge aid to the walking culprits. He has the means, and most certainly the time, to tell them exactly where the people are and what they are doing; what more could a murderer/kidnapper/etc want? In conclusion: I think the Magic Mirror may know a lot about Faith (more than a simple gaze through the mirror, what happened to her, where she is if she is alive, and he is in it voluntarily and provided info to the actual murderer (I use italics with 'murderer', because there is no solid evidence that they are really dead, or even murdered at all).

    Of course, like so many other things, this is a mere theory.

    Thanks for reading. c:

  • Sorry, King Cole (the real mayor - Ichabod Crane is currently Acting Mayor while he is away) is definitely alive and well. This game is a prequel to the Fables series, and both Telltale and the writers of Fables have gone on record saying that it is canon and there will be no contradictions or plot holes in the story. They do mention in the game that KIng Cole is the real mayor and Ichabod is only acting mayor while he's away, and in the Fables series, King Cole is alive and well and in charge.

  • I just think it means that Woody is more willing to say anything he knows, whether it's relevant or not. The Tweedle's are working for someone, and they are paid for their silence. I think the Woodsman is just a poor innocent bystander who is being used as a hapless scapegoat.

  • The mirror hinted that Faith might not be dead, but it's definitely not conclusive. It could just be a powerful warding spell on her body to stop anyone like Bigby and co. finding her. It could just be because her body is technically in two places at once since her head is not with the rest of her. It could be any number of things. It doesn't have to mean she's alive.

    Personally, however, I do believe she is, or at least I hope so. I definitely believe Snow is alive since she's alive in the Fables book series later on, and this is a prequel and it is canon.

  • The mirror says 'though strong magic these lips are sealed.' Or something close to that.

  • Fred was really an idiot sometimes wasn't he?

  • that spell was put on her when she was still a princess in the fable world.

  • What if tha magic mirror is a genie U saw tha lamp next to tha mirror...

  • Dee was looking for a book. Or something in a book.

    If you go to Lawrence's place first, wait until near the last second to jump out of the closet, and then ask him what he was doing back there, Bigby's question to him becomes "Why were you looking through books, huh?" Dee responds "The same thing you should be doing. Investigating Looking for clues."

    Why would he go right to the books to look for clues about a dead girl? Is there something in the books that he's looking for?

  • Read the actual tale then. Her father's prized donkey did shit gold. Her father might know Bigby's father which would force a spell on Bigby that Bigby made until you tear Grendel's arm off. I wish Snow asked the mirror where Faith is and not Bigby. How could a dead animal still shit?!

  • Know the story of Snow White? If not go away and read it.

  • We know that the woodsman did not kill Snow White he did not have enough time to do it from leaving the bar to getting to the woodsland building
    And if any one else noticed the cuts were very clean almost magical the woodsmans axe is not but the headless horsemens axe is and he was seen in the picture with all of the fables in the original fable faith was asked to marry her king/stepfather but faith did not want to marry her father so her fairy godmother told her how to trick him so she would not have to the king,during the fable the king threatens to cut heads of if faith was not happy i have a feeling it has to something with the king/stepfather or the fairy godmother I know the father was shown dead but the mirror was tricked before

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    Woody's ax is magical, it was blessed by druids (sorcerers and witches). The headless horseman has a sword that ain't magical. The first sword in that book is magical, and Snow White could have stolen it from her attacker (comic reference). The knife at Lawrence's also looks magical (werewolves perhaps). The weapon is so far unknown.

  • Wtf man. Please use ".". Seriously wtf. Are you 8 years old?

  • ... And why was that theory "the worst feeling to know"???

  • Speaking of which, what's the Evil Queen's status in this universe, anyway?

  • Since when is the woodsmans axe blessed i have never heard that at all and I met to say the headless horsemans sword not axe
    By the cut I would have to say it was more of a sword because the cut is not smushed a axe would of smashed more than cut unless it was magical

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    If you click on the axe in the book of symbols during the research scene, Bufkin tells you that it has a druid blessing on it.

  • Speaking of looking through books, has anyone else noticed the piece of cloth missing from Snow's dress in the book of fables?

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    I'm up to issue #123. The Evil Queen from Snow White is shown in a Homelands flashback (issue #96, I think). That backstory serves as development for Snow's character as well as Rose Red's, but other than that the queen doesn't figure in. I don't recall seeing her otherwise, although she is mentioned sometimes. So, although her actions changed Snow's life forever, she's not actually a player in current events.

  • Real question is a blessing to do what? Protect the forest or chop down trees? If The former would make sense assuming druids want to protect trees. The latter would make sense b/c he's a woodsman. And if its the latter, it'd be effective against things like, say, glamored wooden puppets.

    Do we know the role or motivations of druids in the Fables universe?

  • Exactly. I have that question as well. I believe that the writers had a reason for letting us know that his axe was blessed, because as far as I'm aware that detail does not exist in early versions of Red Riding Hood (like Grimm's), so seems to be something that was written in for the sake of the story, and not something that came from folk lore.

    Druids aren't specifically mentioned in the comic books (not that I remember). Though, that doesn't mean that we won't see more mention of druids in the game. But, in general magic users in the Fables universe serve many roles. In Fabletown they create warding spells to keep the mundies from finding out the truth about the Fables, they also cast the glamours that make non-human Fables pass for humans. In the Homelands, powerful magic users are very important in the Adversary's Empire.

  • Theres is a big difference between a blessed axe and it being a magical axe why would the Druids bless a axe to kill when at the time he was nothing but a woodsman and also a theif.

  • No not at all they do not really appear in the comics aside from maybe being in the adversary's army or maybe being on the 13th floor

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