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  • More and more Im loving Colin the pig. I hope we see more of him.

  • The guy who voices Grendel is awesome. I just love that deep gravelly voice.

  • Haha but without the penchant for nicknaming people lol

  • Bigby wolf then beast

  • for me it has to be two: Bigby and mr. toad

  • yeah i do like where the story is going...!! Bigby, snow n Toad r clear cut favs but i like the look of Woodsman too :P

  • why because he looks like big show from the wwe lol

  • My favorite character has to be Bigby. Love him in the comics, love him in the game, its fun to play him regardless of the personality you go with: nice guy, sarcastic, complete asshole or even sociopathic and silent weirdo.

    My second favorite character is Grendel, I'm surprised a lot of people in this thread share the same opinion as I do. I just love his design, his voice actor (he has a really cool jerk voice) and I think he's completely justified in acting like a dick (although he certainly overdid it with the whole trying to kill the sheriff thing). Plus he's a badass

    My third favorite character is the Woodsman. He's a TERRIBLE human being and a very scummy person, but he's just living his life and got caught in this drama.

  • Its like a preference.

  • The kind of likable asshole who gets drunk and knocks a girl around? Sure pal, whatever you say...

  • Bufkin is pretty funny, me and my girlfriend laughed with him a lot, and look forward to seeing more of him in the series.

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    My obvious favortie is Bigby. He is the whole reason I went and found the comics and have begun reading them in earnest. His story, his voice, is by far the most interesting I've read in awhile.

    My second is a not-so-obvious choice - Holly the Bar Owner. I don't know her story, but from the little we've gleaned from Grendel, I think I'd like it. Also, her whole demeanor is a pretty great one - standoffish, but tongue-in-cheek dry humor. Just what I like in my Trolls.

    My third HAS to be Bufkin. I mean, really? Who doesn't like a drunk winged monkey with an expansive vocabulary?

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    well... besides bigby?

    mr. toad & son

    and snow white

    edit: omg, using spoilers in the new forums is so stupid

    anyway, here's what i want to spoiler:

    god, i hope she's not dead, but she cant be, because she's in the comics that take place AFTER twau and she wasnt new-born cause she remembers stuff from the past, right? right? RIGHT?

  • I quite liked Faith ... which was unfortunate. I'm going to be trying hard not to get too attached to characters who don't show up in the comics but I suspect it's going to be hard to do :(

  • Toads son is my favorite, he's cute. c:

  • Faith,Snow and Bigby.

  • My favorite character so far is Bigby Wolf. I always wanted to play this sort of a character, he's perfect: cold, serious, gets straight down to business.
    I also liked Faith as well, but I think the reason for that is that she corresponds to my inner "nice cute looking girl" image, and she's a lot like Carley in some ways. The looks, mainly. And the, uh... faith.

  • I'm kind of under the impression that she's Grendel's Mother, from the fable. It would make sense: she does look quite a bit older than Grendel in human form, and it would explain why they seem to have the bond they do.

    For all we know, Grimble OWNS the bar, and Holly just works there.

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    Right now, aside from Bigby for his (as someone mentioned) snark, I quite like Toad. He seems a jovial, hapless oaf - constant screw up, but he means well and does his best.

    I was legitimately disappointed when I responded to his call first, because I was starting to think the kid had been crying because Toad had been beating on him. Then when I found out the truth I felt guilty for suspecting that.

    I also like Woody, despite hating him at the beginning. He seems genuinely full of regret when you talk to him in the bar, and you get a sense that he has a lot of self-loathing issues. He thinks he's a bad guy, but I think he gives himself less credit than he deserves. All I could think when he explains his motives for saving Red was "If you're such a bad guy, why didn't you kill them, blame the wolf, and rob them anyway? Maybe you're not as awful as you think,"

  • ".....It has a weevil."

    I wanted to reach through the screen and give the kid a hug when he said that.

  • Melissa Hutchison's voice can have that effect.

  • My favorite characters so far are Bigby and Snow as well as Woody.

    Reason I like Bigby is I feel a bit confused like he is. Snow partly because she is Bigby's love as well as thinking like Bigby, and helping him along. Woody because he had a hard life and would explain why he ends up drinking. Really sad story with Woody.

    The ones I despise are Crane, Bluebeard, Tweedle Dee and Dum. And the rest I like to some point.

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    She truly IS a great voice actress!
    Her lady voice (Beauty) sounds so different compared to her kid voice.

  • "Dad borrows things from people who lived here ... errr ... sometimes?"
    Love it when he says that :)

  • Colin has some good dialog. I enjoyed interacting with that character and hope to see his brothers in future episodes.

  • My fave character so far was Bigby and Faith. I liked Grendel but I didn't realize who he was until I read the Wiki. Even after he turned off his Glamour I didn't recognize him. I'll have to read up on Beowulf again to look at his description. Also, I want to know how Colin snuck off the Farm.

  • The conversation with colin at the beginning is one of the best parts of the first episode.

  • The dialogue option for "F*** off" when talking to buffkin is so hilarious.

  • I have been a fan of the big bad wolf my whole life so when fables came out I of course checked it out hey my dogs names are bigby and beast

  • Well, he wasn't really justified in doing what he did. Is it fair to be upset about the police ignoring your friends? Yeah, but it doesn't help anything to interfere with the murder investigation that they ARE doing. :P He's a jerk, but at least he has a reason to be angry.

  • And displays what appears to be true remorse. He could be lying, but he seemed likable in the end of the episode. Or at least not completely deplorable, like at the beginning.

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    I really liked Faith, and Telltale new I would. Those bastards. >.> I also like Toad, although I suspect he'll have some involvement with the shenanigans. Bigby and Colin are also both really likable.

    EDIT: I don't actually think Faith's dead though, so that'll be nice if I'm right. Knowing Telltale though they'll probably reveal that she's still alive and then kill her for real immediately after. I hate you so much Telltale. Just kidding, I love you.

    But no, really, I hate all of you.

  • my favorite character was going to be faith until she was murdered, i do like the monkey a little, and prince Lawrence could turn out be pretty cool, if you had saved him, yet my favorite so far is probably bigby because i love the dark side of the big bad wolf

  • my favorite character was going to be faith until she was murdered, i do like the monkey a little, and prince Lawrence could turn out be pretty cool, if you had saved him, yet my favorite so far is probably bigby because i love the dark side of the big bad wolf

  • Toad is my fav with Bigby in a very close second. I love Toad because he just seems hilarious to me and there's never a dull moment with him. I would also love for him to read me a bed time story in his accent lol.

  • Buffkin, who doesn't love a flying monkey with a drinkng problem...lol. I think we have merely seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the characters in the game. So I will withhold until Episode 3 to actually answer this.

  • Snow White is becoming my favorite character. She's calm under pressure and sympathetic. Her conversation with little Toad was one of the funniest moments from episode one.

    Faith was entertaining with her snide comments and her sneak attack on Woody.

    Grendel was an ass, but it was reasonable behavior. I like him.

    And I swear, The Woodsman is one of the toughest SOB's I've seen in a while.

  • Bufkin is the flying monkeys name and ya he's great

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