Do you regret any of your choices?



  • Scenario options that tie in are as follows: Going to Toad first and threaten him after choosing someone was attacked, reacting to lap-dog, tearing Gren's arm, going after Woody. Going to Lawrence first, saying that's not true to Gren and telling him not call Snow that, walking away, tell Woody "He started it" to his question on treatment, go after Dee.

  • ummm.... ok you're welcome XD.

  • That makes sense. I can totally see why you would go with the half-truth to gauge his reactions. I already felt, at that point, that he was probably telling the truth, so I told him about Faith being dead to be honest...and still to see how he reacted. If he was like, "oh...really...([look out the window suspiciously]), I'd know something was up. :P

  • Actually I would rip it off every time again. No need for you to double think ;) That guys was trouble right from the start, weather you're were nice or not. He's being rude, insulted Snow and started the fight eventually. Not even in his human form. What was he thinking? He can be happy about not being killed in self defense by Bigby. Everyone should already know what he is capable of but they don't let him go. Maybe that will teach them a lesson. I'm completely fine with that decision and all the others I did.

  • I regret smashing a glass into the Woodsman's face thinking he was going to toast him. :/

  • He is an idiot. I tore his arm off and didn't. Say if I could explain what just happened to Woody, if I tore of Grendel's arm Woody didn't believe me, and when I told him when I left him he believed me. Snow White tells you what she does all day and you know the truth about what happened, while Grendel thinks he knows best.

  • i started to play on a virtual machine, so i can use snapshots and go back to try out every decision possible, derp

  • You can still be classy about it even if you're broke. If you decide to charge the drink to Crane then Bigby also includes the damage he did in the fight.

  • I regret not saving Lawrence.

  • I don´t regret giving Faith the money, i don´t think she is really dead. She will return and be grateful for that, so I think that will gonna turn into a good decision.

    I regret breaking a glass into the woodman´s head, we were starting to have a good understanding and i though that "glass him" meant to invite him to a drink and suddenly that happened and i was so shocked. I guess i have to improve my english :p

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    I too, mistook what "Glass Him" really entailed and felt like I had missed an opportunity to gain an ally and only proved the bar patrons oppinions of bigby to be right. However I do regret giving faith the money simply for the reason that after tearing Gren's arm off I at least wanted to pay for my drink. I really felt like a jerk when Bigby pulled thin air out of his pocket and the bartender said "You knew you weren't going to pay for it anyway".

  • Yes, in the books, the only way Beast can actually transform into Beast-mode is when Beauty gets mad at him. Later on that changes, but obviously this is all happening before that.

  • I believe he's talking about an earlier comment he made in this thread, discussing ripping off Grendel's arm.

  • I regret buying the season pass.

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    I regret playing the first episode before the holidays , I should have waited for the entire season to come out and only then play

    despite all the crap waiting with no comments from telltale , it's still a great a game and I don't regret buying it.

  • I regret going not going to Toad's first, not because of the result, but because Toad and his son was in trouble. And as the sherrif i should have prioretized them over what looked like a dead Lawrence. I do regret tearing of Gren's hand, but only because my Bigby does. He is ''new'' wolf that is as nice as he can be to people, but if you push him to far he goes into a rage he can't control, and most of the time he regrets after.
    Toad could have died ;_;

  • My first playthrough is my canon and Im pretty satisfied with my choices.

  • i was a dick to everyone except snow and i will continue to be a dick i have no regrets

  • In the TellTale games I do what I would do in real life, I stayed out of Beasts and Beauty's situation because its not my problem. I went to Lawrence's apartment first because I had to make sure he was living and could help because Toad was still alive and Lawrence was unconfirmed. I also ripped off Grendels arm because in real life I fight untill the other one is unable to fight anymore and If you have A arm ripped off you dont want to keep fighting. So no I dont regret any of my decisions

  • I am sure plenty of people regret purchasing the season pass. TTG has no right to be selling those when they can't meet their release windows.

  • I definitely regret lying to beast, almost told him but got cold feet and said I seen her yesterday. :(
    Almost regret ripping Gren's arm off but dont... Had to show him that it was he who should have walked out when he had the chance!

    Will be interesting to see which choices come back to bite!

  • In the long run No, although the one thing I am bummered about is that I never knew Lawrence had the chance to live if you get to him in time, so that was some lost information on my main save

  • I don't regret lying to the beast, I'm hoping Big. B gets to tap Beauty :D as for choosing Toad, cause I like his character, plus I get this feeling its not going to be the last time we will see Mr. Toad.

  • I wanted to trust toad since the beginning, hence my decision to save him first. I regret that choice immensely. From now on I will treat him bad.

  • How dare you cover up the truth in favor of your son's health and safety sir! Good day!

  • I played First episode like 10 times (becouse of ep2 delay) so I have maded barely any possible combination of choices.

  • I regret abso-fuking-lutely nothing. I didn't say anything to Beauty nor Beast so neither of them can tell me I promised, I hate making promises that I'm not sure about. The reaction from Beast after not telling him anything was hilarious though, laughed my ass off. Through the whole game I was playing the "I'm a nice guy until you piss me the fuk off" type. Pretty satisfied with my choices except maybe the Beauty and the Beast one, Beast seems like a pretty important friend of mine even if I didn't see him much, and you know the old saying: Bros before Whoes. (or however it's spelled)

  • so that's how you get that fable..

    I'm gonna take a guess and say that it's because Beowulf took his arm off right?

    Where is Beowulf anyway? If Grendel is a Fable, you would think that Beowulf would be too.

  • Threatening Toad. I didn't think Bigby would take it that far. I just thought he'd say something about being big and bad, then growl a bit, but when I had to pick him up and start shaking him like that... if I'd known how far it would go, I would have just told Toad I knew he lied. I always thought Toad was a bit of a jerk, but an overall decent fellow. That's the only thing I'd have done differently.

  • Actually, and this is part of the fable, Beowulf was fatally wounded in the fight against a dragon, and died shortly thereafter.

    Furthermore, the hoarded gold and treasure he and his men liberated from its lair was buried with him rather than distributed to his people, and was even cursed to make sure it would remain with him.

  • And Grendel also died in the Fable as well, didn't he?

    I thought Fables could come back to life if their story was popular enough.

    ..makes me wonder if Santa is real in the Fables universe.

  • Yeah well they did bury him.

  • I regret nothing.
    -Gave Faith the money
    -Stayed out of Beauty and Beasts' whole thing.
    -Defended Snow from Ichabod Crane (Took the blame)
    -Went to Lawrence first.
    -DID NOT rip off Grenny's arm.

    Stayed nice to everyone, especially Snow.

  • I regret capturing Woodsman instead of Tweedle Dum to be honest. My friend and I were discussing our decisions and why we made them, and he said it would only make sense for the Woodsman to be running, because a bar fight was about to break out. Also, slapping Toad, and having TJ and Snow walk in on me doing it. I honestly though Toad was beating his son, and I was legitimately angry that he kept lying to me.

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    going to toads first he calls me then he tried to say nothing wrong the prince L dies pissed me off

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