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    Judging by achievement 4, i feel like we can almost confirm the pimp is Georgie Peorgie. Also, the last one might be related to Snows death? Just my guess

  • Thanks for telling us that.

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    1. Taking Dee or Woody to your magical office.
    2. Bigby turns into a wolf while interrogating whoever he arrested, and toad comes to complain.
    3. talking to Holly about her sister.
    4. Find out what is going on. Get answers.
    5. You tell something to Holly.
    6. Fight with Crane. Probably die.
  • Well, I guess a cat just bulldoze my theorie. But if that's a human, I doubt she'll have anything to with the storyline. We're focusing on Fabletown's people, not mundies.

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    But we know that Fables want to hide their true nature from mundies, so a mundy cop snooping around Fabletown would be a threat and a way for the writers to add drama. It's possible. When I saw her my first thought was that she may be a mundy. The cops who showed up at the end of episode 1 were.

  • Fables in our world and people wouldn't care? Achievement "What Big Eyes You Have" is about that girl, (I think). She'll be part of storyline.

  • I don't think he would take Dee/Woody to prison. It looked like Bigby's hideout or basement. Place where angry wolf can do everything to get the truth. Holly and her sister will be important part of episode.

  • No problem. But just a reminder that on this forum, the moderators without the "telltale staff" badge are all volunteers - community members from all over the world who try to keep the forum peace, but without any inside information. I'm just guessing based on experience, OK?

  • You do? Good. People are pointing out things that can be script mistakes. Please, don't ignore it. There's still time to explain/fix it, in next episodes. Don't make another "Lost".

  • I think they're in a secret place, too. Bigby's gonna get brutal.

  • Does anyone else think that the girl in Episode 2 will be the Little Mermaid? Her original fairytale backstory is tragic enough to belong to a stripper/prostitute, after all. Maybe she'll be mute?

    I only mention it because I believe one of the achievements for Episode 2 makes reference to a towel being required.

  • Interesting theory

  • You might want to edit this line under your Episode 3 screenshot:

    "-A girl is hiding behind the gate, looking like she's about to shit Bigby."

    I think you meant to say "shoot."

  • xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that made me laugh so hard xDDDDD

    1. Has to do with mundy cops at the end of episode one.
    2. Interrogation for answers and getting physical behind magic.
    3. You attempt to help Holly using the magic mirror. Explains why the mirror said friend on friend.
    4. You find where Beauty works as well as fight Beast. Notice Beauty a short distance away from the pimp's location.
    5. You find Holly's sister dead and tell Holly. "Holly says 'Oh my' and it fits the image.
    6. You solve the case. Ichopad Crane had something to do with it. Bigby says what did you do.
  • I agree that the girl in the episode 3 screenshot is a mundy cop, but I'm curious; what would happen if a mundy did discover a fable?

  • And especially Bigby, and especially when Bigby's hungry.

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    That's possibly what the episode is about. Don't know if the comic ever explored this kind of problem - or what the solution was for Willingham.

    I could even imagine that we'll switch main characters a bit for episode 3 and in fact control the cop for a while. Would make sense to get another perspective on the narrative - especially in its middle part. Also, I believe this kind of 'neverending story' anagnorisis is very characteristic of 80s movies and would therewith fit TWaU and its setting like a glove.

  • Hahaha XD

    I'll change that.

  • His full wolf form is literaly a giant wolf.

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    One more theory. Prostitute/stripper from ep. 2 picture is ginger, same as the armed one from 3rd episode. SAME PERSON? She has flower in her hair. Another thing - 3rd ep. achievement (image) "What Big Eyes You Have" - girl with flower. Bigby will meet undercover cop at Georgie's place?

  • Well I guess besides all the murders, Fabletown getting discovered could mess things up. Telltale can get us to think infinite theories with a single screenshot.

  • From looking at the achievement icon for Episode 2 Chapter 5, I've decided it's more likely that the name refers to Bigby finding Holly's sister under a bridge (probably dead).

  • Well that's a reference to Red Riding hood, perhaps she'll appear? Afterall she was in the Fable book image.

  • Wait, so has someone leaked all achievements for the remaining episodes? Does someone have the link to those for eps 3, 4 and 5?

  • You can see them all on Steam, it's not really a leak.

  • Going by the steam achievements, it looks like one of the episodes might be a flashback episode.

  • It might not even be Bigby. Another theory could be he's almost fully wolf.

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    Bigby says Red never made it out :(

  • Gorgie Porgie, pudding and pie

    kissed the girls and made them cry.

    When the boys came out to play

    Gorgie Porgie ran away.

  • The once apon a time ones?

  • Wait, she didn't make it out of what? The woods?

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    Yeah. The steam achievements for episode 4 read: "Once upon a time, There Was a Wolf, Who Ruled The Land, He Was Much Feared, But Soon He Mended His Evil Ways, And All Were Happy. All of the icons are of pages from a story book, so I'm just guessing it's a flashback episode.

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    I think it will be a flashback to the past. When they come to Fabletown. Once upon a time, there was a Wolf who ruled the land, he was much feared, but parted his ways, and all were happy. Bigby saves Snow White and Rose Red and eats their enemies. The ones in the last episode remind me of the comics when Bigby and Snow are put under a spell by a drink made by Baba Yaga (Baba Jaga).

  • As long as you guys keep crafting stories, i'm fine! Seriously though, you guys are all doing a fantastic job. Eagerly awaiting the next episode!

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    The Homelands. Red Riding Hood was one of the many fables who didn't manage to escape after the invasion of their home.

  • That would be awesome and a nice change from the regular format!

  • That would be pretty cool.

  • The girl in the episode 2 picture could also he Holly's sister. They're actually side by side in that screenshot I took

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