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Analysis of screenshots for SBCG4AP, Episode 2:

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Analysis of screenshots for SBCG4AP, Episode 2:

A set of screenshots were put up on August 25th at and I decided to do some analysis on the images.

Screen shota-numba-ones:
oT (Strongbad has decided to only call him 'of Town' from now on, so I will also) and the Riot Poopsmith are in strongbad's computer room. There isn't anything new in this other than Poopsmith in riot gear.

Screen shot-the-duce:
Pom-Pom at *gasp* his house? and looking all angry? Could this be a flashback? We have never seen the Pom's abode to my knowledge (other than the early meet the Poms short found in the Museum on the website) Very Oriental looking. Someone else can tell me what kind of sword that is, maybe a katana?

Screen shot-the-third:
Homsar! Ah, I don't know what's worse that Homsar, except for more of 'em. And he is standing (dancing? Homsar-ing? what DOES he do?) next to some new rock formations in the field. And in keeping with the 'sar himself, a part of the formation is floating. Could it be built from the severed arms of Homestar, or Marzipan? Who knows? Maybe that's why they don't have arms? Maybe we will "interact" with Homsar himself. That would be ... interesting. I can't wait to be called a muffin explorer, or a Christmas Pudding. Can you even insult Homsar? I'm already getting the jibblies.

Screen shot-double-deuce:
It's a shot from the preview, or possibly the 'as last seen in episode 1', or a shot of the new intro song... Nothing new here, other than Strongbad appearing to have an itch where the sun don't shine...

Screen shot-fiver:
The cheat, looking like a fine man that he is IN PAWTY CLUB TECHNOCHOCOLATE!!11!! Can we possibly interact with the Cheat more than kicking him into the dryer? And where is this PAWTY CLUB? In Strong Bad's computer room? Who knows!

Screen shot-sixa:
Ol' no-arms himself looking rather well rendered with the dark and sinister King's Castle. It's all dark and stormy there. Maybe that's why it was dark there at the castle in episode one...

Screen shot-seven:
In Strongsad's room? Why would Strongbad ever enter that lair of depression? I see a box for a box-peering guy, and what looks like articles of confederation, or maybe the bill of rights... Could Strongsad be giving SB's *GASP* advice? Who knows. And I see in the background the bathroom. And isn't that the same style of bathroom that Homestar was showering in in one of the main pageS? How could that be? My brain can't comprehend it! Onto the next screenshot.

Scrren shot-numboo-eight:
The Cheat outside at Marzipan's backyard! And the Kot (sorry the oT castle) in the background, still looking menacing. Looks like it's a premenant fixture for the episode? And It looks like ol' Homestar is ... dead? Could it be? Did he go to war and on which side? and was he taken down by the bear-shark behind the fence? Oh, and Pom-Pom and Coach Zee is there also. *edit* It looks like it's actually a shot of Homestar over Frank Bennedetto. A casualty from the war to librate Strongbadia?

Hey, new reader! The link on the fifth post that reads 'recruit him to help you defeat the oT.' is chalk full of spoilers, read at your own risk...
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