"The Act" an unreleased video game.

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Depending on the video game your looking at, we love video games. But if its something your looking forward to gets canceled for whatever reason it would disappoint you. I found out that there was a video game that was called...The Act. And this video game was planned out for the acrades. The game is in veins of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, however the gameplay is different but it has amazing art style for a 2D animated video game. You had to get to point a to point b in order to get to the next scene. If you messed up you had to do the part again.

Look at some footage here. If anyone mentions that it reminds them of Disney animation, former Disney animators worked on this game(trying to find out who though, I dont know who animated these scenes). Now if your wondering why this game isn't released, the company that made the game went out of business. Talk about a damn shame too. I would have loved to play this game.

Edit: Found out there is a site, and here's the people who worked on it


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    I saw a few screenshots of this game in a gaming magazine as well as seeing it at the convention. How come it didnt get released?
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    I think it looks great... but turning a knob is hardly engaging gameplay.... it would get old really fast and then it would just leave you wishing that they would have just made it into a direct to DVD movie.
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    If they made this for the Wii, it would be interesting to do the movement with the Wii remote. then again I remember seeing a level in this game where you have to get the character's brother out of the hallways.
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    Looks pretty interesting to me.
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    I played it at the Boston Bowl when it was on location test. I thought it was a lot of fun. :)

    It's a shame it never got a release.
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    with modern controllers I do not see why they couldnt release it on PC or something.... as a down loadable game... Why spend all that money animating it and not release it at all on something like steam?
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    ^ Its called good work wasted
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    ^ Its called good work wasted

    And I just don't see why devs and publishers have to overcomplicate things and miss the obvious.

    Clearly this game could be ported to the PC (if it was not already coded on the PC! XD) and ditributed digitally, and its unique enough that even if it doesn't make a great profit, it still could cut losses.

    If it even fails to do that, (as even digital distribution has quite a few costs), it still gives some good data that can be useful for future projects, (who liked it?, what did people like/not like about it, how successful was it, did people try something similar afterwards?), as well as potentially enriching the profile of those involved, (Schafer may not have made the most commercially successful games, but he has a great rep for making good quality games, and when he eventually makes a hit, its gonna be a big one).

    If it was a success, then it could have been ported to the xbox, or ps3 or something.
    (See how many version of Dragons Lair there are? There must be a market for it!)
    Maybe those involved should form a new studio and try making something similar but smaller on the iphone.
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    It's so sad that such a great game was almost completely forgotten. I really hope we'll see it released (on PC!) someday.
  • I just found out that The Act was ported to iOS last year!

    As I said earlier in this thread, I played The Act when it was in location test at Boston Bowl when it was originally slated to come to arcades before the original developer closed down.

    It was actually a lot of fun. You had to turn a dial to adjust the character's actions and emotions in order to make it past scenes, and you'd get hilarious failure scenes if you screwed up, like old school arcade QTE games like Dragon's Lair.

    There were always crowds of people around the arcade cabinet watching people play the game (and queues of people waiting for their chance to put a quarter in to give it a try) because the animation drew them in (since, like Dragon's Lair, the game was animated by animators who used to work for Disney).

    I never thought I was going to be able to play it again without traveling to an arcade that just happened to get and keep one of the prototypes. And, even better it's only 99 cents. I'm glad that now I can actually get to the end, since I was only able to get to the fourth or fifth scene when I played it at the arcade. :)

    I just completed it this morning. The touch screen actually seems more of a natural fit for control than the dial on the arcade version. It took me 24 takes to finish it, and at 3 takes per credit, that would have been 8 credits (2 dollars or 4 dollars at the arcade depending on if it was set on 25 or 50 cent mode). The game was short, but fun. Well worth the money. I would have happily spent the four times the price for it that it would have cost to finish it at the arcade. :)

  • I got this game when it came out last year but I still play it once a month or so. Even though I can beat the thing in one take pretty easily now, it still always makes me smile.

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    I just found out that The Act was ported to iOS last year! As I said earlier in this thread, I played The Act when it was in loca

  • Thanks for the heads up ont he release. I did hear about the game being released last year thanks to one of the bandcroft brothers. Now I'm going to give this game a shot and hopefully It would be an Act worth playing for. ;)

  • I wish the animation in Larry Reloaded had looked smooth like this!

  • Here's hoping that Larry Reloaded 2 gets a style like this. It would be expressive for Larry.

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    I wish the animation in Larry Reloaded had looked smooth like this!

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