Issues with nudity (episode 2)



  • " The Venus de Milo and so many Antique and Renaissance statues of females with bare breasts are in no way obscene"

    Of course they were, it takes just takes an enlightened person like Neoncloudff to point out how backwards and savage those monsters were, showing disgusting things like bare breasts, how dare they, please somebody think of the children. Oh my, I'm afraid I'm getting a case of the vapors, somebody get me to my fainting couch.

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    Is it really inappriopriate to show a half-naked stripper in a mature rated game? People make such big deal over a pair of tits. Calm down.

    Besides, what's wrong with showing sex appeal of women? If men in GTA are showed as criminals, why women can't be shown as sexy.

  • So can we stop with the downvote spam and sweeping judgments about someone's character based on this fairly innocuous critique and suggestion about the game? Don't agree with Neoncloudff? Fine. Say so. I happen not to agree with him/her myself, as my post on the first page will show. But Neoncloudff presented his/her view in a reasonable way and doesn't deserve to be called immature, mocked, or be told to go play a different game because of it.

    There's nothing wrong with liking a game but wanting a particular aspect of it to be different. And there's nothing wrong with asking the developers to change that particular aspect of the game to better match your preferences. People come on here and do that all the time. Telltale knows better than to take fan input into account if it will compromise the game so if you're worried that this one post might ruin this game for you, don't.

    It just seems a little mean to pile on someone just for having a minority opinion on such a small thing. All it does is discourage people with differing points of view from speaking up on this forum and that makes discussion on here a lot less interesting.

  • "People make such big deal over a pair of tits"

    I blame pewdiepie.

  • Whoop whoop!

    Arizona FTW!

  • People reply back, because they care about the game. Me, personally don't care about the dude to insult him or anything like that. I just don't want people like that to take away a great aspect of the game.

    It doesn't discourage, just the majority of people don't agree with him. It is a big topic to open like that and Telltale may get influenced by a opinion such as his. So, thanks to all the people that said otherwise.

    I am sorry, but I really can't agree with you.. at all. It's not "a small thing" at all. Pretty big, actually. Nudity in games is something spoken very often. Most people don't have the "balls" to do it, and to be honest, in a mature game there is nothing wrong to have it. It's more awkward to see dismembered body parts for me. Nudity is part of the natural life after all... If we talk about kids, would you rather show them a dismembered head or part of the body of a female? I mean, come on... It is a mature game for a reason.

  • Nope. The concept of, "Keep boobies out of my game so I can get back to the decapitations!" is so hatefully obscene that Neoncloudff deserves everything coming to them. You give out obscenity, you get it back.

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    Like I said, I don't agree with him myself. Like you, I don't see why depictions of nudity should be treated as any more harmful than depictions of graphic violence. But I also don't see how having one or two topless female characters constitutes a "great aspect" of the game. It's there and I don't see any reason to remove it, but it's neither a deal-maker nor a deal-breaker for me.

    In fact, I think treating nudity as such an important thing, either by condemning it or by harping on it, is precisely the problem. Adding nudity to a game does nothing to add to its maturity, and I don't want Telltale to add nudity to their games just to send the message that they have the "balls" to do it. I think that's what Neoncloudff was arguing in the first place. But unlike him/her, I don't think that's why Telltale included nudity in the game. I think it's there simply because the setting calls for it to be there and there was no reason not to have it. That's it. No careful plotting about how to push the boundaries. No ulterior motive to have themselves be seen as "edgy." Just "hey, if it fits, throw it in." To me, that's the most mature way to deal with it.

    And I do think that telling someone "Please, grow up or go play something else." is at the very least discouraging. Telling someone that their opinion is wrong is fine. Telling someone that their opinion is wrong and that this must mean that they as a person are immature and should not be playing this game is a pretty crappy thing to do.

  • You're right. That is a pretty obscene thing to say. Good thing no one on here is saying that. You might want to go read the original post again. The argument was more like "Showing boobies just for the sake of showing boobies makes the game seem really immature. I wish they didn't do that." To which a reasonable reply might be "I don't think the developers were showing boobies just for the sake of showing boobies. I think they had a vision for the world they wanted to depict and boobies just happened to be a part of that world."

  • Nudity is definitely not a way to earn a mature rating. More like axe in the head, decapitated heads, and definitely tearing off the arm. Topless in strip club or brothel makes sense.

  • It seems you are making this nudity thing into a bigger deal than it really is. I'm allowed to since I'm not allowed to buy games with Nudity in it, but you already have the game: One little scene with some breasts shouldn't be a big deal. There might be more throught the series, or maybe even more in the episode, so if your worried about nudity, theres MUCH more were that came from.

  • This is just like the guys who bitch at swearing over in the forum for TWD game. I can't be the only player who wishes that Bigby had a chance at shagging Snow White. I for one would have been kicking that leach of a pig out of the room hung my tie on the door and let the big bad wolf out.

    The game is rated M for Mature.. If you want some teen games I suggest you try Pokemon.

  • Why are you not allowed to buy games with nudity in them?

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    Naked bodies aren't immature. I'll save saying that for when Bigby goes "hey,pull my finger, pull my finger..." then runs off snickering or something. snow's got cooties

    and...err ..."Man babies" ?? Really, are you trying to insult everyone at the same time? Is that your goal? There are many females who play GTA etc. and playing these games does not make one a child.

  • It's a "working girl" club, dude, where topless girls are very common. I don't see it as a cry for attention from TT at all, it's just natural. Deal with it. Why are some people making a big deal of it once a nipple is shown?

  • I really do not understand why people get so defensive over someone who just doesn't like the nudity in a game. He says hes not mad about it and thinks it takes away from the experience and tend to agree. It's distracting and irrelevant to the story. And please dont say that there prostitutes so they need to be dressed (or not dressed) like that because Faith was a prostitute and she wasn't running around with no clothes on.

    So everyone calm the ham and stop getting all bitchy because people are fans of nudity. You like boobies I know so go like them without annoying anyone else! Okay? Okay.

  • Who cares about nudity.... I'm more interested to know who is the killer and their motive.

  • That girl we saw was at a strip club or whorehouse or whatever it was. Its not the same as Faith's situation. She had no reason to be nude at that moment. She had either finished her business with the Woodsman or hadnt started, which I think was the case since she said he started beating her almost right away. And you cant say its irrelevant without seeing the context. I dont see how it can be that distracting unless you get really distracted by such a sight.

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    You get to decide to have Bigby Wolf rip a man's arm off, but showing some female breasts is a no-no. Really?

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    Nudity could be important tool to exposing plot, or mood of the scene depending on the scene. You can say it without, but then everything could be converted, there is always someone who dislike something and wish it will be done for him, not for other people. "Violence is bad, the games are too much into violence, and use it as cheap way to marketing. TT should remove violence from game so it will be more immersive, mature, smart, just better game for better people." A single being sometimes need to accept that majority thinks otherwise, and could disagree with him, and expose other point of view, or even bash his statement. If you are right you can always backup your statement, unless it was all made up.

    And OP was wrong, since in his messege was manpulative. Which is ok - how otherwise you argument for you couse. What was done: some wild assumption without context (a screene from trailer); trying to create indentity with naked and inmature... which is soft way to say that if you dont mind nudity you must be inmature (and not smart), which is offensive so people got angry for forcing some false statement about them (or their group); accuising TT of sins of others games, if so far TT does alright then no need to mention it, and such topic in advance could send the messege that the line was crossed, which could result in some future censorship in material which was fine for most; GTA argument was also over the roof, since GTA is strong enought trademark to not need nudity, and its marketing line is gangasta sandbox with tongue in cheak and some arcade driving. Bashing game for not being deep when it do not pretend so is wrong. Finally asking for censorship limits ways of experesion, nudity as a symbol could be important. (for example if characters have intimate time it reflects some affection and trust)

    So OP is not bashed for his beliefs, but for his action, and attempt to bash (for being inmature and not smart) everyone who disagree with him.

  • Thumbed not just because I agree with this sentiment and wish our culture in the US was more in line with evilcat's, but because he mis-spelled pet peeve, and petpevee is about the most awesome word I've ever seen. I can not wait to use it in conversation (mostly it reminds me of Louie CK's rant on 'they're my lil believies')

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    Yeah, I know, right? Bigby ripping Grendel's arm off was really graphic, and I mean REALLY graphic. It's not like he just quickly rips it off - he scratches into to make a cut, and tehn slowly pulls that arm off, and you can see how painful the process is.

    I'm never doing that again in the game. Now, that was just too much for ME (not saying anyone, just ME) to do. THAT is pushing it. That actually made me feel real bad for doing it. Sure, he kicked my ass, but ripping a man's arm is overboard (for me, again). Some female breasts on-screen, most of which I missed (and I bet a lot of people missed) seeing the first time they got their ending? Not a biggie, especially considering they never stuck it in our faces, completely out of context.

  • So to say but that answer is a cover up in many ways. It is a very distracting sight and you know it. I'm not saying nudity is a bad thing I'm just saying it's not needed here and is completely irrelevant. "Outside whorehouse" SO?! I've walked down the Amstradam Red light district for godssake and I didn't see any topless girls. Now I don't read Fables so maybe thats how they do it in Fabletown but in my opinion its unessecary. I'm a gay guy so the boobs don't do it for me either.

  • I know, right. We are supposed to solve a case, going to a strip club or brothel will be our only lead then so nudity inside a strip club or brothel makes sense and it won't be out of context.

  • Exactly. And if by any chance we stumbled upon Beauty, I will feel bad for not tip her as I spent my money on Faith.

  • I doubt you won't have money. You should know why.

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    It is a very distracting sight and you know it

    Can't speak for KCohere but in my case, no I don't, so speak for yourself.
    Boobs in the distant background of movies and video games used to distract me from the more important rest when I was 13.

    I beat the game 3 times, watched the preview for ep2 every time, and never realized there was a bare breasted female in the background behind the pimp, because I was paying attention to the f-ing pimp ! I had to find about it here.

    Can't believe this is even an issue.

  • Sir, you are more lost that Holy's sister.

  • I thought I was the only one who didn't notice.

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    Most of us are American (I assume), so breasts by our once Puritan culture are a big thing. But it's not too uncommon for them to appear in European games. That said, I agree that they can detract from the experience and subject at hand.

    Breasts make sense in a strip club yes, but often they don't add anything to the atmosphere besides screaming "THIS IS A STRIP CLUB AND IT HAS BEWBS".

    In the trailer however, she was barley noticeable, the breasts were non-sexualized,and in a combination with our background knowledge of Faith, the seedy pimp and the whole shady setting, the careless toplessness of the woman succeeded in setting the atmosphere.

  • Nudity is natural and nothing to be ashamed of overall. The human body is clothed with clothing because we don't want the elements of nature to destroy it and because of society's rules and regulations on nudity in public. If it wasn't for those facts, we'd all be running around nude if we wanted to.

  • You would have thought it was full fledged porn scene 20 mins long with as long as this discussion has become.

    Can't we just let the game be the game and criticize or praise it when it's fully out?

  • Well you may not of foud it distracting but I did. Speak for yourself? Right back at ya! It's an issue because some people find it that way. Just cause you don't doesn't mean it shouldn't be addressed.

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    Nipples are witches' brew ;)

  • Really?

    Where do I have to go to get that drink?

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    I'm actually bothered by the lack of sex/nudity in video games. Not that I'd want that much in this particular game, but--if one excludes visual novels--there is virtually nothing that one might consider "erotica" in the medium (certainly not from any major studios/publishers). Probably that's because men dominate gaming (it may be the case that half of gamers are women, but they are "casuals and randoms", not the core gaming demographic). (The reason I say it's because men dominate gaming is because women are, by far, the largest consumers of erotica in literature.)

    As others posters have pointed out: it's okay to play a "murder simulator" (like GTA 5, COD, etc.), and virtually kill hundreds of thousands of people (many gamers would reach such a "killcount", over the years; I estimate over 100k for myself) but not something that most people do in real life (i.e. sex)? A deeply perverse double standard.

  • Well, when I replay episode 1, I figure I won't waste my money on Faith. It obviously didn't do her much good. Besides I believe Bigby's the killer (The Wolf Among Us--get it?).

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    I suspect this will offend some people, but this didn't bother me in the slightest. The demon f*** seemed, obviously, an evil a******. Not to mention he tried to kill me/Bigby. Frankly, I'd have painted the walls with the monster bartender (for her part in ambushing me) and that other thing, but the game doesn't give that option. I am a WOOLF. Do not f*** with me!

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