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    "As an additional treat"? Yeah, not the best choice of words there.

    From what I can tell, this is a one-time activation form of DRM, which is... well, it's interesting. Be curious to see how that works with the multiple computers aspect.
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    I have an idea for an adventure game Kickstarter.

    Does anyone know of the old Stephen Spielberg series "Amazing Stories"?

    It was basically a series of unrelated short films. Some had pretty out-there plots. I was thinking something similar could be done in an adventure game format, but with a twist.

    Imagine a Kickstarter for a project that would consist of three shorter (1/3 length of average adventure game), unrelated stories. Not only would each story be different, but each game would have a unique art style. The only common thread is that they'd be science fictiony or twilight zone-ish with crazy plot twists at the end or something similar.

    Ok, and here's what else I was thinking:
    Backers would get to vote on which three scripts they'd like. Yes, writers would have to submit complete scripts for short adventure games.

    Also, backers could vote on which background artists they like.

    Same goes for music composer. This voting would happen after funding.

    But here's the thing... The project leader would have to be someone with experience and a proven record. Also, a programming team would have to be in place, along with animators. This core group would be assembled at the time of the campaign. The animation would have to be at the standard of what we see in Infamous Quests stuff (adequate but without blowing the budget).

    I'm not thinking LA Noire caliber graphics. I'm thinking relatively low-res stuff and games made with Adventure Game Studio.

    I really think something like this could raise a decent amount, as far as small adventure game projects go. Also, the script writers / designers, background artists and composers would be paid a pre-determined amount already figured into the budget.

    It would be fun to influence the development process, and it would be good for giving talented writers a "break."
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    The problem with doing multiple different art styles with unrelated locations and characters is that you'd lose the ability to reuse art assets, which would really limit your efficiency. Coming up with a similar gimmick that would let you do more with less could still be quite cool.
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    Luigi, that's true. I just wouldn't mind to see more collections of shorter, though similarly-themed, adventure games released together. Like "Amazing Adventures" vol 1 or something. Like collections of short films sometimes are.

    Also, here's another point and click about Watson trying to prove he's the real brains behind the detective agency. As if we've never seen twists like this before in Sherlock Holmes-inspired projects.

    I'll support it because I like these kinds of games, but I find the people in this video to be unbelievably annoying. Both of them are just so annoying on many levels, but I'll try not to get distracted by that:

    I had to stop the video after awhile and just read the description on Kickstarter.
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    Moment of silence, please, for the Precinct (by Sierra Police Quest designer Jim Walls) funding campaign. The new non-Kickstarter funding effort has also now been cancelled:

    Excerpt from final update:
    We’re fighters and fought our best. Unfortunately, our best wasn’t good enough to overcome the challenges with crowdfunding Precinct.

    If you were expecting a postmortem with mistakes acknowledged, you will be disappointed. Lindsley blames the failure on "challenges with crowdfunding" the game. And that's it. Previously Lindsley blamed their failed Kickstarter campaign on Kickstarter.

    I really hope Jim Walls tries again for a new police adventure game, perhaps with a new team.
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    Speaking of failed Kickstarters, Shadow of the Eternals has failed for the second time.
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    Speaking of soon to be failed Kickstarters, Uwe Boll wants your money for Postal 2.
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    Speaking of soon to be failed Kickstarters, Uwe Boll wants your money for Postal 2.
    This may shock you... (*smirks over choice of words*) but I actually enjoyed the Postal movie.

    It was flawed, sure, but Uwe Boll actually got shot in it. In the cock.

    So... backed.

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    Don't support the guy!!!
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    (The $75 tier to get a DVD, or the $100 one to get a Blu-Ray? Yeah, no. Fix that and we'll talk)
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    I asked about Blu-Rays/DVDs being available as lower tiers and the response was typical Boll.
    that money is to make the MOVIE
    if you dont donate movie
    So... yeah. I guess there's no movie then!

    The weird thing is, you could get a T-Shirt at the $50 tier, but you had to pledge at least $75 to get a DVD along with the shirt, when the $50 pledge could easily have offered a t-shirt OR the DVD and I might well have gone for that. But nope, gotta be $75.

    Man's hopeless.
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    I thought Postal was horrible. It was so bad it wasn't even funny anymore. And I've seen In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege's Story, which really wasn't that bad.
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    Postal's a very love-it-or-despise-it movie. Which is certainly a step up from Boll's usual 'universally reviled'.
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    Games like this are why I love Kickstarter.
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    Here's a cool one. Megaman-like game from the guy who made Megaman great.
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    So this is pretty much Inafune saying "screw you" to Capcom for their handling of Megaman in recent years, isn't it?
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    Pretty much. Not surprised it's made 1/3rd its goal in a day.

    Here's AdventurOS, something that just tickled me. Surprised how low the tier for getting an actual copy of the game is, but I guess it's more of a novelty game than anything else.
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    The good people behind the psychological horror adventure game SHADES OF SANITY need some support:
  • Why isn't the Video Games Live kickstarter funded yet? I want this album.

    They're promoting the Monkey Island theme as one of the songs on the album with Michael Land, Clint Bajakian & Peter McConnell all contributing to the performance. You can listen to a digital "mock-up" of their orchestral arrangement here:

  • So Kickstarter just pulled the plug on "Elementary, Dear Holmes".

    From the look of things, it's all too apparent that the makers tried to get funding from the OUYA guys by employing between 300 and 400 utterly obvious fake accounts to heave themselves over the finish line. This has been a bad day for Kickstarter.

  • ...or was it just the beginning?

    In four hours, 'Gridiron Thunder' will be funded. They will receive 170,000$ and OUYA Inc. will double the amount, no questions asked. How many backers has that fabulously successful game, you ask? Well, it says 181, oddly enough, but the real number is probably about 100, at least when you deduce all those strange people who donated thousands of dollars without claiming a reward. Yeah, that's it, that's all. A meagre 100 people in the world actually want that stupid OUYA exclusive football game from the former TTG business partners. I really don't care if it's fraud what they're doing or not. I don't care if it's against Kickstarter regulations or not. No one wants this game, which is finished already anyway and never needed a single dollar from backers (release September 15th).

    The platform has to pull the plug on this travesty. For god's sake, Kickstarter, do yourself a favor here.

  • To be fair, 100 gamers is roughly the install base of the Ouya

    But seriously I don't get why they shut down the Holmes one but not the Gridiron one, the Gridiron one was waaaay shiftier. I almost feel like the Holmes people were punished for actively asking Kickstarter to investigate the issue while the Gridiron people were rewarded for feigning total ignorance

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    Wow, I watched the whole video and didn't recognize any Telltaler's. Hope I'm not losing my memory!

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    Emphasis on "former" and "partner"... no Telltalers were involved or hurt in the making of this Kickstarter, thankfully!

    mogoTXT do claim to have worked on (the ports of?) Wallace & Gromit, Tales of Monkey Island and Devil's Playhouse though.

    And it's done, they're funded. I hope at least there's some appropriate reaction from the press, who have been too quiet during the Kickstarter already.

  • OUYA PR's "reaction" to the Gridiron/EMDA scam allegations:

    When you've brought your blood to boiling temperature by OUYA Julie's meaningless statements, take the time and read all those comments, including those from OUYA developers. This is all... very unsettling. Preaching 'you have to believe' while really, no one has a reason to any more.

  • You couldn't make something like this up. The producers of the third Atlas Shrugged movie (wait, there was a second? When did that happen?) are turning to Kickstarter.

  • i seen both. didn't even know they were making a 3rd. also never read the book either. its an ok movie of sorts but i was forced into watching it however. eh.

    Gibbeynator posted: »

    You couldn't make something like this up. The producers of the third Atlas Shrugged movie (wait, there was a second? When did that happen?) are turning to Kickstarter.

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    Paul Trowe of Replay Games (Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded) is causing more drama again, this time calling out the Two Guys on their own Kickstarter page:

    Trowe may have valid points, but it doesn't seem right for him to be posting this there.

    Paul Trowe

    1 day ago
    So 6 days have gone by with no update from Chris Pope or Scott/Mark. They obviously ran out of money. If you couldn't read between the lines on the update, let me spell it out for you: "we did lose one of our Unity programmers due to him having another contract to take on". This means they either a) weren't paying him/her any money OR b) we're paying him/her so little that the person needed to take on a job to pay the rent.

    I know what it's like to run out of money on a Kickstarter because we went WAY over budget with our Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter. A ton of stuff cost more than we budgeted for, and took way longer than we thought it would, BUT WE STILL DELIVERED an awesome game. How did we do that? We did it because we had a real company pulling in money for other avenues of revenue from Replay Games. I seriously think they're out of money are are up shit's creek without a paddle.

    I honestly don't think they have an answer for any of this or else all the issues below would have been addressed by now.

    When we did our Kickstarter we did an update every 2 weeks and we're completely transparent about needing to find a new development team, why we were late, and so forth. At some point you've got to ask yourself, what are they hiding and why?

  • Even if 100% of what he says is the truth, and yeah, the backers should know if a project ran awry, he should still shut the fuck up. He was trolling the Kickstarter campaign to a degree that legal action could have easily been taken against him. He embarrasses himself and his company yet again.

    I was mildly interested in the Larry remake... and now I'm not. It's that easy.

  • Exactly.

    If he wanted to spread doubts about the SpaceVenture project, why not be smarter about it and do it anonymously or maybe have a buddy bring up the issues he raised.

    The only thing I can thing is that he believes that his publicly expressing "concern" about the project will raise the profile of those concerns. Remember how his public comments about Telltale and King's Quest quickly led to Telltale announcing that they no longer intended to make KQ games? I bet he was proud of himself for instigating the timing of that announcement. I think he has already demonstrated shamelessness regarding himself and that he doesn't seem to care how his actions are apparently making him personally unpopular among some Space Quest fans, and I think he is underestimating the damage he is doing to the Replay name and to the projects they're involved with.

    Let's be honest, his posted comments are par for the course for online board postings. What he has written isn't that different than what you see online every day. But I think many fans are going to be less likely to give him money in the future if he is seen as trying to sabotage other projects. Having heads of adventure game companies trash other adventure projects working hard against tough odds to deliver just spreads negativity and is bad for all involved. Also makes him look so insecure and not like someone in whom you would want to confide any sensitive info.

    During the Kickstarter he actually called out a critic in the comments and told everyone the person's pledge.

    Imagine someone like this as a boss. Yikes!

    Vainamoinen posted: »

    Even if 100% of what he says is the truth, and yeah, the backers should know if a project ran awry, he should still shut the fuck up

  • Things are really getting heated in that Kickstarter SpaceVenture update thread linked above. Get the popcorn out.

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    It seems like Paul Trowe has started kicking people from his forums left and right for speaking their mind on the Kickstarter update. Even the most prominent of the moderators. There's no trace of her at the forums at all, and that's only for these relatively innocent comments:

    I respect you, Paul. You know that. But, aren't you being a bit too harsh on Scott, Mark, and Chris? I still have faith that they can deliver. Cut 'em some slack.

    Paul, the only one trolling here is you. There, I said it.

    Fuck it. This broken forum software insists on merging those two quotes and I can't be bothered with it anymore.

  • Very sad. Worse than I imagined. And now people are posting on about Josh Mandel having left Replay months ago? I wonder what happened there. Josh was so great with the PR, and I love his game writing.

    I wish CodeMasters could just fund a Larry adventure (and remove the need for a Paul Trowe) with Josh and Al in charge.

    I wonder what Al Lowe is thinking right about now.

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    It seems like Paul Trowe has started kicking people from his forums left and right for speaking their mind on the Kickstarter update

  • That shocks and saddens me deeply and personally (for obvious reasons). Paul Trowe can not imagine what Serena Nelson has done for the community and his company. And he doesn't only kick her out, he erases all of her (thousands of?) comments from the forum. He just wiped out those hundreds and hundreds of her voluntary work hours which formed, helped and entertained a community. He wipes out the community along with it. The moderators which are not banned over there are vocally leaving the forums. This is an absurd PR desaster the likes of which no other video game company has ever instigated. Trowe needs to find an entirely new job soon, because in this industry, he's just plain fucked.

    (flesk - I helped with the separating of the two quotes. If you hit 'edit', you see how I did it. I hope it helps you as you continue to post on this forum).

  • Yeah, it really makes what happened here pale in comparison.

    Thanks, Vainamoinen. Yes, as I continue to post...

  • Apparently on Oct 16 the SpaceVenture team is going to make a major announcement. Insiders posting on and elsewhere seem to suggest it is going to describe something about them having to delay the release date.

    I want them to take as much time as they need to finish the thing right.

  • This thread is too quiet.

    Myst-makers at Cyan Inc are starting a new sci-fi game. It means a lot to me. The goal is a bit higher than I would have expected, but I just take that to mean that they have a good sense of what it's going to actually cost.

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    Apparently on Oct 16 the SpaceVenture team is going to make a major announcement. Insiders posting on and elsewhere seem to suggest it is going to describe something about them having to delay the release date.

    Which is an interesting idea considering they never announced a release date in the first place.

    On the contrary, the update explicitly says:

    we can’t give you an ETA on when the game will be available

    And this is another bit I found interesting enough:

    And although $539,000+ is a lot of money, and in our opinion, enough to make an adventure game,

    Tim Schafer, take note!

  • I feel like the SpaceVenture update says very little, other than they are delaying the game... indefinitely. They couldn't at least give a year? Are we talking 2016? 2017?

    Pope says they've made mistakes. What are those mistakes?

    Pope says adapting to Unity proved more difficult than anticipated. In what sense?

    Vainamoinen posted: »

    Apparently on Oct 16 the SpaceVenture team is going to make a major announcement. Insiders posting on and elsewhere s

  • Has anyone seen this yet?

    If you pledge for 40 bucks for this Earthworm Jim will be in co-op mode.

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